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Gore and Perversion 2 Lyrics

Desecration - Gore and Perversion 2 cover art

Gore and Perversion 2

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBrutal Death Metal
Album rating :  -
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Submitted by level ― (2011-06-05)
1. Raping The Corpse (Desecration)
Psychosexual disorder, sickening fetish for the deceased. I rhytmically jab my penis down her slimey gullet, fucking her insect ridden throat. I suck her sputum coated tongue, licking the roof of her rotten mouth. Caressing cavities, deeply inhaling her rotten odour. Raping the corpse I feel no veneration, irreverant act, desecration.
Invasion of blowfly maggots force their way to her brain, thick layer of grease covering her beautifully macerated body.
I rim her anus, sucking her rancid fluids from her decayed fucking arse. My tongue tralls over her deflated empty sacks (that were once her breasts), I kiss her grey mottled flesh. Her dry pussy lips are knitted together with an incrustation of mildue, I force them open with my fingers and push my tumescene up her festering cunt.
Her limb body jerks with mine, copulation with a stiff, her face hideously disfigured through putrifaction.
We writhe in the putrid gos emitted from her grave, emersed in her bodily discharge my exhumed victim submitted to involuntary rape. Discoloured face, frigid skin, blistered flesh, advanced marbling. Moulting hair, purce lividity, crepitant organs, internal liquifaction, I cum on her ghastly face, my thick sperm clinging to her brown fucking teeth,
unning down her nasal cavity, pooling her crated flesh. Molested cadaver spreadeagled against her headstone, awaiting her discovery by daylight.
2. Human Gore
Placenta drawn from within, vaginal lips splayed, foetus thrown into bin, the slut begins to get laid.
Thick fetid discharge splashing over my thighs, her cunt a blood spilling hole, as I take her from behind.
Human gore, toro flayed, breasts removed as she got laid. Foetal parturition by use of vectis, followed by disposal, upon the lifeless child I piss. Dilation and curettage, shredding her empty womb. Scraping out uterovesical flesh, clotts emitting steam I consume. I take a scalpel to her breasts and with a single slice cuts her tits from her chest, my sordid fucking vice. Baby aborted, I rape the hysterical mother. Flaxen hair clenched in my fist as her anus is brutally buggered. Tenotomy knife inserted through her eyelid, piercing the glistering pupil. Dripping blood liquid, I finger the socket to ensure that I get my fill. Skin peeled back ribcage exposed, my penis in her warm innards shafting the steaming blood. Within in the organs, I suck, fist and piss, performing necrocunnilingus. My wife and child I shall not miss.
3. Penile Dissection
Wide-eyed cotomite, gagged and shackled, penis exposed, I begin to arouse. Scalpel balde obrases his youtful tumescene, scoring an incision up the shaft, blade trails around the base the gland. Hooks iserted to intensify pain, injected into the glans, piercing sensative flesh. Slice through the vein, cutting through the integument, entering the uretha, shredding the meat. Screaming so hard, his eyes rupture and bleed. Bulbous purple glans, stabbed, gouged and pierced. Ejaculating huge blood clots, swimming in semen, spermatic chord severed, shaft riven. Helmet removed, foreskin circumcised. Ripping into the scrotum sack, cutting free the testicles, castrating, splicing, jabbing. Only the skin flaps remain. Grain a gaping wound. On my knees, i fellate the whole, drinking the bloody mess.
4. It Can't Be My Grave
Suffocation, clawing the coffin walls, fingers worn to bloody stumps. Gasping for air, eyes rolling widely, panic attacks.
Send me ideafen me. Hallucinating, flashbacks of my life, I don�t want to die. Incarcerated, six feet from life, I know there�s no afterlife. I�m soon to become rotting meatnto hysterical frenzies, a premature burial, claustrophobic hell. It can�t be my grave! Traumatized, left for dead, my own screams
5. Dead Bitch In The Skip
Emersed in debris, the body of a whore, cunt shredde abrased in glass. Bound and gagged in a bondage guise, bull whip lodged up her arse. Larynx cut out, vomiting blood, lascivious, fucking slog. Tits slashed, bowels removed, head in a plastic bag. Discarded corpse thrown on a tip, pummeled and raped, dead bitch in a skip. Labla removed by a hacksaw blade. The bitch may have lived if she had only obeyed. Cross slashed into her stomach, flesh flaps peeled back. Cats feed on her innards where her killer had hacked. Semen soaks her torso, forming fetid clots. Maggots breed in cheesy sludge that fills her festering mott.
6. No More Room In The Freezer
Plastic sheets cover the cold tiled room. The deceased layed out, split from neck to naval. Anthropophagic butcher of culinary skills, alone in his kitchen, clenching blood stained tools. In a refrigerator packed with carnal delights lay shrink wrapped stumps, putrid sights. Bowls of human fricasee and headcheese slops sealed with clingfilm, beginning to rot. Blood and grease dribble through the racks, splashing jarred cunts swimming in brine, lodged tight. As the oberrative chef hacks through the night. Pickled penis, finger snacks, head in a cake, offal in packs, minced intestine, severed limbs, assorted organs kept in tins.
7. Mutilated Genitalia
Meathook fucked bitch suspended from the ceiling, stitched up mouth to muffle her screaming.
Razor-edged blade forced up her fetid cunt, I rip her insides with a violent shunt.
Pussy spewing blood, I slip in my tongue, lapping her bloody discharge as I start to cum.
Crudely clitoridectomimized with expert incision, bloody red cunt subjected to infibulation
Humiliation fantasies, horrific realization, sordid acts of torture, gre and perversion
Obscene fucking breasts punctured by spikes, slice her mamilla, an explosion of liquid fat
A**l fisting, her passage is shredded, deep in her stomach my hand is embedded
Splintered gas pushed behind her eyes, weeping streams of blood, her pain gives me a high
With backhanded swipe I slit her fucking throat, as her neck spills out blood I stand back and gloat
A**l fisting, her passage is shredded, deep in her stomach my hand is embedded
Days of torture, raped and bled, in my cellar of hell the slave hangs dead
8. Immense Suffering
Lying face down in a stage of shock, cannot move, vertabrae�s torn apart
Victim of a head collision trapped beneath the wreckage. Immense suffering
Paralyzed from the neck down, feeling numb, conscious fades.
The taste of blood in his mouth. Amputation of his legs, massive injuries to the head
Horrendous wounds, lacerated flesh, blood spills out everywhere
Bones are crushed and limbs are torn. Suffocation from the fumes of the exhaust
9. To Kill With A Drill
Obsolescent fucking bitch, my tool will ensure your demise, drill wielding maniac takes you by surprise.
Power tool squealing, vibrating your head, boaring a hole to render you dead
Internal crawing I must forfill, an unsurpressed urge to kill with a drill
Soaring through your skull, I penetrate the frontal lobe. Scrambling your brain, cerebral shell implodes
An entanglement of hair matts around the bit as spiral of flesh and lurid puss emit
Psychotic rampage on a mission to thrill, mechanical slaughter to kill with a drill
The drill becomes a red blur as it rips into your eye. Spliced white matter spraying as you die
As my drill bursts your stomach, I�m showered with blood and bile.
Punching it back and forth, fatty clumps of tissue slide down my arms
10. Pharaonic Circumcision
Needle enters vaginal skin, thick black stitches secure her quim. Menstrual blood streams from the interlocking seams.
Pheremone reeking, the fucking slut screaming. External organs slashed, sliding a knife edge up the gash.
Obliterated flange stitched for stimulation. The surgigal pleasures of pharaonic circumcision.
Clit and labia cut out, the vulva I thread with a leather, bloodying my hands, sewing the cunt together.
Stab her tight ring, piss in the fat, forcing her to consume her dissected twat.
Double-edged blade circles her tits, removing the sking with a single incision. As blood liquid tissue spills, I splatter her with my jism. Choking her with phallic plastic, loadged in her deep throat: I rip out her pubis and lick it�s exposed scarlet meat.
11. Coprophilliac Connoisseur
Swollen hard my excremental addiction. An accustomed taste, shit oozes from my rectum.
A faecal feast, a bacterial treat, consume the fucking mess my bowels excrete.
My hole dilates and faeces expell, like a miscarried birth, nature at it�s most perverse.
Insert the catheter into your bladder. I drink the rancid piss you secrete, sucking hard on your fucking meat.
Fistfuck my anus and inhale the vile stench, I need an enema for your dessert.
Coprophiliac pleasures brewed deep in the iningual ring, masturbating as you insert.
Blood red shit caked in your teeth, smeared my chest. Choking on bloody acicid diahorrea.
12. Fontanelle Fornication
Membrous flesh between cranial bone, I stab in two fingers at the peak of the dome.
Crebral sludge coats my hand, Fingering the hole to make it expand.
The head of a newborn I use for masturbation, fucking the cranial hole, fontanelle fornication
Flicking my tongue over the gaping headwound, sucking out tender gray matter.
Crimson clumps slip down my throat, my face mottled with it�s fucking splatter
Infant clasped between my hands, crushing it�s brittle bones.
Thrusting my penis into the punctured softspot, fucking it�s tender skull.
I fondle and squeeze it�s minute genital. Primal screams piercing my head.
Infant kicking and covulsing after only days of life, it�s now dead.
As I climax I cup it�s soft a**l cheecks in my hands and rip the baby in two.
Over my head a leg in each hand, I scream as I�m showered with innards
13. I.A.I.
Child of eight, bound and beaten, foreskin sliced, precise incision. Infantile screams bring uncontrollable arousal.
With a kitchen knife I perform castration. Rampant fellatio, it�s dissected meat in my mouth.
The salty taste of bloody smegma slipping down my throat, flacid mutilated penis.
The scalpel inserted through the uretha, working the blade in and out. An infliction of pain beyond human comprehension. Sodomized by a broken bottle, ripping the delicate a**l tissue. Paralyzed by fatel kick to the spine, repetative punches to the face, features swollen, beyond recognition, screams reduced to a whimper, sickening repugnant acts. Infantile a**l intercourse, I force myself up it�s blood dreched rectum and fondle it�s hairless groin. Gouge out the eyes, roll them over my tongue, I plunge my manhood into the shrivelled sockets.
The catamites demise is near. Vegitated child, mute and beyond pain. Cannibalising flesh.
Wank over the dying infant. With iron bar I smash it�s pathetic fucking skull. The youth lies white and still.
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