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Abysmalia - Portals to Psychotic Inertia cover art

Portals to Psychotic Inertia

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresProgressive Thrash Metal
Album rating :  -
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Portals to Psychotic Inertia Lyrics

Submitted by level Scotty Vortekz (2017-04-11)
1. Peril (1:03)

They all lie to you straight in the face
They're all against you
She's cheating on you
Your only friend is the bottle
They all want to see you down on your knees
Everybody hates you
2. Shipwrecked on the Sea of Delusions (6:16)

Boundless human stupidity
Lose the grasp over control to acknowledge the facts
Poison apple toxicity
Deny all your deeds to conform, state the obvious

Wreckless disobediency
Hatred is the only way to survive through all this
Open moral boundary
To not regret is to neglect - and make me suffer

Shipwrecked on the sea of delusions
Conflict in the understatement

Nauseous insufficiency
Tear me apart with all these lies - make me blind
Can't you really see?
Caring only to compromise the safety of mind

Shipwrecked on the sea of delusions
Conflict in the understatement

No moral to comply, the actions steal the words from the eye
I'm blind to the halo and immune to the foreign angel left to die

I'm blind to the halo
I'm blind to all you've left behind
Blind to the presence that no longer waves this ocean of mine
3. By a Sickening Reverie (7:31)

Deep in mind - where dreams are born - there's nothing to be found
In a place of emotional chaos, there's nothing truly profound
By a sickening reverie, I can no longer find peace
Only fear and desperation - all good has already ceased

Stripped feelings of safety wrapped in caresses by illusions
There will be a time for me to wake up from this delusion

Deep in mind - where dreams are born - there's something I can't explain
Shreds of dead eloquence drown in the void, clad in disdain
By a sickening reverie, black seconds taking over me
Nothing left for me to do, but wait until I cannot breathe

Stripped feelings of loathe wrapped up to consider myself as illusion
Not that I would care anymore, it was a natural dissolution

This is all what's left of me, a vague number of dissolving stories
Bipolar tendencies have really taken over me
With the sickening memory, I can no longer find peace
Only fear and desperation - all good has already ceased

Blindfold in desolation, you compromise the safety of mind
Agression is your only key, the door is there for you to find
4. The Mindscraping Multitude (3:27)

It comes with the waves, beyond the tedious magnifying lenses
Shadowed by yet another doubt to compromise the safety of mind
Inebriated by the currents of thought, the shattered faith
Rebuilt under pressure while all the choices appeared untimed

Prone to disgust, ascetic devotion to depression and rage
How long do I need to confide in myself to be saved?
The road narrows and confinements to life are deranged and depraved

Disapproved identity, the delirious hand extends throughout
All the red, blue, black, green and pink pills are helping through the day
Flush down memories of perennial neglection and the forsaken doubt
The voice of no reason demands to follow the exit way

Eluding the obvious reasons will shackle me in the naked hall
The war within these wounds is fighting over a long lost cause
Where no mind dares to tread unless the glass is once more full

Blindfold eyes will realize all these lies
War will rise
5. Coma Recurring (6:17)

Trapped inside a neurotic shell of oblivious coldness
Introverted in an existential void of timelessness
Yielding into self-abusive madness as a scenario (all emotions escalate)
Shackled by the vultures of treason, Horus will dialate

Trapped inside the dimning edges of psychotic illusions
Immeasurable endeavours in vain, shipwrecked on the sea of delusions
Coflicts repenetrate the consciousness, saturated with guilt and disgust
Cognitions in denial, the truth set me in a personal ... hell

They all lie to you ... straight in the face
They're all against you

And I know that all I do, I do for you
There's no (other) place to gaze
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Psychosomatic hell

Trapped inside a coma
Here's no pain at all
Trapped inside a coma
There's nothing at all
6. Whispering Insomnia (5:13)

They think they eradicate their impact on the things that make me fail
Another useless trial on facing another day
How are my defects fixed if I can't exclude their faces away
This erratic puzzle I cannot solve today

And as I walk around all the thoughts are brought back to my mind
I can't ignore I feel why the fuck I've been so blind
No direct accusations but silent threats connected to no one
This obstinate depravity inside is what I have become

"I am now asleep, yet awake in a sense
Gazing at the gate to another difference
The portal opens, revealing a new dimension
But I turn away - there's so much I have left undone"

Now that I have closed the gate that would grant me another way:
To relinquish my entity and embrace nothing I could serve today
There is only another option I have outruled ever since day one
I have to snave some closure on matters I never though to be done
7. The Naiad of the Dawn (Anam Cara) (5:25)

You are the one inside my eyes
Within the sketches from my childhood
You are the one within my veins
Beneath the veil of my open heart

You are the one around my age
Asleep against my dreams awake
You are the one beyond each soul
Ascendance from all the above

You are the one who heals all pain
My wounds are bleeding for you alone
You are the one of angel dust
The naiad of my every dawn

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