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Moments of Life (Part I) Full Album Lyrics

Within Tears - Moments of Life (Part I) cover art

Moments of Life (Part I)

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal
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Submitted by level 10 형블블 (2012-01-04)
1. Intro (1:23)
Music is a dreadful thing.
What is it?
I don't understand it?
What does it do?
It exalts the soul.
Utter nonsense.
If you hear a marching band is your soul exalted?
No you march.
If you hear a waltz you dance.
If you hear a mass you take communion.
It is the power of music to carry one directly into the mental state of the composer.
The listener has no choice.
It is like hypnotism.
So now, what was in my mind when I wrote this?
2. Beauty Creates Pain (6:57)
Such wonders, surrounding me, within rapture
Graceful shapes of life beckon my sight
Such perfection awakens the sordid feelings within me
Its sacredness lures me in, lures me closer
And now I know the beauty
Their beauty creates my pain
Their motions are pure elegance
Like angels falling from heaven
I turn to stone to watch them
Their stance freezes my view
I embrace this fleeting moment
My inner self, hidden once, exposes my feelings
That will leave stains that cannot be ignored
They will be remembered
A stare that comes to me makes me feel,
Stranger than before
Boiling my blood inside
I mourn so loud
Now that I know the beauty how can I go on?
3. Alone (7:37)
No one around to talk to, Just me
No ring of the phone, Silence
Stranded here by myself
But now I know it's just a dream
No one to pull me out
Only memories come to me
Getting closer to my self demise
My mind's become my worst enemy
Suffered for so little
I'm just barely alive
My thoughts burn with bottled rage
Overshadowing pleasure
My pain dwells in solitude
Exposes myself to dead eyes
This placed used to strengthen me
Now it just enhances my weakness
I used to feel as any person would
Now I'm lost in constant pain
Remembering past days as they were
Carving each thought into my skin
Trying to reveal the crying child inside
I caress the warmth left by you
Your scent greets me like a dying friend
I died last night in your tears
That cold look in your eyes
Consumes me with a void that will never fill
My eyes open to curse a new day
These thoughts just won't let me rest
Because of the things I never knew
Will this torment ever leave?
I gave all of myself, As much as I could
I'm so tired, I'm so sick
I can't focus, I can't believe
Was that me?
Blind to everything
I sense their stare
Could they see inside of me?
Do they know of my endless despair?
Suffered for so little
I'm just barely alive (barely alive)
My thoughts burn with bottled rage
Overshadowing pleasure
My pain dwells in solitude
Exposes myself to dead eyes
I'm so alone
I'm so alone
4. Empty (9:08)
There are times I think about you and I can't believe
You led me away from my dream
I gave you my heart and soul
You left me empty
Those days are gone, We were together
Those days are gone, Nothing lasts forever
Those days are gone, I'll miss you
Those days are gone, I don't know how I'll get through
All these years you were all I knew
Now these days I'm all confused
I just got hit with the memory from the first time we laid in bed
These thoughts tear scars within my head
The loss of your love left a stain on my heart
Now the tears are falling so hard
I've opened my eyes and now I see the lies,
I let your into my heart and all you did was tear my world apart
Right now I'm sitting here, trying to find content in my future time
I'm trying to repair the scattered pieces of life you left behind
I gave up everything for us, but now you're gone
And all you left me with is a heart filled with pain
You make self-respect such a hard thing to maintain
When the memory of you flashes through my mind
All I can think about is dying
Those days are gone, We were together
Those days are gone, Nothing lasts forever
Those days are gone, I'll miss you
Those days are gone, I don't know how I'll get through
When will my heart stop suffering?
When will this go away?
I crawl inside myself trying to find what made you go away
I wish you would've stayed
I wish you would've stayed
We said our love would last forever
We said our love would last forever
But now I'm here all alone
But now
5. Solitude (Candlemass Cover) (8:15)
I'm sitting here alone in darkness
waiting to be free,
Lonely and forlorn I'm crying
I long for my time to come
death means just life
Please let me die in solitude

Hate is my only friend
pain is my father
torment is delight to me
Death is my sanctuary
I seek it with pleasure
Please let me die in solitude

Receive my sacrifice
my lifeblood is exhausted
no one gave love and understanding
Hear these words
vilifiers and pretenders
and please let me die in solitude
Earth to earth
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
6. In Mourning (6:55)
Your funeral was so silent and cold
Nothing left to say now that you're gone
I wept in the corner, All alone
Looking at you laying peacefully
I held your hand for so long
I kissed your lips one last time
In your ear I whispered poems of love
Written for you to hear in life
Now I pray that those words
Will echo in your death
How I long to be with you, with you once again
So many times I've laid at your grave
Praying to feel you close to me
I've showered your headstone in tears
Wishing to hear you breathe again
With jealous eyes I look at the other graves
Laying beside their loved ones forever
Why can't I?
Awake my love / Each night I wait for you
In dreams you try to hide / Only this pain from you
Your soul has become so cold / Bereavement is all I feel
Your heart will never deceive / My heart died with you
Our time must now end / Don't leave me here alone
Forever dream of me / In my dreams you never died
All that I had
All that I once was
Is now nothing, without you here
Dawn no longer glows
The nights, they last so long
Everything's changed since you've gone
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