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Survey the Wreckage Lyrics

Wildspeaker - Survey the Wreckage cover art

Survey the Wreckage

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Sludge Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2016-04-11)
1. Ouroborous (3:54)
Where are we now?
Nothing to show
For their sacrifice
Tragic rise then demise

Wearing ourselves thin
Shedding lives
Shedding skin
Sinking teeth to tail just to stay alive

Slithering contortion
This cycle never ends
Rusting repetition
This timeline never bends

(Sedentary by omission
Devoid of primal instincts
Perpetual disappointment of your own volition)
2. Survey the Wreckage (3:02)
Rethink your culture of greed
Taking all you want
Refusing your needs

Disown contentions
Release contentions

Destroying what you claim to love
(What you claim to love)
Acid rain travels from the nape of your neck
Down to the small of your spine

Sticks of dynamite
Destructed habitats
Survey the wreckage

Deserted oceans
Infested landfills
Survey the wreckage
Survey the wreckage
Survey the wreckage
3. Apex Predator (2:49)
Sands wearing thin
Cutting circulation
From wrists to beneath bow of chin

Grains of regret
Echo existence squandered

Control as if from G-d
By a force that doesn't exist
Hands of biding time
Leave no resolve to resist

Apex predator leaves us winding
Pregnant with fear
To spend remaining days
Punctuated by red lights
Fighting the sun both ways
4. Invasive Species (3:16)
In constant rearrangement
Who can no longer fear?
New beasts infest tidepools
Crashing waves resort to cool

Crumbling leaves, Gaea grieves
Humans are the invasive species

Annihilation to pacify
Castration to mollify

Let the lands cry out
They silently beg
Us to quietly retreat
On hind legs

Fauna and flora grieve
We are the invasive species
5. Overgrown Tomb (4:00)
Heirs of lament emanate from now barren womb
New life rises
Parasitic ash blown away
Scavenger birds circling overgrown tomb

Dementors' bones and flesh
Fertilizing to atone
With savages dead and buried
Sylvan beasts restore order alone

Self-imposed plagues bring destruction
By no will but our own
Prophecy written in nature, not in stone

Terra firma, take my body to rectify
For all that man has done
6. Abrupt Decay (2:11)
It's a heavy weight to bear
These slights because you're here
Harsh awakening by resentment
Swallowing yourself whole

Belly up in a storm
That you reaped and sowed
Taking more than what you're owed

For many years ahead,
Maybe your rest of them,
You'll remember this moment
Beg yourself why

Watch it all waste away
Abrupt decay

Decimated, violated
Abrupt decay

Watch it all waste away
Abrupt decay

Ill fated men sated
Abrupt decay
7. Ultimate Price (2:49)
A grudge is not a crutch
But a foundation to live upon
Refuse to forgive until you hate

Begin to chip away
At what we what we once were
Dust away the weak parts
Channel the stream
Rain water runs into crevices
Raising hairs on cool stones

Eroding remnants of old semblance
The heat has come again
Splinter, pop, crack at the roots
Exasperation we all know too well

A grudge is not a crutch
But a foundation to live upon

Disrupt our foundation
Dismantle old beginnings
Rearrange encircling faults beyond recognition
8. Path to Exile (4:33)
Speechless mermaid wilts to bones
Time erodes naïvety
Breathless to discharge shackled moans
Abandoned as all patience and hope

We've razed the deepest depths
Catering to the shallowest needs

Meniscus serves as a mirror
Polluted skies reflect tarred sands
Ominous, burgeoning blood moon expands
Baring homes as wasteland

The sea has no voice to cry for halt
She only speaks in vengeance

Canopied in sparkling scales
Rank crests recede
Too little now, too late
Men retreat to no avail

Tarred and feathered, shores to sand
From whence we came to where we end
9. Power Lines (3:21)
Power lines suffocate the city horizon
Sun asphyxiates before it even arises

Habitats abiding to scum human reigns
Man's shadow dominates the plains

Long mechanical fingers grasp at the banes
Stirring, disturbing the nests

Seeds of pestilence
They will not forgive
Their bending branches refuse to break
They will grow into resilience

Swine's blood drains into city streams
Drown the dirty animals in deserving disease
Swine's blood drains into city streams
Drown the dirty animals in deserving disease
10. Reclamation (5:04) instrumental
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