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Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves Full Album Lyrics

Von - Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves cover art

Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2014-10-12)
1. They Have Come (3:23)
2. Ancient Flesh of the Dark Gods (10:09)
Ancient Flesh Dark Gods
Ritual of blood
The blood will be spilt in darkness
For the black mass has come
Unholy inHuman sacrifice

Ancient Flesh Dark Gods
Legion we are one
Masters masters of the pit will rise
Manifestation of evil
3. Hands of Black Death (6:14)
Hands of Black Death
Venomous traits re born
Fear death awaits his call
War with in mind
Bloody finger tips destroy
Murder in my eyes
Destroy the devils child
Only in deaths calm

Hands of Black Death

What have i become?
Innocence lost darkness reclaimed
Evil flows through my veins
Victims are my only friends
The eyes condemn my soul to sin
I've lost my way I wait in black
The hands of death guide my path

Hands of Black Death
4. Dark Gods (2:59)
They come
Dark Gods
Flesh removed
Vessels consumed
Gods of death
Await in black
In darkness they dwell
Deep within
Infected souls
Tribute skin
Symbol cut
Within mask
Black blood
Tentacles grip
Hands of death

Cold tombs
Unearthed The Rot
Death has come
Gods corrupt

Dark Gods
5. MONSTER! (5:32)
Mindless slaves
Herd the flock
In the shadows
Men of cloth
Shall burn internal

Lost sheep child abandoned
Innocence betrayed deadly molestation
Holy unholy hidden indoctrination
Perversion disease forbidden manipulation

BLIND you serve your master
WEAK your child the lamb

I reject all religions
I defy your gods
I dictate my existence
I resist enslavement

DEATH will greet him soon
BLOOD the priest will spill

I reject all religion
I defy your gods
I dictate my existence
I resist enslavement

LUST the savage stalks in vain
EVIL the victim tortured prey


I reject all religions
I defy your gods
I dictate my existence
I will kill the priest the MONSTER!
6. DevilWhore (6:02)
Lust Red DevilWhore!
Blood unpure intentions
Unworthy diseased DevilWhore!
Stab sharp horns
Pig rot & torn DevilWhore!
Flesh molester
Dirty bloody DevilWhore!
7. iAmInHuMan (6:03)
Bone fragments
Skin tentacles
Stretch the vein
Senses fear
Darkness within
The coming is near
As the light turns to black

Forces me
Feeds me
Unstoppable possession
Invasion soul is sold
Subdues me
Controls me
Kills me


Unhinge science intersect collect
Uncover the hidden bestial birth deaths
Manifestations the coming tribal war
Evil psychosis manifests the one
Cold & bloody bury me alive
Lost my way back dripping deaths design
Hypnotic voices listen to them cry
My mind is shattered save me before I die

8. RawRot (7:40)
Reckless abandon
Soulless raw fear
Sin cuts me inside
Psyche rots bleeds tears
Release my satanic mind
Dark euphoric engagements
Senses cloud my eyes are blind
Failed forced containment
Raaaggge!!! infects me
Bloody nights of terror control me
Demons fevers possession unbound
Psychotic behavior disturbed unsound
I see red my eyes they bleed
Raw rage engulfs my body
My soul has left I can't control it
Primal abduction insanity imploded

9. Black Eyes (6:07)
Behind the Black Eyes the soulless tormentors
Fears architects of relentless terror!
The dark ones they come for us invade our minds control our thoughts
It has begun the darkest hour we shall be free the end has come

Ritual of The Black Mass summoning the ancients
The dark ones return to us unleashing a plague
Extinction destroyers of deaths design they've come for their human slave experiments
Cold Dark Black Eyes
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