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Archi Catedra Nigra Diaboli Full Album Lyrics

Uruk-Hai - Archi Catedra Nigra Diaboli cover art

Archi Catedra Nigra Diaboli

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresRaw Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > U > Uruk-Hai Lyrics (16) > Archi Catedra Nigra Diaboli Lyrics (6)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-03)
1. Miserere Meu Deus (1:49)
2. Throne of Bones and Flesh (5:09)
3. By the Dark Paths of My Ancient Fatherland (3:53)
Atlantic rage beats against your high cliffs in la costa da Morte
Fullmoon reigns on your sky
And under the look of old medieval castles
Forgotten witnesses of rides and victories
Of old renamed glories, cradle of conquerors
High in the sky, woods, which populate your mountains, rise
Where wolves come to the call of Gaucko
Ghosts on pale shrouds arised from cementeries
Walk on winter black nights
Searching for alive sinners soul
And Fallen Angel made of stone would like to be immortalized in your heart
Once more as before… On your memories, forgiven cult is borned
Black goat, which inspired forgotten artists, reigns one more time
Witchs’ Sabbath on Iberian nights
By gloomy paths of my ancient fatherland
4. A Gate to Macabre World (4:55)
Duches of infernal spirits which awakes at sunset
Turning the world of darkness into her bloody kingdom
Shadows dance under moonlight on impious orgies full of blasphemy
On village, Church bells calls to devoted to pray
On woods, Sun of the dead calls to sacrilege
Vandesa dargula, your eyes are Death’s look
Gate to macabre world
Dark shadows surround the lonely tower
Where a woman sings combing her hair
And that sounds arrive to incautious traveler cars
Shadows surround the solitary tower
Where incautious search for answers finding death
5. Under a Diabolical Fullmoon (4:15)
Funeral winds of hatred lash black night from hell
Apocalypse trumpets sounds on desecrated heaven by demons
On earth, fire burns woods full of dethroned crosses
And churches are destroyed by monstrous creatures
Damned monks are prepared to guide shadows and specters
Iron and holy souls are melted together
And the nameless gate is opened on fog mountains
Three demons awake in front of you, with secret names
High fortress breaks night silhouette
Damned arise from their graves in rotten shrouds
And attack world of faith with sickly dreams and nightmares
Damned monks are prepared to guide shadows and specters
By paths of mist and ruin, light from a candelabra made of bones
Illuminates night of the dead without eyes
6. When the Demons Rise from the Hell's Gate (4:29)
Hell gate is opened under holy offence
Damned from its base, new chapel is arisen on diabolical land
When cross pretends seal hell well
Woods are dark and high on god’s damned valley
And Winter nights bring death
Ascend monstrous shapes by hidden paths within the earth
And Cross is destroy by lighting
Monks pray imploring divine mercy, fearful of fallen angel
Dark chosen of devil on cold nights
Hell dog, gloomy shadow from mountains
Will torture his soul until the last days of his life
And with look focus from his bed, you will charge the last breath of his life
To the monarch for his offense
Because Church can’t be built on ground which wasn’t holy before
Even God can’t order where Devil ordered before.
7. El sello de la mano blanca (4:08)
8. The Night of Skeletons Dead Monks (5:07)
Bells for dead sounds on a forsaken church
And just after the last bell, they come back to world of shadows
That ones who rest in darkness
Deep voices arised from Earth
Begging mercy paying for their sins
Wrapped in rotten habit under their hoods
Jaw of white skulls with rotten flesh
Go to mass, Skeletons of dead monks
Macabre and spectral ghosts who ascend by cracks in the ground
Miserere mei deus, secundum magnam misericordiam tuam
In iniquitatibus conceptus sum
Et in peccatis concepit me mater mea
Auditui meo dabis gaudium et laetitian et exultabunt ossa humiliate
In pecaatis conceptit me mater mea
9. In the North Iberian Cold Nights (4:21)
Night appears through woods and mountains of Iberian valley
Shines between shadows, moon as blasphemous fire in the black night
Deep valley of Baztan where Hell Cathedral embraces
The infected baptism
Demoniac shapes from earth entrails
Dance with frantic madness
On a pagan witchcraft night deep into the caves of Zugarramundi
And on an altar made of naked flesh,
In profane liturgical ceremony
The black goat of witches’ Sabbath embraces the maiden
Like a monarch from a kingdom without sin
On a ritual of blood and fertility
Old god, who was dethroned, is honored as dark prince
Legions, full of excommunicated men, walk a Earth entrails
Baptized by blasphemous waters from hell river
On cold Iberian north nights
10. Outro (3:08)
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