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Id Full Album Lyrics

Unnamed - Id cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresGothic Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-05-16)
1. Almighty (4:08)
In every strange place
When you think you need help
Are you sure you are alone
And no one watching you

Did you feel that sometime
You didn't see all of aspects
And following your way, following into despair
I think I'm going the right way
And sometimes I see that some one tells
How to following your way, following into despair

Everytime I tried to ignore this
Every night I feel insane
Has my life been written down
Somewhere in the space

Maybe something is telling me
Or everything is just a dream
To following my way, following into despair
Has whole life got a sense
When your choice take someone life
To following your way, following into despair

Shouldn't be better if all of our tears
Was unwritten and
I was following my way, following into despair
When my time has become
I wish I know that whole my life
I was following my way, following into despair
2. Dancing with Desire (4:47)
I saw her, she was dancing
In black leaether dress
Her hands moved like snakes
I want to be that dress
I want to be your sin
I want to feel your magic in my mind
I want to feel your sweetness in the...

Hole - take me to your ordinary
World - I'm beging you for one second in...
Hole - take me to your ordinary
World - I'm beging you for one second in...

Her hands surrounds my neck
Dancing flames over the bad
Even pray for death
Cannot start the end
Her lips moves fast
Taste her in one percent
And pay for hundred years
And still be in her

Her eyes burning red
Deamons look at me from them
Everywhere crowling chains
Its twist around me I can't breath
3. Dying Illusions (5:12)
It's look of your eyes
I can't stand with it
Extreme things you do
It's what have you got

Remind me again
That I am nothing
And loosing my life
Remind me again
Time with you is
What I want to forget
Remind me again
That you can't change
And still want to win
Remind me again
That you don't care
And this is the end

Why you didn't let me be myself
Why you wanted me to feel insane
Why everything was still the same
I hope the time will cure me again
4. Choice (4:27)
Through all of mankind principless
I've tried to save all from my past
But I don't like what I really see
For them, what I think is not clear
And scares me always when I look inside
I thouhgt that only true is right

When someone is telling you
There is nothing you can do
You don't know what is right
Me and them everlasting fight
If you give them whole true
There is someone who can't choose
No-one listen to your words
No-one see what you want

Now I am like another shades
I want go to a place where no-one care
Hide under ground where no-one see
And think about people what they need
Why they don't look into their blame
I wish them to think like me someday
5. Saving (5:04)
I begin the end of decade
I feel I can fight with the time
No-one will help me. I don't care
I want save all I can take
No excuses or any thanks
I don't think about coming back

Nothing can stop me now
I'm fighting with my mind
I'm dancing with the space
I'm opening bloody flames
And wading through insane
My future keeps me brave

Now I'm running through the lands
And opening new clear desires
Everyone is ready to help me
I know that someday I will go
And no-one forget me anymore
But I don't care and say again
6. The Sign of Time (3:24)
When the rainy days have come
And all my hopes have gone
It was something keeps my breath
It was what I really needed
Now it seems that all was lies
Maybe you cheat, maybe life

Ending with the pain
You cheating me and fooling me
In my desire you still need me
But will you ever break your fear?
Changing all my reality
My own believes
You see that I forgot myself
But I will never end this strange faight

Manipulates and cheap games
It is what we're doing next
Closed in mind all our fears
We're doing this for self defence
Sometimes open for one scream
In the evening your soul bleeds

When the rainy days have gone
I still remember my old hopes
Tried to feel what someone needs
I hope I know what she needs
Still the same games and same tricks
This time I let you win
7. The Endless Slavery (4:33)
Sometimes you look at me
I walk alone through trees
Sometimes you feel me
Right behind your back
It scares you, but your curiosity
Doesn't let you think
Now you choose life in sin
And you give me yourself
Until the end of time.

When I asked "Do you believe in the endless slavery?"
You smiled, and said "Show me whole life with the
Every colour and delight
Your body was so young
Your mind open wide
Your eyes shine so bright
Now die
I showed you pain and took to the hell
I promised heaven when you was scared
Now you realize you want fight
But you are so tired you are so blind

And now what is this?
Someone else walking through trees
He took you far away from me
Now I am alone What is mean?
I am so mad
I want cry
No-one leave me
Without pay whole price
I want find her
Take the pay
I want show her
The last day

Now someone else looking at me
When I walk alone through trees
Sometimes she feels me right behind
It scares her, but she is wild.
8. The Reason of My Sin (2:57)
You cannot fight with your own life
There are things you cannot await
The fathers gave you this power from past years
And there is nothing you can do.

As a reason of your sin
She's coming back for your will
For your will
No-one knows what happened to you
When she's dancing with your soul

And when you feel you took next breath
And you left all this behind
Your life for one moment became normal
But she's still remember and she waits

She took me to the dark side of life
Showed me that I'm weak and cannot fight
Learned me things I didn't even dream
Only her eyes showed me that it is sin.

As a reason of my sin she arrives
She's coming back for my will and my life
No-one knows what happened to myself
When she's dancing, dancing with my soul.
9. Innocent Games (4:22)
See the brightness shine through the glass
I know I will go hunting
I want to see all what you can show

Almost naked bodies
Airy clothes makes me scream
You know that it is a game you want to play

When you see this paint in black
When it is moving like a cat
You want taste it, taste it with your lips
Your desire seems so close
In the night can't let go
Don't you fight with it, you cannot win

Your shapes slaved me and you win
I want to be bury under your knees
Let whole world burn down, I'll still be around

Little smile on your face
Litlle touch of your hand
You know that it is a game you want to play

I'm living under the cover
Crowling behind your shadow
I want to touch but I am affraid
My soul is crying when you're gone
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