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The Night Creeper Full Album Lyrics

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - The Night Creeper cover art

The Night Creeper

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPsychedelic Rock, Doom Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2016-01-01)
1. Waiting for Blood (4:53)
There's a man who's just been waiting here
all night long
As he watches you he's smiling there all
He needs something better but he knows
you're on your own

All the streetcreeps and their pushers here
have all gone
Slowly swept below the streets where they
But there's something not right, its the violence
we love
There's a man in the darkness waiting for

Watch the broken television come to life
As the story cuts right through you like a
Under cold neon light, its the violence we love
And from the gutter he crawls, waiting for
2. Murder Nights (5:13)
Electrifying enemies with nightmares
The high priestess of print hold their
Reeling from the anger of the circumstances
A dagger marked with lies drips from her hand

They don't know what to do, it must be true
They don't know what we do, it must be true

She'll drown in a pool of fabled
The truth will sleep like poison in her mind
The enemy within are vilified and
And dragged along the streets they left

I don't want to know your name
I'll cut your throat all the same
A mask of death that slips again
You're sleeping in the piggy pen

I know you love murder nights, I know you
love death
3. Downtown (4:21)
I am the darkness and I am the light
I have the money and she has the vice
A flash in the window the night has begun
Waiting in silence until I am done

I will take you downtown

Cheap dollar theatres and neon red lights
Dance clubs and liquor and tramps all in
So many killers will wind up away
They'll sober up slowly when night turns to

So many losers in dark alley dives
So many bruisers that thrive
So many lovers in violent romance
So many others with no chance
4. Pusher Man (5:51)
On the second floor you were up all night
They were there to help you reel alright
When the darkness fell on the midnight bell
They were there to help you one more time

I'm a pusher man
I'll give her what I can
She will never learn, but that's alright
I'm alright

When the hammer falls you won't reel at all
They were there to help you feel alright
When the bullet flies in the city skies
They were there to wake you one more time

Pusher man
5. Yellow Moon (3:46)
6. Melody Lane (5:55)
I'll take a walk behind Melody Lane
I'll follow her as she turns through the rain
They say she's good but I can't feel the same
I want her
I saw her dance when she first hit the scene
Creep joint romancing with amphetamines
But tramps like me stay in shadows unseen
I want her

I'm not her kind of lover
My mind will not recover
I just want my time with her
Melody Lane
I'm not the kind to kill her
I just want drugs to thrill her
We'll spend the night together
Melody Lane

Her face lit up under yellow street light
With eyes of fear as she caught me in sight
I won't hurt her, but she knows that I might
I want her
She pulled a knife as she lunged in the dark
Cut up my arm like a bloody remark
The curtains twitched and the hound dogs did bark
She left me for dead

I staggered on my way home past leering eyes and taunting
As blood dripped from my flesh wound I knew my thoughts
would scream in terror
Forever and ever...
7. The Night Creeper (6:12)
Shadow in blue and indigo dreams, hoping to take you
Come close to see and feel the night slip into day
Blood on her lips and white powdered nose
Scraping the glass on the line
Head split inside like mirrors on razor blade lies

Paranoid city at night
Shadows from under street light
People in fear day by day
Night Creeper crawling away

Coroners eyes dart round in the room, hoping to find
all he should
Cigarette smell and the damp of this rain on the wood
Jigsaw of brains and body parts too, scattered like
seeds on the floor
Flashbulbs go off to the newspapers hungry for more

Lock up your windows and bolt up your doors
Heed all the warnings he's coming for more
Innocent eyes are not what they seem
Strangers are dangerous, they'll hide all your
Read all the papers and spread all the news
Night Creepers crawling and coming for you
They'll never find him and we'll never know
Who'll be next to go...
8. Inside (3:41)
How does it feel
When you're alone behind the wall inside?
And, how does it feel when your cwn skin
Begins to crawl, inside
The pain just cannot be real
The lies we told you to feel
How would it look if we can find nc one to
blame, this time?
And how would it look if the mistakes were
again, this time?
Am I evil? You know I am
Will I deceive you? You know I can

Can you feel it? Its cold. inside
Can you see it? Our faces lie
You'll be here for years
9. Slow Death (9:20)
I wish that I could find a window
Somewhere to watch the rain go by
I wish the darkness in the city would
find another place to lie

Now that I can't near them scream
They need you here

I wish that I could find the killer and
wash the blood away from here
A psychopath thats out to get me, under a
city wrapped in fear

I wish that I could wee the forest from
All the buildings stood like trees
So when the rain falls down in silence
I hear no terror in the breeze
10. Black Motorcade (4:42)
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