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Unbodied Full Album Lyrics

Unbodied - Unbodied cover art


GenresProgressive Metal, Sludge Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-20)
1. Filth and Fertilization (4:23)
echoes on tin; dripping eaves shedding the buildup
stale, stagnant sounds; tangible
certified by their own repitition
pain, contortion, gut twist
rotting and bloated - shaking in the grip
dilapidated and alone; the remains of an unman
i feel ficticious; i feel i am made
sliding through well greased pipelines
with no other purpose than to soak up the excrement
filth and fertilization
god help me...i love it
this is where the beauty will touch us
shining like the rays of a bloody aztec sun
quaking the epicenter; unleashing the spirit
waiting for the tides of beauty to wash over
i will miss this place, these places
and i will miss the mind i have squandered
2. Ceremony of the Shroud (3:51)
cracked skin, yellow jaundice, teeming fog
all of the youth stolen from his face
by something unseen but not unknown
bequeathing proverbial secrets
ceremonial; the scent of fine oils
harken the voices of the blind choir
a figure of shadow complete with trench and brim
bizarre monologues; sickening sacraments
the bliss of the syringe
a doped mirage of sea calm creeps
do not remove his shroud or you shall vex him from his sleep
where he has gone you cannot follow
3. Junky Dry Heave (4:02)
insect segments of human worms
squirming sonatas of polyphonic death moans
it's so safe here where the sewers meet the street
jizzom, spit, blood, ash and rectal scent
mother mary medusa birthing swinely men
succubus draining the life from our fathers
tracing the goosebumps upon a virgin vein
motionless black beady eyes reflect the silken earthshine
vomitting bicarbonate; rich red orange; ember of the sun
my face is sunken and my eyes are yellow...i can't hide it now
i can't quit shaking and i'm clenching the pain; it's all the same...
i have been bitten by the beast ; the hell i've come to know is desolate
breathe the ice that nourishes me, as my tears leave tracks on your cheek
breathe the ice that nourishes me, and the beast lunges...
4. Fourth Plateau (3:09)
cored; defenseless and vunerable
shed of all my masks, of all my layers
a dose of divine method
the worries and desires of the flesh absolved
the fires burn no more
at the mercy of the chemical; at the mercy of the dream
i sold myself, i sold my soul
miles from home; liqour and fucked up fantasies
and i've grown accustomed to the fear
unable to decipher the lucid from the unreal
the day from the dream
ruptured sanity bowing under the weight of my inadequacies
gone - i am alone - have i been alone all the while?
the filth and discontent creeping in from all angles
and i feel no need to question it
5. Damned and Void (4:12)
bombardment of nothing
like a gunshot to my soul
all senses are void and stripped away
damned to be discarded
damned to be consumed by the rot
i've felt the fear - but now i am cursed to be unafraid
a glimpse of botched beauty
a cruel, quick tease
a bombardment of nothing
like a gunshot to my soul
all senses are void and stripped away
placed in a crypt, entombed in gossamer
all senses are void
i have lost myself inside the darkness of my shell
inside the ashen eyes of beau-ideal narcosis
a beaten mind -- overgrown with brambles and ivy
mania, man made towers of stone
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