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White Lyrics

Tortharry - White cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-01-15)
1. Intro (1:11)
2. The Defilement (3:34)
The invitation has been done
All what is left to do is wait
Like burnt flowers under the sun
The soul needs time to recreate

A misty veil weakens my eyes
Thus makes me unable to run
Away from my own white lies
The invitation has been done

Another step
Towards tomorrow

As if the shape of personality
Has to be blurred into infinity
To make a step forward

As if it is right to crawl
To deny one´s heart and soul
To make a step forward

But then - would not death itself
Fear me for my emptiness?

But then - am i not to feel
Guilty without forgiveness?
3. Of Soul and Flash (2:17)
Do i have to close my eyes
Everytime blood rains?
To rub salt into my wounds
Everytime i pray?

New gods
The old ones

Do i have to fear for life
When i fall asleep?
To be scared by every thought -
- secrets i can ´t keep?

New lies
The old ones

Not to pass the seal of blame
Onto someone else
When the dream egg crumbles down
To withstand that day
That seems to be
The only way...
4. A Foe Inside (4:39)
A sunray bends
Before it breaks
Under the weight
Of it´s own light
Patterns of fear
A trembling shade
Start to emerge
In a blind eye

Life has gone too far
To reject soul and walk away

The fury of dreams
Has been set free
Snow covers gates
Of sanity

Life has gone too far
To reject soul and walk away
In the realms of inner space
Who´s the hunter and who´s the prey?
5. Forest Meditation (3:28)
Final frontier of empathy
Is about to be touched tonight
The moonwolf´s fur, so snowy white
Will allow me to be set free

Shadows of centuries-old oak
Whisper gently the tales of past
Tales of fires that burned to fast
To reach their hearts most final stroke

My eyes are open wide
Cracked is the egg of time
Old elvish lullabies
Raise from the earth to skies

Although first touches of new stage
Are about to be tasted now
Songs of sacred albino crow
Will connect me with the old age
6. Revelation (6:08)
Thoroughly pleased
By the unexpected presence
Of our lord
I kneel into fire

I am offering
Lashed bones of my faith
Washed white
By hidden tears

Distraughted by the sight of light
By the certainty of his existence
I am about to offer my heart
Poisoned by year that have gone by
7. Ilumination (4:17)
So silent is the world
When it´s wrinkles disappear
Under the veil of snow
That makes all things bright and clear

So silent is the mind
That has forgotten it´s deeds
And closed doors of it´s shrine
In front of corporal needs

So silent is the night
When screams have already died
No fatal wrongs or rights
No more foes are left to fight

The very day
When i meet myself
Will be the time
When i´ll crush the shell
That did prevent
Peace from being found -
Final rebirth
Step out of the round
8. The Abandoned (3:31)
Touch full of fear
Breath full of hate
Look full of decaying desire

And where are you
Lord of this breed?

Your disowned sons
Dance in the milk
The loved one suffers in fire

And where are you?

Scared by the shadows
Of suppresed idols
You leave believers
All by themselves
9. Prayer (2:51)
White palm branded on the forehead
And there is tomorrow ´s name
Hanging on your lips
This is not time to leave
Words carved in ivory

A shape locked in between fingers
Blasphemous confession of faith
This is not time
Words carved in fire

Me woven into the rain
This is not
Words carved in flesh

Words carved in nothingness
10. Remembrance (4:14)
On the distant horizon of mind
Among the ashes of yesterday hopes
With a fouling smile on his face
There stands a hanged with no rope

He stretches his arms out and waits
The air is rich with silent death
Time has been put on the altar´s top
Along with candle, heart and breath

Forgetting season
Climax of melancholy
Tongue-piercing words
The ways to be
The last dream of life
A burned butterfly
Blood covered lips
The ways to die
11. Path to Silence (3:34)
By the means of the last winterˇs voice
I call
The last white hair left between my teeth
I feel
Through the landscape of our primal wounds
I walk
Under the milky face of a full moon
I roam

I am seeking a cave
For tired god to rest
Neither coward nor brave
I go on with my quest

I am heading to the grail
That´s made out of my soul
Snow erases my trails
From the face of this world

Three místy figures on the time´s edge
I see
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
For me
A whirlwind of cause and consequence
Does make
Their faces appear so similar
To me

The quest came to an end
Now i do understand….
12. Eternal Journey (5:26)
That are being read
Over and over

Five sentences lead a man to an altar

Muttering of soles
Has been echoing

Inside repentant masks whitened by aeons

Five heartbeats sacrificed to every trinity
In the name of equilibrium
In the name of emptiness

You will have to search
In the deepest of

Five eternities then end in a mirror
13. Acts and Thoughts (5:28)
I´m laying my bear feet
On the stairs that are carved in bone
Leaving time just to meet
The ageless one on his throne

Carousel without sound
Jammed in flowing centuries
The only one outcome
Of faith dedicated years

As our flowers wither
As our hair is turning white
Each day becomes sweeter
To sweet to be pushed aside

Fatal addiction to the dream we call life
Slaves to our cells we cling closer to hive

Facing all the eras
We are just scattered leaves

Fatal addiction to the dream we call life
Slaves to our cells we cling closer to hive
Toys to our fate we walk the blade of a knife
Driven insane by our urge to survive
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