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Season of the Witch Full Album Lyrics

Stormwitch - Season of the Witch cover art

Season of the Witch

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > S > Stormwitch Lyrics (86) > Season of the Witch Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-08-13)
1. Evil Spirit (4:54)
Poor fool, wih all this sweated lore
I stand no wiser than I was before
I know that ignorance is our fate

On crooked ways or straight
No dog would linger on like this
So I turn to the abyss

Evil spirit arise, I will join in your company
Evil spirit arise, you only know what I want to see
Evil spirit arise, tell me how everything ought to be
Evil spirit arise, to lose my soul is my destiny

Now, I know th emptiness of what I teach
That man's conversion is beyond my reach
I know dread spirit this is you
My heart is harrowed through

I don't care if I'm lost, this thing must be
Though life should be the cost
Than shall I see, with vision clear
The meaning of sacred sign
Mysterious spirit hovering near
Answer me, if now you hear
2. Taliesin (4:14)
I was born at the end of time
And experienced what know one knows
Now I'm here and in my prime
My mind no longer grows

I am praised with a special gift
For I'm a healer and a king
I'm not here to let things drift
I create when I sing

For I am Taliesin
My existence is in between
What is and what should be
Now look and you will see

For I am Taliesin
Nothing is unforeseen
I know your course of life
And also afterlife

I know how the world appears
When you see it with eagle-eyes
I'm a prey and know the fears
And a hunter in disguise

I have learnt what it's like to be
Living in a deep blue sea
I have changed my form need
I grew wiser with every deed
3. Last Warrior (4:13)
We are the beginning, we are the end
We are your companion and your friend
Yes, we are always on your side
We fight for honor and your pride

We keep the promise that we made
Follow us don't be afraid
Don't be afraid

This war is good, this war is bad
It destroys the sluggish ones and the sad

We are the first, we are the last Warriors
We the first, the last Warriors

The hypocrite who breaks the truth
Your blood stained steel shows the proof

We are the first, we are the last Warriors
We the first, the last Warriors

Only war is good it destroys the sluggish ones and the hypocrites
It makes you stronger and steels your believe in blood
The false friend who breaks the faithfulness makes war evidently
Don't be afarid to die when it is for imortality and freedom
4. True Until the End (3:45)
We were five friends since childhood days
With no one else we shared our secret ways
We swear to ourselves
That we never care about anything else
Then our companion

We carved these words into a stone
We always sing these words forever on

True until the end
Here we stand
Against the world
In liberty

We were sixteen the world was on our side
And we never thought, that someone could die

We always sing these words forever on
We sing these words for the killed and the fallen ones

True until the end
Here we stand
Against the world
In liberty
5. Season of the Witch (3:44)
When in rainy nights
The wind makes branches creak
And the silvery moon
Paints shadows in the streets

The gates of hell are opening for you
The messengers of doom are waiting too

In the season of the witch
You die in the last ditch
The servants of the end will roam the earth tonight

In the season of the witch
You die in the last ditch
The ladies of the dark give you a poisoned bite

When a clammy fog
Comes crawling from the sea
I can happen to you
That you will loose your way

You have gone a little step to far
And tomorrow no one knows where you are
6. Runescape (3:39)
Have you ever wished to be a knight
Or the master of a magical ceremony
Do you think you have courage and pride
Survive defeat and you live endlessly

Runescape gives you everything that you need
Every day live you can escape
Runescape is a place where all the dreamers meet
They all dwell inside this landscape

You can forge a sword and be a man of war
Or be a magician and see the future clear
Search for the key and find the door
Grow strong and wiser year after year

With the help of others you can find your way
Give those support who are in need
There will come a day if you don't believe
And you will be the best indeed
7. At the End of the World (3:07)
The stars don't shine anymore, the son is appearing white
Storms are raging hard, the birds in the trees had died
The clouds near at hand, those still alive, live in fear
And mankind is past all hope, the time is near

At the end of the world, at the end of all times
Don't be afraid, I will save you from death
In the endless night, I will hold you tight
At the end of the world

Our future's out of hand, it's no use, wasting time
Leave everything behind, this is the seventh sign
Our trip to loneliness will keep us save and warm
The Gods will find us there after the storm
8. The Trail of Tears (3:18)
We were beaten and defeated a persecuted nation and I knew
That fighting would be senseless and their promises wouldn't be true
In misery and deep despair, I told it to my race
We parked our thins and set out soon and left our fireplace

For our trail of tears

The distance was much longer than anybody thought
We all suffered in silence like our fathers thought
We had nothing to eat and nothing to drink it was colder every night
The world lay muted as a stone when the first child died

Our trail of tears
9. Harper in the Wind (4:38)
Which of you had heard of him
Who had him ever seen
And which of you had talked to him
What does his message mean

We really didn't know his name
I fear, we are to blame
We confess that we have sinned

To the harper in the wind

Didn't fear him anyhow
When you meet him face to face
You have to be scared just only when
He plays his harp with grace
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