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Sound Struggle Full Album Lyrics

Sound Struggle - Sound Struggle cover art

Sound Struggle

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal, Djent, Funk Metal, Fusion Jazz
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-08-09)
1. Funk It (7:04)
Funk it, why you gotta change what I think
Funk it, i'm always gonna think what I think
Funk it, it's called an opinion for a reason
Funk it, it's your opinion for no reason

Politics are a catch 22,
What you say wont make me change for you.
This has all caused enough alarm
hopefully the 8th times the charm.

Funk it, why do you gotta go against what you said
Funk it, there was no point in saying what you said
Funk it, It would take a lot to laugh at you
Funk it, It doesn’t take much to laugh at you

It says in the book
Don’t shove your beliefs on me
You are lost
I pray for you.
2. Sound Struggle (9:51)
Gather round, make a crowd
Sound struggle gonna make it loud
With the sound and the funk and the metal holdin’
We about to have your mind explodin’

So hold on to your seat
We’ve got no reason to be discreet
When your hear it you’ll have to change your sheets
And you'll be sayin' to yourself that sounds really neat

You gotta improvise when you see us live
Were here to make you feel alive inside
head bang with us up here on stage
You’ll see that were all the rage

You might call us insane,
And maybe too profane
You can say what you say cause theres no other way
We can do nothing now but gain.

The struggle is real,
I want you to feel
the work that we put in to make this the real deal.
I feel unsure, what has more lure, this is the cure.
They just got mixed and had a baby
Nobody expected a band to be this crazy
Instead of being like city and color,
They live with their mother and are like every other

Were out to be the best, we’ll put you to the test.
We’ll lay you to rest if you’re just like the rest so
Listen, watch, before you ignore
before you come through the door, before you abhor
don’t be a bore. To slow us down is impossible, yea, were unstoppable
we know the talent shows, If its not sold out shows, it just goes to show
3. Ethereal (7:36)
Today is the day you are put on trial
The people will decide
The verdict has been stated
And he did not bother to debate it

He betrayed the trust
I think there must be a way to end the rule
We think were sure that we have the cure
But this man is not a fool

When the ruler abuses his power
And lies on every hour
He’s stripped of the tower, That he was elected to keep
And then he realizes that he’s in too deep

We have to ask the right questions
Though you will give the wrong answers
You spoke, but it was much too soon
Your life will be your doom

Yesterday comes
With your sin and digs in
If you try to try
And there’s a chance that, you might win
Your filling your mind
With bad ideas and waste
You will see the errors
We all see the errors

Step down, Step down
We all want you to go
Step Down, Step Down
You wont admit your wrong
Step down, Step down
Hang on to your scraps
Step down, Step down
Your life is nothing but a trap

Move on, Move on
There is no more for you here
Move on, Move on
This is your last year
It’s election time in the city
Don’t expect us to show pity
The city is full of cracks and holes
You’re thinking is too old
Move on, move on
4. Djiant Steps (5:47)
5. Stand Your Ground (8:04)
I’ve got a funny feeling,
Kinda like i'm not illin’ to be willin’
To subside if you cant drive
Its not a skill I would confide with you to do.

Tis the season for these fail accusations
Lets be wary and prepare for the occasion.
You’re the one inventing the situation
That doesn’t need any instigation.

Lets use our imaginations and we’ll see how it goes down
Use our insightful skills and bro down
It’s a ho down, in spry town
He's gonna Get mowed down

What do you think you are gonna do to me?
Fight me with the whole world watching to see?
Ill drag you under my car all along the tar
Par for the course, we need a divorce, not force.

Drag down.
Drag your opposition.
Drag down low
Stoop lower, to the bottom

Stand your ground
I will win the day
Stand your ground
Make him turn away
Stand your ground
My hammer will split your crown
Stand your ground
He’ll back down, Back down
6. Stacks (7:27)
My bills are stackin'
And my payments are slackin'

They’re takin' it all
They’re takin' it all without a doubt

Cause’ them bills keep on stackin'
And my payments are slackin'

I can't follow through
I gave it all to you

Oh because you know there is a long way for us to go
So we can pay off all this dough.

I am broken
Ill never be able to follow through again

Press on through the stress
Maybe one day you’ll make the press

Pressing and stressing my mind
stacking until it’s a waste of time

Our past leaves no way to get by
And we find that the beach is cold and dry

You don’t know me
and you refuse to show me.

7. Vice Grips (7:23)
The times are changing, mostly due to vices.
I say no more, use of these devices.
A fist clenches choking out the life
Tearing down, always causing strife.

It entices, like spices, a taste that you wanna have
Schizophrenia, Schizophrenia, makes haste
You're gonna kill yourself at an early age
What an unfortunate stage.

You are lost inside your mind
All you do is waste time
Stupid, selfish, destructive.
Statistics Show
Statistics Show

Wherever I go people stare like I don’t belong
But ill show them who I really am before long.
There is no substance
To those that abuse substance
In a vice grip from their vices
8. Flaw (6:10)
I’d like to take this time out to point out your flaws
You are no father, You are a child.
You should be left alone. To live alone. To die alone. To rot in a 6 foot hole alone.
You made it known that you cheat on your wife.
Eventually one day I hope she finds a way to take your life.
You are a shit of the world, you don’t deserve to live.
For you I have no fucks to give.

Why, will always be on the tip of my tongue.
When, I am screaming at the top of my lungs
Now, that you see the truth coming to view
You, cant accept what is coming to you.

I’d really like to say that you’ve ruined my life
Why was I made to put up with you, how could he love you?
You are the kind of person that no one should marry.
You are too much of a burden for world to carry.
we work hard for you and you’re forever unsatisfied
You are no doctor. You never were. You are unclassified.
that’s why I never understood the love my family shows
Its time for you to go.

Your flaws are showing
So much so they are glowing
My past is what i'm towing
If you’re going through hell keep going

Ill tear you down...
9. What Are You Staring At? (7:17)
I’ll be better, I’ll be stronger, I’ll be smarter,
Than those who put me down
You wish there was a way to get back
When You’re judged behind your back
They look for a fight, so that you might fall
But you can't give it to them so Stand tall.

Don’t let nobody bring you down
They, will get theirs one day, and you’ll receive a crown.
I am a lesson for the world to learn,
That there is a long way to go

Why do you stare, this is un-fair
We don’t care where you’re coming from
We’ll beat you down until you’re dumb

What is the point
It has been dulled
Since the reason lulled long ago
It’s been forever so

This is a warfare
Create more wear and tear
It’s too much to bear

I’m, not fine
These people gonna drive me outta my mind

I am better, than they will ever be, They’ll never see,
the product of their hard work.
How long does it take, to see the smiles are fake
The partnership will never work.
You gotta find a way to be better man than them,
its too easy to just to cuss.
Find another way to break away
and turn your hate into a plus
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