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Aftermath Full Album Lyrics

Skyforest - Aftermath cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Black Metal
Album rating :  82.5 / 100
Votes :  8
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Submitted by level 13 휘리언 (2016-04-28)
1. Aftermath (1:01)
2. Yearning for the Past (10:39)
Yearning for the past
A time long gone
When colour lit up the night sky
And mist clouded the sun

We lived alone together back then
Swam in the clear stream
Smashing all illusions of "life"
We had found our peace

Away from society
Drowning in the mist of a new day
The night brings many wonders
Why did you have to throw it all away?

Yearning for the past
A time long gone
When colour lit up the sky
And mist clouded the sun

(Lyrics by Tim/Sorrow)
3. I Wish the Dawn Would Never Come (7:45)
Oh another mornings sunrise
As I awake without you
My dreams died as I opened my eyes
Sometimes I wish the dawn would never come...

A life spent alone in the cold
With no one to hold
The last time you thought of me
Was when you turned your back and walked away

Don't you realize?
I'm still here
I never left
Never gave up

A desolate existence
In these freezing mountains
Away from the world
Away from it all
4. Nothing, Worthless (7:00)
All I see are strangers faces
Staring right through me
As if I don't even exist
As if I am nothing, worthless

Sometimes it makes me nervous
To reveal all to the world
To bare my soul to strangers
As if I am nothing, worthless

On a warm summers evening
As I walked amongst a crowd
It dawned on me like a knife through my heart
I am nothing, worthless

Now I look through strangers
I never take the time
To think of their existence
As I know they don't mine
5. Inexistence (8:31)
As the seasons pass
And months turn into years
Does anything really change
Through the passage of time

In another dreary tomorrow
We are all the same
Some of us suffer in silence
Some of us suffer alone

What goes on in each other’s minds
Is something we'll never know
We can only guess at thoughts
And we can only grasp at hope

Looking toward the wondrous sky
How insignificant you feel
We really are nothing at all
And nothing really changes

You can read my life
Through the lines across my face
You can see how many winters
This withered rose has felt

(Lyrics by Tim/Sorrow)
6. Together in Death (9:36)
It's a dream from which I'll never awake
A lonely boat out on the lake
You and me, me and you
Alone at last just us two

Under the freezing soil
I've never felt so warm
You're there by my side
Holding on to me so tight

They all cried at my funeral
And then they asked why I've gone
Well it was the only way to be with you
My love you left before

We're alone, and now together
And this time it is forever
The dawn will steal my dreams no more
As I'll never see another dawn

We're together now
All rejoice
We're together in death

You and me, me and you
In death I have found you

(Lyrics by Tim/Sorrow)
7. Ascension (2:41)
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