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Agents of Power (2012) Full Album Lyrics

Skelator - Agents of Power (2012) cover art

Agents of Power (2012)

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Speed Metal
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Submitted by level 10 LightListener (2014-12-13)
1. Agents of Power (4:52)
Across the universe we heard the call
Dreams of deliverance did guide us all
We serve the balance of the Multiverse
We have the power to break the curse
United by Chaos
Divided by Law
We are the four who are the one!

Agents of Power
Champions of steel
Agents of Power
Protecting what's real

We share the blood of ancient warriors
Through paths of darkness we shall emerge
We are decedents of the champion
And to our destinies we are sworn
2. Gates of Thorbardin 05:30
Fleeing before the vast Dragon Armies
Cities destroyed with fire and ice
Carrion beasts feast on the bodies
Surrounded by fear, no hope for their lives
I'd never seen man or elf before
We always fight for ourselves
For thousands of years
No Thain had decreed
That we should open the gates

The Gates of Thorbardin
Our mountains of steel
The Gates of Thorbardin
Tempered with blood and the will

They wander our halls of mystery and wonder
They're strange and deformed, they're weak and they're frail
But in my own heart, I know we are brothers
And when we unite, the Dark Queen shall fall
I'd never seen man or elf before
We always fight for ourselves
Together we stand with weapon in hand
And we will hold the gates
You maggots,
you filth, you disease
We'll chop off your ears, get down on your knees
My dragons, my armies, my slaves
There's no use to run, you run to your graves
Our fire, our acid, our magic
Cower before our engine of pain
I have slain man and elf before
You can rot in that Dwarven cave
Together you'll die
As we rule the sky
And we will crush

The Gates of Thorbardin
Our mountains of steel
The Gates of Thorbardin
Tempered with blood and the will

You're gonna die
As we rule the sky
3. Dream Dictator (6:15)
Turing off the highway, neon lights beside you, watching out...
Twitching in her nightgown, sleeping right beside you, passing out...
Lurking in the shadows, creeping up behind you, in your mind "You are mine"
Distorting all the facts and figures, taking all your hopes and dreams away... to yesterday
He fills your head with pain and lies
Fear, failure and cries
He comes to steal the rainbows from your eyes
He'll make you see black and white

He's the Dream Dictator
Dream Dictator

He comes to steal your mind
He comes to enslave your kind
You've got to keep the dream inside you, never let it out
Even if the takes over your soul
Hatred is the fire igniting your desire, let it out, scream and shout!
Chasing down your freedoms, breaking down his kingdom, we are proud!
He's gonna make you fade away
4. Rhythm of the Chain (4:15)
I'm walkin' down the street
Rocking to the power of the thunder beat
Excitement in the air
People all around me stand and stare
The fire's in my brain
Everybody thinks that I'm insane
I just want to SCREAM!
Through the night, all right,

Feel the Rhythm of the Chain
Gonna have a heart attack
Feel the Rhythm of the Chain
You know I'm coming back

I don't read the news
Everything they say isn't true
I can't find a slob
I don't give a shit
'Bout all you
motherfuckers in the government
You know I'm coming back!
5. Overture (Instrumental) (4:18)
6. Elric: The Dragon Prince (5:15)
Oh, the sailor on the Seas of Fate
The weird of the White Wolf
He's Elric the Emperor of Meliboné
His fate, a dreamful curse
Born a weak albino, he wears his dragon helm
A servant to Lord Arioch, the highest Duke of Hell
He's Elric of Meliboné, the fallen empire
There he waits in darkness on his ruby throne

He is Elric, The Dragon Prince
The Eternal Champion
He is Elric, The Dragon Prince
The Dragonlord of destruction

On the edge of extinction his empire lives on
But hand of after is reaching, soon it will be undone
Cymoril ha been taken, his one and only love
By her foul souled brother Lord Yyrkoon

"You alone are fit to serve Arioch.
I shall did you, Elric. I shall become your patron. I shall protect you and give you strength and the source of strength, through master I be and slave you be."
7. Pulsing Cavern (0:34)
"To defeat your cousin you must go through the Shade Gate and travel through realms.
There you will find Pulsing Cavern, within it lies your salvation.
Two black swords, forged by the lords of Chaos many aeons ago, swords that could tear this world in half if used together.
They are Stormbringer and his brother, Mournblade."
8. Stormbringer and Mournblade (2:49)
Our voice singing once again
To fight until the end of time
Stormbringer and his brother
Forged by the ancient Chaos lords
To seal the fate of mortal men
To spill their blood and drink their souls

Never from me
In Slavery Death
Anguish and fear
Eternally Chains
Of fate
Now in control Hatred
Burns Inside your soul
9. The Young Kingdoms (1:29)
"Elric stared ahead, never sleeping, rarely moving, his white hand tight upon his sword hilt.
Relentlessly, doom -driven, they beat onwards, their oars splashing in unison, their sails bellying taut with a good wind.
Onwards they sailed, towards 'Imrryr the Beautiful', to sailed, to rape and plunder the world's oldest city."
The wrath of the Young Kingdom is here
10. The Dark Tower (3:27)
My race has gone mad, my race is insane
Now the time has come, they must be slain
My cousin Yyrkoon ha taken my throne
Now he must die, his flesh ripped to bone
I come here with barbarians, they will ravage Imrryr
They will kill all of Meliboné, spreading pain and fear
I come to you now as your true emperor
But now I betray you, I am your destroyer
I climb the stairs with haste
My cousin I will face
Revenge is at hand
So Yyrkoon, we meet again
You will pay for all your sins
You betrayed me, my throne you robbed
You enslaved my only love

The Dark Tower is calling me

i swing my sword, I feel the blow
But Yyrkoon is not dead
I split another's blood
11. Cymoril (3:47)
Cymoril, I long for your embrace
Cymoril, I cry for my disgrace
Cymoril, you were the one loved
Cymoril, by Arioch what have I done
12. Rubble and Ash (4:01)
"Arioch, Arioch! I give you blood and souls, aid me now, og evil one!"

Yyrkoon you fiend, die by my sword
You'll be sent to limbo, I'll have your soul
Your blood is gushing, it falls to the floor
Stormibringer is calling, watch it take its toll


Your city is burning, it turns into ash
I am your destroyer, now feel my wrath
I cry for my people, I cry for my race
I cry for Cymoril, I cry from disgrace


We fly into the sky so high
The last of the Dragonlords
We seek his head for our revenge
Elric the Kinslayer
On the horizon I see the dragons
I cast a spell to summon the winds
Leaving my armies to die at their will
I am forsaken their blood
I have spilled

13. Fate, the Dreadful Curse (1:59)
Why is my fate
so tied to this sword
I wish not for hatred
I wish to get rid
of all gods and sorcery
But that is impossible,
it's my destiny
14. Elric: The Kinslayer (1:52)
Lords of Chaos guide him, his destiny is clear
Lords of Law will mold him,
when the time is near
For Elric is a pawn,
in the game of the Multiverse
Wielding the blade of immortals, Stormbringer

He is Elric, The Kinslayer
The Eternal Champion
He is Elric, The Kinslayer
The Dragonlord of destruction
15. Bane of the Black Sword (6:16)
I see myself trapped inside this blade of horror, despair and destruction untold Aeons ago my legacy written, in my own grasp is the fate of the world
Hatred swells consuming my body, I hear the voices of those I betrayed
Now my hands are covered in their blood, I must keep fighting
I'm Arioch's slave

Doomed to live forever on the edge of time
With Stormbringer at my side
Doomed to feed forever on the souls of enemies
And gain strength from the souls of the ones I loved

Bane of the Black Sword!
Eternal war!
16. Outro (2:21)
"We must be bound to one another then.
Bounded by the hell-forged chains of fate haunted circumstance.
Well, then let it be thus so and men will have cause to tremble and flee when they will have cause to tremble and flee when hear the names of Elric of Meliboné and Stormbringer, his sword.
We are two of a kind produced by an age which has deserted us.
Let us give this age cause to hate us."
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