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Clangores Plenilunio Full Album Lyrics

Selvans - Clangores Plenilunio cover art

Clangores Plenilunio

GenresAtmospheric Black Metal, Folk Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-24)
1. Lupercale (9:20)
Tu, genio dei boschi, dimorante di remote selve
Tu, ferino fautore del primordiale istinto
Nelle sale del tenebroso palazzo di roccia
Immerso nell’ignota ed atavica sapienza
Tu, ammaliatore di ninfe delle sorgenti
Tu, suonatore di incantevoli ed ipnotiche nenie
Dal lussurioso ventre di Fatua generato
Fertile portatore di lasciva prosperità
Oracolo invasatore
Macabra voce riecheggia nei sogni
Re delle bestie
Lo spirito ammanta l’alpe
Oracolo protettore
Suscita l’incubo in fragili menti
Istinto ispiratore
Custode di reconditi segreti
Ordina il silenzio, che il rituale abbia inizio!
Schiocchi di februa tra le carni
In cerca di spiriti fecondi
Morte profana in lame di sangue
Ritorno e risate in orge bestiali
Pelli di capro, versi di lupo
Voluttuosa bramosia
Morte profana in lame di sangue
Ritorno e risate nei Lupercali
Faunus Lupercus
Faunus Lupercus
Nel supremo istinto bestiale!
Infere entità
In armoniosa danza con la terra
Intonano i canti
Di una primordiale nostalgia
Versi saturnii
Si rincorrono nelle valli
Legioni di spiriti
Bramano vendetta
Imprigionati nel profondo
Da ipocrite catene
Assopiti nel torpore
Di lucenti gabbie
2. Clangores Plenilunio (9:26)
Lights through the night rise the mountain
Beams cut the obscurity of the forest
Goats’ steps are heard
They are fast among the stones
Once again
Night by night
From forgetful times
Fairys’ path
Secret ways
They leave the human reign
Braids on the manes in this tumultuous night
The cries of wood-sprites wind the mind of the fearful priest
The coven dance in a circle bright,
Excited minds
Naked bodies
Tempt your guilty reason
Between the leaves and stones where the shadows dwell
You can see the carnival of nymphs and men
The pipers dirge will take your breath away
Here is coming the revenge of the hidden realm
Lights disappear
Lights turn off
Lights escape (to go) beyond the cave
To dwell the bowels
Bowels of the mountain
Where the Sybil dominates
Still today to eternity
Ancient pagan rites
Are still alive
Now the night is bright
Wolves are running fast
In the underground
Nymphs are singing
Echoes of despair
All across the vales
Screaming to the moon
The ancient desire sweeps the lands with force and fire
Something like a spell is whisper!
Like snakes they crawl
Deep in the caves
Beyond the door
Lowest creatures in penance
To became again charming and irresistible
In the full moon nights
They’ll come back again
They’ll come back
Night by night
They’ll come back
Again in the darkness
They’ll come back
Once again
They’ll come back
Again in the night
Nocturnal foot-bath in the lake
Clairvoyant nymphs
Gods’ prophets
Between earthly and divine
Their oracles impressed on oak leaves
Spotless dresses
Long blond hairs
Lascivious rites under the full moon
Romantic and beautiful vision
They enchant unknowing men
Obsessed by their dirge
They stand in the form of a nymph
Deep in the woods
Beyond the pale light
Lustful creatures in penance
Souls chained follow their lyrics
Lecherus chants of empiric landscapes
Inebriate the mind of the weak
A soporific lightwind
From the crevices of the cave!
The moon leaves the valley of the unknown
The breeze of a new day is the death of all fears
Ash heap of nightfires resting dark in the grass
Men forget savage instincts
Cradling a legend that not causes shame
Everyone restore his boldness
But they are waiting in the cave
They’re waiting to awake
From the unaware stillness!
Between the leaves and stones where the shadows dwell
You can see the carnival of nymphs and men
Cross shaped pillars fall in front of you
The goat seed is growing in this fertil earth!
3. Prologue (1:47)
4. ..In the Woods (In the Woods... Cover) (9:17)

Pagan myths from the deep, eternal forests.
A true melancholic atmosphere,
Haunts this hidden world.
Where men, for hundreds of years,
Have immortalized their cult.

Moments of...

Down in the forest.
Or, wherever we may care to trend,
We are Gods.
Do not follow us as always, present icons.
Of your very own consciousness.

...Monarchs... Queens...

This we do know where our lands are laid down.
With strength of faith, (for honour),
We shall reign forever in loyalty,
For we are Gods, do not obey us...


One with this world,
This is where I long to be.
5. Epilogue (1:09)
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