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La Hora de Lucifer Full Album Lyrics

Sathanas - La Hora de Lucifer cover art

La Hora de Lucifer

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlackened Death Metal
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1. Forged in Eternal Fire (3:50)
My soul has been possessed
By evil and desire
Through the eyes of chaos
Foresee the dark messiah

My heart is filled with hate
And vengeance flows like blood
Through the pantheons of time
I've reached the stygian shores

War has brought endless disarray
Darkness shall be the final reign
I have seen signs of blood to come
My soul is damned
Forged in eternal fire
2. Engraved in the Book of Death (3:46)
I've wandered through the dark
For the blessed ways are behind me now
Faith turns to shadows in black
My eyes are open to death

Seeing the worlds death and torment
With no signs of god
Awaiting the messiah and his world
Darkness only gives me rapture

Torn from the book of god
Engraved in the book of death

Now set asidethis pact in blood and my soul
For this holy lie is not for me no longer
3. Battle of Bewitchment (3:59)
Feel the wrath
As hell's gate opens
And wickedness unfolds
Hail death hail sathanas

Darkened symphony
Black with infamy
Crowd chants hail satan
Evoke the pentagram
Light the candles
And embrace the powers of darkness

Raise the chalice for the hour has come
To join the ritual

Battle of bewitchment

Force of evil
And metal unite
Smell of leather
Praise the hordes
In blasphemy
And bang your head for satan
4. La Hora de Lucifer (3:38)
I cast a rain of fire
Unto your sacred
For those forsaken me beyond
I have awakened

World dies
Once the demons rise
Under the veil of darkness
La hora de lucifer

Graced with darkened wings
Shall carry me a throne
With staff in hand towards glory
To my destiny

Unleashed upon your world
Through your nightmares and dreams
You see my face
Through lust and sin eternal

Unleashed upon your world
Through your nightmares and dreams
You see my face
I shall endure, I shall prevail

World dies
Once the demons rise
Under the veil of darkness
La hora de lucifer
5. Dark Conjurings (4:02)
Voices say
Carve the dark rites
Into your flesh
We will take you to the death side of life

Ancient is the time
When sorcery rules the dark
Return to the age of witchcraft
And await the apparitions

These phantoms
And wraiths are tempting me
From the world beyond
Shall I follow thy path

Senses overwhelming
With black magic aura
Aware that I have fallen
Under their hex

The altar greets blood
Of the chosen
The gathering this night seals
Dark conjurings
6. Hammer of Demons (4:02)
This worlds wickedness
Has cast the demons into me
They guide the dagger onward

They know I'm weary
Of this life and want me to
Do their bidding
So shall be

Rites of darkness
Hammer of demons
None shall come before me
Hammer of demons

Unleash this fury
I hear the voices say to me
Take your life and join us
We await
7. Nocturnal Reign (4:17)
None shall befall this night
They walk along side of deaths grace
With the moon so bright

The beasts they found me now
My mortal life will cease
And pass through the gates twilight
Avail my dwelling

My wings they take me through
The night and unseen to this world
I shall become among the dead

My heartbeat has declined
My blood shall flow no more
Let darkness take me
I am of the beast

Nocturnal reign
8. Blackest Hate (3:41)
From paths that lead to damnation
My soul is cleansed by hatred
Bring unto me the blood of thy enemy
For the blackness fills deaths void

This evil surge runs through my veins
For the taste of death I can't deny
Sent like spawning malediction
As the blackest of hate unwinds

My eyes are upon you
Your prayers have been denied
Heaven looks away
My abominations rise

Blackest hate
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