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Teratogenesis Full Album Lyrics

Revocation - Teratogenesis cover art


GenresTechnical Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  87.5 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-18)
1. The Grip Tightens (4:10)
Slowly our rights erode away
We exist only to be slaves
The hidden hand with fingers outstretched
Closes in around our necks

Masses refuse to see
Kept in line as we are deceived
Minds start to atrophy
Suppress the will to be

The grip tightens around our throats
Gasping for air as we choke
A barren future, we've lost all hope
Slowly the grip tightens around our throats

[Solo: Dan]

Snuffing out the air from our lungs
A horrid realization
Suffocating, as we watch our world come undone
Knowing the worst is yet to come

Is this our destiny?
To be enslaved endlessly
The notion of our freedom
Is a Fallacy
2. Spurn the Outstretched Hand (4:07)
I contend with isolation
I demand glorification
Crumbling weak I sink and splinter
When my needs denied

Those who deprive me will be punished
Those who extol me, played and used
Noone is worthy of my kindness
Noone spared my abuse

Thieving, my words conniving
What's yours is mine
I spurn the outstretched hand
Feasting as my brothers dying
Their lives are mine
Let them, choke on my refuse

Sociopathic self obsession
Skulking hissing spineless worm
Desperate to retain possession
Deceit lurks at every turn

I can't relinquish my hunger for power
I cannot respite my vigilant eye
My kingdom I'd forfeit if I faltered
To treacherous traitors awaiting with knives

[Solo: Dave]

Your lies invite me
The most exquisite vice
Your spite entices me
To infect your life
3. Maniacally Unleashed (3:41)
Vacant inside
Relief I must find
Panicked desperate restless senseless

I cannot hide
From deep sunken eyes
Now it's started, starving soulless

Feast of rippling flesh drips in piles
Maniacally unleashed upon devouring

Possessing desire
For that which has died
Tearing grasping ripping slashing

Exploding throughout
Gore spilling out
Serene tranquil sated thankful

This fixation
consumes my world
of gushing spoils
4. Teratogenesis (4:06)
Manipulating the minds of men
Concealed in darkness I prey
Twisting the psyches of the weaklings
Leading them further astray

Come my loyal subjects
Do my bidding as I direct
I, creator of atrocities
The shaper of monstrosities
Your Majesty, of agony and blasphemy

Greed, lust, and gluttony these are but just a few of my favorite sins
Forfeit your sanity and surrender to me
Feel my vile prescence within
5. Bound by Desire (5:34)
Hunted through the depths of
Spirit blades hack into
My chest

Consequence comes crashing
To collision
Trembling swarm convulsing
Through my flesh

The beating drum
Keeps you pliant
Until the dawn

Your grotesque display
My tribute
My pawn

Feel the fire
The cold blue flame
Bound by desire
Invoke my name

Unceasing fire
Lustful gaze
Cannot deny me
Your will I raze

Surrendering to the need
Seek stimulation
Trembling drooling shivering
Sweet titillation

Dissolve in the slithering
Poison spills without
Taken spent and withering
To perversion devout
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