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Prophecies of a Dying World | Full Album Lyrics

Revenant - Prophecies of a Dying World cover art

Prophecies of a Dying World

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsNuclear Blast
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  3
Lyrics > R > Revenant Lyrics (7) > Prophecies of a Dying World Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-10-02)
1. Prophecy of a Dying World (6:14)
I spoke to horrors of a dying planet
Creatures of a drying sea
Nature was forever altered, warped by reality
A truth to me was then revealed, born on the wings of destiny

Decaying in my silent grave
I spoke to kings of heirless thrones
An oath to me there was sung
The prophecy of their bones

I saw by the light of a dying sun
A world drowned in blood

Descent into ancient crypts of purity unpolluted
Transformed to a point of light my essence reconstituted
I prepare to carry my burden, prophet of a dying world

Into the endless continuum
Fated servant to mankind
Born predestined to let sound
The herald of our doom

"And the empires will rise and grow mighty,
Engulfing all humanity in their tireless domination, erasing
The past and twisting the future...in ancient tombs forgotten
Spirits will wither and die, and from the dust of these
Crypts there shall rise an entity born of vengeful winds,
And from his soul beings will spew forth, abominations
Of consciousness who will corrupt and weaken the world,
Twisting dreams into nightmares, creating new pain, a suffering
That will last forever, and curse our lives through all time..."

Apocalyptic visions invade, and the grave opens before me...

I ascend from eternal crypts my purity reinstated
Cleansed of my human faults
I accept the existence to which I am fated

Returned to my silent grave
Mute witness to our end
An oath it is that I now sing
The harmony of my suffering
I speak to those who shall forever be
Twisted spirits who refuse to die
Skeletons of forgotten kings
In swollen tombs of man they lie

I see by the light of a dying sun
A world drowning in blood...
2. Spawn (5:21)
Within the tombs of the centuries
The gods of the void awaken
What has past is retribution
The mirror of our damnation

In the seeds of time
Negative beings leave their spawn
Demented obscenities manifest
Ravenous appetite led by insanity
- A thousand years of misery

In the seeds of time
My image appears in fury
Raging through the centuries
To avenge my progenitors
For now that I am free
The time is at hand
No safety in my judgement
When my vengeance engulfs the eart

Damnation born upon pestilent winds
Unleashing the fury of those reborn

Armageddon descends upon apocalyptic horses
Driven by warriors of hate

Emissaries of vengeance ride forth from the sun
Flames consume our dying worlds

And all the blood shed by the past
In violent glory shall cleanse the earth at last

SPAWN - malevolent beings rise
Ghastly hunger in their eyes

SPAWN - The breed of abhorrence
Mankind's abomination

SPAWN - Devourers of the earth
Creatures of the abyss

SPAWN - Precursors to our failure
Children of the beyond
3. Ancestral Shadows (6:51)
Awoken from dormancy I find myself alone
Standing in primordial ruin
Of an ancestry unknown, a race of elder gods

Dreams caress my agony as I live in decay
My spirit pines for a time before humanity

Voices haunt my sleep
As I travel by the moon
Vibrations from the dawn of time
Shadows beckon me

Cannot resit my heritage
I leave behind a corpse
Torn back through the ages
Through the memories and dust

To lands of ancestral shadows...

Arrived my visions a reality
My reign to survive eternity
An emperor of chaos
A ghost of insanity

Enthroned I am now king
Dominating prehistory
A forgotten lord of blasphemy
But soon the time shall come
When I awake in frenzy
To slaughter the invaders
Known to me as man
4. The Unearthly (A Quest) (4:45)
I am sinking into caverns of my mind
Dark abyss has opened
Into breathless midnight
I lose identity

Subterranean descent into ultra conscious non existence

Abstractions are elusive, reality confining
Illusions are redefining
As I approach my genetic core
As I approach the unearthly

World of grotesque images
Abrasive complexities threaten
Symbolic metaphors approach
Thoughts devour thoughts

Through my being unexplored
Times ceases continuity
Shroud of weightless life
Plunging into depths unknown

The unearthly - Isolated within

Sub atomic reasoning
Creatures uncertain distances
Between reality and consciousness
Temporal existence disintegrates into micro molecular infinity
Representations of ideas cloud eternal skies beyond the minds eye

Thoughts devour, thoughts devour, thoughts devour...
5. Asphyxiated Time (7:55)
Frozen for eternity, awakened to avenge
From the snake tombs I arise, inseminating chaos
Summoned through astral time, to lay siege to existence

Where man now walks I shall walk again
Humanity enslaved in infinite paradox

I rise through the waves
Set fire to the skies
I am the ageless one
Asphyxiating time

Scream my name upon the winds
It is the dawn of the returning hate
I clock the lands in black
Domination is eternal

He who once was, I shall be absolute
The infernal ways they are the burning truth

I rise through the waves set fire to the skies I am the
ageless one asphyxiating time

Crystal skies reflect seas of blood
Entombed in mountains of dying flesh
Twisted into unnatural forms of life
Grotesque shapes display our inner thoughts

At redemption the red judge laughs for the atrocities committed by humanity
How can we expect to live when all we ask is to die?
Mercy is erased, unforgiven, we die in sin

I have risen from the waves
The skies writhe in flames
I am among you now
Asphyxiating time
6. Distant Eyes (7:16)
Ancient soul of the earth
Look down upon creation
Orbs of glorious crimson
The fires of impregnation

Penetrate nocturnal years, reflections of the past
Incineration of consciousness, heat is sterilizing
To a doom that is forsaken in a world of infernal waste
Flesh liquefies, leaving the immortal soul
Emotions will extinguish within the flaming eyes
The voyage of the spirit when the body dies
The essence of my lifeforce bound by flaming chains
To an eternity of beings trapped within the sun
Gazing through the flaming eyes
Cleansing heat will purify

My transmigrating mind
In the heavens it shall find
Endless desolation
As I approach my destination

Ancient soul of the earth
Look down upon creation
Orbs of glorious crimson
The fires of impregnation

Cosmic winds feed astral flames
The sun of infinite skies
Burning contemplation, my eternal damnation
Panoramic disillusions feed my despair
Beyond my death terrestrial paradise is forlorn
Life suspended, immersed in regret
Purgatorial isolation, looking down upon creation
The eyes of the sun forever my final home
Kingdom of my sorrow, planet of shattered dreams

At one with the flaming eyes
Emotion is extinguished...
7. Valedictions (7:30)
Evasive agony, tears my mind, to know
A thousand in a thousand lives
Searching, for reasons that can't exist
Again I have been damned
To reincarnate, another endless life
An eternity of misery
Reborn, slave to time
Servant, to infinity

My eyes tear blood, my heart void of life
Emotions forever imprisoned, captive
My life begins again
In pain...
Once more...

So cold, a blackened heart
Futility, feeds my dismay
Existence, so barren, when condemned
By life

In pursuit of truth I realize
The pain I feel
In pursuit of answers I dematerialize
My rage consuming like fire

Crimson, my final goodbye
To winds of time I cry
Revenge, my only goal
Substitute for the life I'll never know

Valedictions, my cruel farewells
Visions of eternity
A thousand lives of lunacy
Chained to a timeless pain

Written in dedication to the eternal champions
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