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Deformed Worship Full Album Lyrics

Raspberry Bulbs - Deformed Worship cover art

Deformed Worship

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Punk
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-10-24)
1. Cracked Flesh (4:30)
at some point you broke
the skin split beside your mouth
from crying and laughing
by your eyes,

and why?

all of the times they've closed
to stop the burning

I'm trying to read
between the lines
but the story of your face
it's mixed, endless

from what I see
you're just like me
all the markings
that living leaves

every line on my face
should read like poetry
explaining exactly
why i am this man

my face should be my name
my name, my name
this composition you see
these parts of me

but what faces cease?
when another, not ready
2. Lusty Climbing (3:08)
Pulling me up
is some belief
that everything is a symbol
written from beneath
creating its own
unknown language

going up the mountain
as I ascend
with each step
I destroy myself
3. When a Lie Becomes the Truth (2:51)
you stayed at home
and I was alone
and I thought about myself
while you thought of someone else

no longer to think
no longer to feel
whatever this brings
whatever death means

off of the ledge
into the waves
where the sea has its say
and the lost forever lay

where those memories go
somewhere, to where

everyone knows
it is unknown
and those memories fade
the forgotten name
it is undone, it is unmade

and I might try
without faith
I'm just doing this
for its sake

I go there again
the line's lonely and
no reason left for me to stay
I find the wall but not the way

when a lie becomes the truth
when becoming means
the simplest thing
4. Before Man (1:31)
before man, before Adam
he walked the earth
and raised the soil
into waves, into waves
and bathed in fire, fire
5. Standing in Line (2:43)
it's painful to wait for
it's boring to wait for
it's pointless to wait for
the right moment

standing around, looking around
thinking of things
that I shouldn't be

most of the time
I spend in line
losing my mind
running out of time

I don't know why
I keep going
I don't know why
I keep going
6. By the Root (5:42)
don't give me those words
I've already heard
I want the truth
by the root

but I know what stems from

the path of lies
the politics
the pacifist

the mase of the law
a massing mind
and medicine

the way of words
the other world,
its history but I know what strikes down

what strikes down dishonesty

it's just hidden in the dance
that a jester does
and it's hidden in his laugh
from what a jester knows:
that it's all a joke

I want to be recognised
as a saint
I want the public
to trust my name

I want to crusade
I want to wield the holy blade!

and what are you,
a prostitute?
like me,
you still believe

but why do we believe?
why do we believe?
believe in dishonesty
7. Groping the Angel's Face (3:01)
fondling the graves
and groping the angel's face
fondling the graves
and groping the angel's face

the cross is staked above
I describe what I see

the dead keep coming

the determined dead
keep the candles burning
keep coming,
keep coming

you look around
tell some other story

the dead keep coming

the bodies pile up
and cemeteries sing
and we are silenced
8. Wild Inside (1:50)
we feel strange
we feel terribly strange
we do nothing
we do nothing

we go wild inside
we go wild
we go wild inside

we see things
we see terrible things
we do nothing
we do nothing

we go wild inside
we go wild
we go wild inside

please, please
please believe me
when, when
when I say it's easy
please, please
don't leave me
9. I Was Wrong (4:48)
going through the motions
learning this lesson of patience
waiting for it all to come together
waiting for my life to end
and new life to begin

but I was wrong
I was wrong

I'll continue to pull us apart
in whatever ways I can try
and I ask of you to do
exactly what you don't want to

want to!

you said "no"
so that I'd know
that we are different people

because I was wrong
I was wrong

you tell me what I am
tell me what I am!

I put my life
in your hands
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