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The Strand of Time | Full Album Lyrics

Pictured - The Strand of Time cover art

The Strand of Time

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-04-16)
1. Another (4:48)
Sinking, striving to reach the surface
Waiting beneath for the waves to pass by...
All I've done ended in sheer loss
I failed to understand that no one but me
Could have written down the lines
All I've done ended in sheer loss
I failed to understand that no one but me
Could have made sense of it all

Saving time's absurd, you've got to consume it!
Till the very end, the wind will blow
Feed the fire, make it grow higher and higher
It will die, but not for you to see

Why being your own slave when
You can free yourself from the other
And live as you please?

Down in the pits you crawl
you fear and you hide like a beast
A labyrinth of thorns to needle your skin
Again and again
A miasm of thoughts, you can't see clear anymore
Cause you don't know who you are!
Ariane's string, your only exit...
Find the trap and save your life
He's raging, he waits for you
The Minotaur's looking for some soul

Reflects cross, faces confound
A doubt arise, where am I
And when did it start?

Take the mirror and bash it against the rock
Unwanted pieces of my soul faint dead on the ground...

If days could born anew, will I still be the same
Will I choose to do it all again?
If from the start I've been insane
Can I possibly become another man?
2. Metal (5:00)
Metal, melting like gold in Satan's mouth
Metal, gliding straight from the roof
Metal, you gotta love that shit!
Jesus, you gotta love that hit! Yeah!

Runnin' wild, giving up your daily mess
Like Metal is your way
You're yound, bright and fuckin' strong
Like Metal thrashing mad

You wanna take the whole world into a big black mass
And flush it down the johns
You wanna hit the top and kick some asses!

Hell yeah, tonight this is for real folks!
You gotta leave all behind for a night
And pick your best bandshirt

You gotta tear the pit like you never did
And (head)bang till pain doesn't hurt!

The cracking of bones
Blackness arises!

Something in the look of your neighbour
Doesn't seem clear, and suddenly you wonder
Why you're here

The smell gets horrible, your vision blurs
Your ears are bleeding, strange things occur

You look mischevious and pale
You're getting stranger and inhale
The smell of your fears, of your hate
Man, that's it, you're in hell
3. The Howling Forest (5:04)
My father this king, the one who rules this kingdom
Dreams of a world deprived of brightness
Blinded by the warm color of silver
Leading his fight against people's bliss
He seems to save some time

Eager for conquest, he extends his life till destrction
But there some time a blood freezing scream calls

For whole nights here in the hills, all above
We call her the Howling Forest

Afflicted by this nonsense, I look from above
This howling forest which now burns for that blazon
People laugh and now call it
The burning, howling forest

From this day on I've ground up and beyond shores
I still hear this sound which echoes like a sad song
Here in the hills, from high above
We would call it the Howling Forest
4. Black Bile (3:51)
Crushed back into the wilderness of my youth
Like suffer dropped on insisting ashes
Alchemic disaster, organic abstraction

Echoes of a trembling voice...
The shadow of an evil intent
Sheds light on forgotten ruins

The smile of an innocent toy
Tears my mind away
A naive melody drowns my thoughts
In a deep, ravaging melancholy

Past madness feeds a strange monster...
How can one ever try to forget?
Pain prints in the chest
Like a hammer works the steel

It turns into Nightmare
How can one ever try to forget?

The smile of an innocent toy tears my mind away
A naive melody drowns my thoughts
In deep, ravaging melancholy
It turns into Nightmare, all I've gone through...
I can't escape the darkness below
A gap with no end, a chaotic scheme
A life with no aim!

The best that you can get
Is a sour smile for the sweet old days
You can try to relive but a sigh never heals...
5. To Hell and Back (5:29)
Hey dude, we're gonna tell you a story you've never heard of
Tis a tale of suffering and pain, in a world of fire and flames
The dark guy in the middle acted fucking crazy
Throwing lightnings and storms everywhere
Not the kind of lazy man, kept going busy
In every corner, in every inch of air

Death trap, Vengeance, who made that to him?
Death trap, Vengeance, he knows you're not far

He was huge, horny, damn he was ugly
Well, the most ungracious man in the whole Hell
The Sinful had lost his eyes and he could not see a damn thing
Even the devils hid in their corner, the man was so frightening
"Hell," he said, "My eyes are rollin' like frantic wheels on the floor
I'm so fucking mad I could kill a cow, now can I get an encore?"

Death trap, Vengeance, who made that to me?
Death trap, Vengeance, I'll kill you motherfucker

Dude, I'm gonna tell you a story you always hear of
Tis a tale of suffering and pain, in a tragic, crude world

I am a poor soul and I'm dying
I'm damned but I'm fighting
Sadistic, vicious world

I'm looking for peace and respect, I'm trying to forget
But the hate I keep inside my head won't find an exit

The world has turned me into a criminal
That's my shame and my trial
I was doomed when I was born
And in the end, I knew I'd burn

Life's sometimes a bitch
You can't always lead it like you wanna
Everybody's got a war to wage
Nothing's born to survive, nothing!
We were dead before eyes and eyelids collide

Men don't born good or evil
They just have to pay the price
To pay for what they were and what they are
Life's the end of an idea, the point where logic dies
6. Curses (4:52)
Curses, ills, chimeras, ruins
They will find the way home
Black diamonds, icy shit
Is the way I shine among you
Dim light, obscure curtains
There's no prism to see what I see
There's no guts to feel what I feel

Someday I will dig a hole, I'll do it for you
Sometimes, I'll dig it deeper, to see you through
Machines black as death to break the earth
Engines of hate to burn and tear
There's no ground between me and you
We're close but in danger

Music, to rid the sadness out of me
Music, not to forget it's still there
I need a needle to appease my heart
I need a little pain to carry on living!

A bottle, and a couple of friends
Silly gambles and slithy wit
Sex and alcohol burn together in a game
Beauty fades and falls out of the frame

When heads turn to look at the fire
Wood crackles and disappears
A gothic shadow comes and sits at the table
A screw turns somewhere in the middle
Life goes on but who's turn is it?

Someday I will dig a hole, I'll do it for you
Sometimes, I'll dig it deeper, to see you through
Machines black as death to break the earth
Engines of hate to burn and tear
There's no ground between me and you
7. The Dwelling (4:57)
Fallen from a wall, behind the dwelling
That everyone wants to enter
A man picked up and he said to me
"If you wanna get in you'll gotta climb"
So I took the door, but the other killed himself

Hitting the pane of the window
Where anyone can look in
A man saw me and told me
"If you wanna see it, you'll gotta break it"
So I took the door, but the man throat was cut
His blood run into the earth truth fled to
Regain nature its hearth

Timeworn, a man saw me and told me
"If you wanna get in, you'll gotta wait
I've been told that someone's got the key"
So I took the door, but the other never awoke

Sitting on a stone by the door anyone could unlock
A man waiting for me and told me
"How did you get in? I do want it!
I've dreamed of it so many times
I've tried to push in vain"
So I said:
"You've got to turn the handle
'Tis a bit hard but you can go through it"
8. Stranger (4:18)
Entrapped, feels like nothing's right...
Killing's not my thing, but it sells
Deprived, often tempted, I wonder...
Don't feel like I was made for this

I mourn the time when I couldn't decide
Now I'm on my own...

Feel alone in my distress, someone help me!
My days are in danger, need to find a way
Madness' growing on me like hell
Fear is there and here to stay

I mourn the time when I couldn't decide
Now I'm on my own
Bliss, joy are unknown to me,
And the day they'll knock at my door
I don't want to look like a stranger!

Stranger, to my self, feelings and shadow
Awaiting my fate in the darkness
The toy of my own strings...

Stranger, to the world and its challenges
Drinking my way to wisdom in silence
Like in every fool's kingdom

Stranger, to the others and their friendship
I slowly sink to the bottom

I'd give anything to cling to something still
For I now lose control of everything
Don't know what's wrong and right anymore!
There's a trick played on me, a sickness that lies underneath...
9. The Strand of Time (4:40)
Here's my dream and I'm not sure to understand...

My skull's feed with an unreal amount of sand
Which keeps fallihg down behind me
Leaving its traces to the breath of the wind
For sand must regain the coast, the sea
The place where body meets the mind
There. in the quiet strand of time

At the end of life, man gives up its burden
He joins the coast, leaves all behind
Plunges his bare feet in the wet sand
Stares up the gloomy sky: He's close, he's there
(In the quiet strand of time)

He had never saw so beautiful a thing and maybe it was worth
The travel, the doubts, the fears, the hopes, and all the joice!
From one end to another, he thought "here's the moment, here it is"

Soundless mirage, invisible stain
Blackened purity, sinless desires
His feelings melt in confusion
His head turns backwards in hesitation

The sea, the sky, gather in a mist
The horizon widens and everything disappears
Leaving the place looking like nowhere

Here's my deam and I'm not sure to understand
But when a man feels the wind on his face
And the tide meets the sand, the whole world could vanish
All could die without a word
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