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Memories of Inexistence Full Album Lyrics

Piah Mater - Memories of Inexistence cover art

Memories of Inexistence

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-07-14)
1. Cathiard (9:48)
Hissing loud

Dawning on her eyes
Changes permanent

The water's running calm
Aching hands ashore
Streams are filling in between

A familiar cry
Tearing through the morning
The loudest sound of the universe

Savage prisoner
Fled towards the light
Candles welcome your arrival

But summer days are gone
And by the time you'd noticed
What the sun inflicted, you were on fire

You're on fire

Arms out
Digging itself down, deep down

Old demons scratching the surface
Unclean hands intertwine

Benign was the solitude

It feeds the powers that flicker our vacuity

All damage left behind strays

Drenching barren grounds
The scars in the face of God

S h e g a v e h e r f a c e t o t h e w a t e r s o f t h e r i v e r

While freedom's tragedy keeps shortening the ends
Memories come to life
For your relief
2. Anticipation (8:10)
Echo Chamber
Trapping thoughts
Instinct rejection
Outer relief
Low gravity

Soaked in mud
Born of darkness
Raised to steer
No sense of self
No memory

A trace of blood enlightening me
An unnatural will to live
A trace of blood scarred in too deep
Guidance towards the bleak

Shattered reflex
Part of me
My ambivalent
Inherited disease
A cold fingered

Heavy eyelids
Open skies
For the birds are restless
Enslaved to roam
Blue lights
Bring me home

A trace of blood enlightening me
Wearing out my shadow's skin
A trace of blood running too deep
Brushed away

It's a territorial nakedness
With piercing roots from the past
Locked in discontinuity
Free to everlast

I accept your violence
Down to the best of my intents
Lost in your solutions
Find us safer inside

I resemble the emptiness
Cursed upon your every attempt
Harvesting your delusions
Find us safe from the light
Safe from home

Closure heals the devised hearts of wire
Damnation assured the fall of another sun, black as the day I faltered from grace
Drowning in the thorns of life's embrace
3. Mother Soil (11:46)
Winter like shallow graves
Burying the cinders
From a fall oblivious to the fields

An eerie presence
A ghost, faceless and quiet
Silenced by the black season of the land

A heritage of scars
Framed on your breasts
Earned after long years of suffering encaged
Now put down your covers
Unveil to me
Before being your outcast
I am still your breed
Then I will see what is real

Digging the craters where fevered crowds failed
And majesties starved
Open wounds that ceased to recover

The blood-washed earth turned
The beaten cheek of indifference
Skinned by the hunger of the land

Standing before my dynasty
I taste my own tongue
And tripping from the poison
I embraced the cause in me

The weight of the oceans
At a drop of a tear
Breaches the surface
And floods

Into your hands
My gift of shame
Burning bright

Chasm of fortune
Dives below
Bringing skyline close

See this child
Walk that mile
It feels like he always believed
In his heart a secret
Long retrieved
Of taking all he felt deserved from the start

Unleash the fires
That cleanse the inside
And lead the way to a new morning

Somewhere beyond these gates
A sense of belonging
To endure what secrecy's deformed

The womb was sewn
The offspring was splattered out
No compromise
The reverie berthed in darker shores
The sand was cold
Yet warmed by virgin feet
And every stumble
Would drain the venom off the rotten marrow

The wanderlust
Found its dead end underground
Now the skies too
Became a promise to these orphaned eyes

Far beyond the pale
Swallowed by the roots of the unknown

This navel cord will be tangled around my throat

And in my wildest dreams
Caught in descent
Still lies a promised land of glories and wealth
Lay all your darkness
Drown with me
For all that is held dearly
Is fated to deceive
Then you will feel the hurt you've done to me
4. Inexistents (3:26)
True lies in a mother's eyes

Will restore my faith

Then bring me where I used to belong

In pale white

We come alive

I've seen it all

I've gave it all

Now I seek my deliverance

Innocence took it all

We're nevermore in that photograph
Years revelled at the shoreline

Memories, will you confort me in the break of my delusions?
5. Young Rust (6:05)
This is absolution

When the morning bleaches
I watch the river die
In the course of my regrets

Where I seek forgiveness
There are no willing hearts to forgive

Before my probing eyes
Running undercurrent
Remorse's sovereign

And in my witching hour
That distant mirage revealed the end

This is a pain not felt

The cult of silence as a white weapon
Stitches together the fabric of our souls

I am the sum of evil
This guilt can't leave behind

The rope is loose around my neck
The seeds are scattered right where they fell

Beneath the surface bleeding
The forsaker still remains unseen

Mark the death of this solemn curse
Walk the path that never ends
Gasp the air from this passionate sigh
Supress the urge hopelessly enshrined

The leash of all my fears
(I am above the circle
entangled by despair)
Is held by denial
(I lure the inept receiver
Recycling loss again and again)

When the morning bleaches
She watches the river die
In the course of her regrets

Where she seeks forgiveness
There are no willing hearts to forgive

Behind the rust of our youth
The shroud of atonement
Is still draped over us

And above cycling waters
There will be air… too thin, too rare.
6. Immaculate (8:31)
Share with me the soil
For mine's burnt out of its harvest
Take my heart into your hands

The waters are healing now
Feel them flood from my eyes
Take my heart into your hands

As silence's taking over
I resign of my controls inside
(Take my heart into your hands)

And if I sip that last drop of freedom
I'll dive into an ocean of fire
(Take my heart into your hands)
All that is mine

Be the first one to know my most devious sounds
A shadow crossing daylight
The dark glow from this stain

Through wavering discharges of sorrow waste
in me, in you
Two body-territories to be discovered but never tamed

We wade through this mortal coil
All gods ripped asunder
With fever
And unquenchable wonder

The matter of all my pain
Is hidden behind the lie
That once I fall from grace it opens a scar

My heart, holed by their talons
Never invited here
Now breaks my senses loose to comfort you

Still life consumed in a still flame
Our tragedy unclaimed
Secluded by frozen burdens

No sight of morning
A shrine becomes a shelter
Blood on her fingertips
Hindering her own salvation

The gold of the shores
Craved from inception
Swallowed be thy shame
And lead us to our own completion

Further now

Waking every demon
Asleep inside (Deep inside)
To take the toll of a lifetime
Prudence slaves (slaves and scars)
Just take my heart into your hands
Set it free
Set it free
Set me free
7. A Greater Freedom (10:10)
Trenches again
Define me and you
This land that I aim
This body I claim
Are my finitude

All for one
Is all for nothing
My reign's deserved

Oceans, forests
Bring them all to me
I'm cattle, I'm shepherd
The one to crush the throne of consternation

There's a lament of perdition
Coming to break all the others free
A god in its own right
Life-sized and greedy

I'm nurturing the pain
I'm breathing life in every source of contempt,
Fear or deceit
Above the heights of reason
Beyond the instinctive shields
I'll bury myself in the quicksand

You, the cure of yesterday
The menace of repentance
Haunting the abyss
While turning away
Leaving nothing to amass
Nowhere to be found and
No way to return
In free falling

Sculptures of salt,
A feeling's death,
To witticism led
Now the mark on her forehead
Reads the epitaph

In the lair of exile
Stagnation retreats
Here is the after
As all dark reveals
And from purest of throes I struck gold
In the chase of liberty

The tyrant's soul is undressed
Shame exposed
This dazzling
sun will no more
Grip me here
Its fetter shards though shall linger in me
To eventually make a tyrant out of you
Now the tyrant is you
This is the freedom I chose for my own
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