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Ghost Chants Full Album Lyrics

Outre - Ghost Chants cover art

Ghost Chants

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  55 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > O > Outre Lyrics (7) > Ghost Chants Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-10-07)
1. Chant 1. - Departure (2:52)
Upon the great night sky
When the time comes
The dead gaze will appear
The owl will summon the stars
The wolf will sing its chant
A blaze of burning dokhma
Will light the gates of heavens
With flames of purification
The deads shall find their peace
On their way to salvation
2. Chant 2. - Shadow (6:41)
The grand grey clouds beneath we wander
Through the depths of anxiety
Every batterred hope we left behind
Drown in tides of raging oceans
In shrouds of abhorrence to what came from above
And with hearts wearied of constant longing
Bereft of passion, deprived of affection
The innocence left falling asleep without dreams

Embodiment of existance
Without god's hand created
Dead from the birth
Empty inside
In the vacuum we live
And in the vacuum we die

We fear the shadows lurking in the dark
Living and dying in the pain of oblivion
But the only thing that makes us human
Is the faith in heading the unknown
With no regrets at heavens loss

From where we begin is where we end
From the wombs of our mothers
To bed alike warm graves
The life we've been given
A one time journey
To the silver haven of bliss

How can I believe when god has no faith in me?
How can I follow him when all ways lead astray
How can I entrust his words when silence is all I hear?

Blessed are the virtous
Hallowed be their names
For body and soul
Let they live among us
For them is the kingdom
The power and glory
3. Chant 3. - The Fall (5:04)
I, the fallen
Devoured by yearning of endurance
Buried in the fiery nest of damnation
Created from the void, meaningless
Never to be born
Never to be risen

The abandoned child of god
Condemned to sail thought rough seas of solitude
And the barren lands of despair
Forever on my own
Never to be remembered

Oh heavenly father who failed me
now let me be forgotten and free
Let me leave your Eden
Enslaving my will and thoughts
The choice is mine
And will always be

No reprieve I seek
But the belief my journey comes to an end
Free of bonds
With my wings spread
With solace in my heart
And my fathers' godspeed.
4. Chant 4. - Lament (5:51)
How could we not predict its coming?
The great fall , kingdom collapse.
With eyes blinded by prejudice
Lead innocent infants to certain destruction
Giving worthless promises
Of eternal salvation

How could we lead to this ruin?
Trading reason for daydreams
With pride left behind
Shattered our greatness to pieces
Spilled the sanguine of the essence
Left with quantum of humanity

For the time we've been imprisoned
In the castles of stones
Defiled by momentary madness
Of the kings who are now gone
We now live in the empire
Built on the monarchs' bones
Relinguished the dominion
Slaughtered the shepherd

When the world flows through me
With the matters of no mean
In the piece of time
All will disappear
Dissolve in me
I'm not the one
Who undestand I'm the one who sees
Without influance on what will come
Child of sun
5. Chant 5. - Equilibrium (2:41)
As above
So below
The spoken words
Not carved in stone
Let not be promised
But let be done
As in heaven
So in hell
Life and death
Hand in hand
We belong
To the earth
6. Chant 6. - Vengeance (5:53)
Where words have no meaning
Where chaos dwell
I shall come
To tear out the tounges of the fools
Open their throaths
Crush their halos
And raze their temples

Being damned on earth
With my wounds still bleeding
I will leave nothing but the scars
Of my dolour and suffering
As the wheel of time turns
Only ashes remain
Of those enobled by death

Echoes of providence sounding over the horizon
Encroaching to the ears of the righteous
Who refused to follow the masses
And worship the idols
Of the golden calfs up the mountains
This world has no monuments I'll bow before
And no rules I will ever obey

Where heavens meet hell
On the rim of the abyss
I shall stand on the edge
Of the hellfire hollow
Free of demons in my heart
I will call out the names
Of those who were downed
7. Chant 7. - Arrival (7:39)
No rays of sun
No moonshine
The silence I hear
(is) The scream of nature

The chants of loss Coming from the earth
We are from its all
From where it ends

Neither life or death have passed

Through the vault of nothingness
No light have dug its way
Into the land of darkness
No fields have given yield

Only drought and hunger

I'm what is behind
I'm what is ahead
I'm the future
I'm the past
I'm the light
I'm the darkness
In rivers I flow
With winds I fly
With seeds I grow
I set the fire!

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