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Xeno Kaos Full Album Lyrics

Otargos - Xeno Kaos cover art

Xeno Kaos

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-23)
1. Dominatrix (4:15)
Fire - Lasers - Huricane. Tyrants - Titans - Aliens
Chaos (Chaos) xeno-avalance. Over forces - War. Carnage
Rage from the stars. Terror. Flesh corruption
Gargoyles - Giant life-destroyers. Monsters/weapons - Laserstorms
Toxic bestial warfare. Xeno forces fury. Coming forth to exterminate
Xeno firestorms. Carnage. Rage from the stars. Terror
Flesh corruption. Gargoyles - Giant life-destroyers
Mass destruction. Weapons spiting death. Warfire - Torment
Enemies - Saturate. Planet falls. Descending fury. Collision aftermath
Organic havoc. (Alient) symbiotic napalm wrath. Warfire - Torment
Enemies - Saturate. Planet falls. Descending fury. Collision aftermath
Organic havoc
2. The Ruinous Powers (4:06)
Raw force. Malevolence. Ageless chaos. Unbounded power
From beyond they absorb
For chaos underlies the 4-dimensional material universe of space-time
Souls in pain, souls in turmoil. Energy
Immaterium - Realm of chaos. Warp storm - Damnation comes
Into realspace incusions. Ruinous powers - Horror limitless
Destroy all kinds
Warfare - Absolute power. Nightmare - Unreason - Despair. Eye of terror
Immortal godz of chaos reign. Mass destruction
Enslaved!... Enslaved!
Flesh mutation, daemonic possession, spiritual damnation
Covert all mortals - Dominate the universe. Serve the dark gods
And the limitless depths of the realm of chaos
Serve the god of warfare, blood, violence and murder
Serve the god of disease, decay and morbidity, the great corruptor
The master ov pestilence
Serve the god of change, sorcery and dark knowledge
Serve the god of pleasure and pain, the great serpent ov chaos
3. Chariots ov the Godz (4:08)
Ancient navigators. Gene stealers. God-size killers
World eaters - Engineers - Colonizators. Immaculate ones
Science keepers - Cosmic laws shifters
Continum compressors - Space-times folders. Ancestors of all
Harbringers of doom
Book 6, Canto CXXIII: The magic car
Matrix - Void pilot's lair. Creators of sorts
Terraforming celestial bodies. Seeding them with life
Godlike power. Magnificent and statuesque decimators
Rises an ageless tomb-ship like a giant xeno skeleton
Set the dark virus pointing to the sky line
...Ov the godz set the dark-death flight. A world is gonna die
Rains the darkest horror. Bio-bombs hammer the ground
Abomination. All will be contaminated, infested, crushed and terminated
God sperm - Spawning apex terror - Destruction. Global anihilation
Erased life. Crucify a son ov the godz was a big mistake
4. Dark Mechanicus (6:34)
Forces infernal. Towering warmachines
Nightmarish constructions. Hatred - Hatred
Chaos incarnate in the material realm. Iron Leviathans
Titans - Overpower. Terror - Terror
Possessed by the warp-touched powers of chaos for all eternity
Spitting death, destruction. Towering the warzones
Ov a god the firepower
Collossal god-machines - Dedicated to mass destruction and butchery
Harbringers of utter devastation - Total annihilation. Overpower
Terror - Terror
Torrents of shells, violent laser storms. Despoilers of worlds
Into the foes charging, crushing, grinding. With devastating force
Where they are doom follows. Forces infernal
Towering warmachines. Chaos incarnate in the material realm
Iron Leviathans
5. Phase Shifters (3:57)
Deathless warrior race, mechanized horror
Mysterious (robotic) skeletons. Undying legions
Deathless, rising from long-forgotten tombs. To reign once more
Ancient - Terrible / Undying killing machines
Entombed for aeons / In stasis-crypts
Immortal weaponized / Forces of god-like power
Stellar vampires / The stars had brought them into existence
Monstrous parasites / Star-gods, impervious to destruction
Andoid warriors / Not creatures of flesh and blood
Broken dormancy / 60 million standard years
Awakening / Violent hatred for all the other
Living intelligent species of the universe
Deathless, rising from long-forgotten tombs. To reign once more
Immortals of living metal. Eternal ones
Deathless warrior race, mechanized horror
Mysterious robotic skeletons. Undying legions
Deathless warrior race, mechanized horror
Mysterious robotic skeletons. Undying legions
6. Xeno Kaos (3:12)
Bio panzers charging forth. Mechanized hell - Horror
Hatred fire - Vomiting storms. Weaponized gas
Incineration from inside. Pulverized weaklings
Skullfucked and mindraped. Evil is unleashed (none is spared)
Resist is futile. Legions of xeno-kaos engulf the battlefield
Lasers, devouring fire. Madness reigns supreme
Pouring napalm consuming bodies. And souls alike
Piles of skulls towering to the sky. Body parts, a new throne
Shredding Shrapnel, atomic blast. Torn apart is the sky
Legions of xeno-kaos engulf the battlefield. Xeno kaos
Blood's raining, drowning the remnants of the earth
Utter annihilation. Dimensions collide. Pulverized weaklings
Skullfucked and mindraped. Evil is unleashed. Among the stars
7. Realm of the Dead (4:33)
Older than gods. Race of creators - Reptilians. Nearly immortal
Space-faring kind. Ancient engineers - Primordial astronomers
Masters of arcane science
They crossed the sea of stars - Exploiting the immaterium at will
Twisting the once peaceful dimension - Into a violent realm
Realm of chaos. Dark reflection - Of the material universe
The ruinous powers. Horrors of mortals
The greatest of all - Terrific - Sovereins. Overwhelming forces
Overwhelming forces. Eye of terror - Wild open upon realspace
Voracious - Sadistic. Nightmares - Titanic atrocities - Unleashed
8. Human Terminate (2:46)
Bloodlust creatures. Destructors. Fire, sowrds and lasers, missiles
Kaos ex greys. Horror - Brutal. Ego-sized. Bestial
Razors like rain. Infernal laser fire. Enslavement
Hells crush the sky. Swallowers of flesh - Guest hostile
(No use to say a prayer for your godz have no care)
No pray, no scream, no fuckin' godz. Ancestors. Decimators
Bliztkrieg - Stellar overrun. Humans terminate. Cosmic carnage
Earthly last extinction. Your life is dead
9. Infernal Legions Strike A.E. / (ghost track) (13:04)
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