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Ashes of the Reborn | Full Album Lyrics

Ostura - Ashes of the Reborn cover art

Ashes of the Reborn

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > O > Ostura Lyrics (4) > Ashes of the Reborn Lyrics (4)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-24)
1. A Warrior's Tale (4:18)
Walking along that endless road
Filled with nothing but emptiness
Remembering what has been foretold
On my way to slay the lifeless
Gazing through the looking glass
I see a man filled with sins
I hear the sound of my crashing
The countdown to death finally begins
[Chorus: Druid]
Go on, Warrior
The time has come
Raise your sword and shield,
The never-ending quest is sealed
Go on, Warrior
Chasing the sun
May the Gods sing your anthem,
The tales of Victory
The world around me fades away
I must end this misery
The dark covers the light of day
Shades of terror spreading through me
In the mist I see my fate
Ghosts of ancient heroes passed
On the field, I stand alone
The countdown to death finally begins
Never fear to explore the unknown
[Ancestral Spirit]
You have the power within your hands
To turn the water into stone
[Ancestral Spirit]
And the mountains into sand
I shall pray for you, brave warrior
[Ancestral Spirit]
Your sword is blessed
Your shield unbreakable
The Darkness shall be pierced by the light
Forever will your fire be burning
[Chorus] X 2
2. Sword of Erus (6:52)
[Galeron] Tony Ghanem

Never shall I get lost
The light is on my side
As my will gets stronger
A thousand miles I stride

Demon your act of profane blasphemy
Has awaken the anger within me

[Druid] Elia Monsef

We are the future
Take my hand
And wield the mighty sword of omen

[Chorus x2]

[Legion of Men]
One sword to rule them all

Hero I ask you for a sign

[Legion of Men]
Oh Erus hear our call

Make your way to the journey

[Legion of Men]
And preserve the dynasty

Blessed by an immense power
Erus dwells from the nether
The purity of the beholder
Will draw an aura of radiant light
We all shall proudly bow down
When your halo turns into a crown

We are the future
Take my hand
And wield the sword of omen

[Chorus x2]

Demon your act of profane blasphemy
Has awaken the anger within me


We are the future
Take my hand
And wield the mighty sword of Omen


We shall prevail
3. King's Crowning (3:01)
4. Hills of Glory (4:41)
5. Tears of Paradis (3:40)
Tears of Paradise:
[The Oracle]
I have been expecting you in my shrine
I sense that to anarchy you shall consign
Let me reveal your prophecy
For you to reach supremacy
Living with the same thoughts every day
The sound of silence is tearing me apart,
My little ray of hope was taken
I feel tremors within my petrified heart
[The Oracle]
Forget what has already been
Your eyes are glowing crimson red
Revenge will never come with sympathy
Kill the tyrant and to the throne you shall ascend
[Chorus x2: The Oracle]
The tears from Paradise
Filled with sorrow and cold as ice
Are falling to the earth
With the cries of Angels
Tell me the future of this war
[The Oracle]
Carry on forever more
I must persevere until the end
[The Oracle]
Our fate is in your holy hands
Will I be the one save them all
[The Oracle]
Should you concern you'll surely fall
Fear lies in every breath I take
[The Oracle]
Tear down the dark do not forsake
You granted me the will to explore
Soon I will be the savior
Justice and freedom I shall restore
And send the Tyrant back to hell's door
[Chorus x2]
[The Oracle]
You'll preserve the dynasty
6. The Gathering (4:22)
7. Infernal Hymn (5:52)
I see you mighty one you will be vanquished
I am king of war bringer of light
I shall seek the demons within you
[Legion of Men]
The power of the holiest shall transcend
The evilness that hides in the depth of hell
Nocturnal darkness shall come to an end
The new era shall rise with your broken spell
[Chorus: The Oracle & Legion of Men]
Here we come united as one
Guided by the supreme light of heaven
For destiny we shall draw our path
Burning the bridges of the past
Repent now and cease your unholy wrath
Or live this day as it will be your last
I will feast on the flesh of thy Vengeful,
Perish within my hands
And let me taste the blood of the mortals
I can hear their cries
Suffering eternal punishment
May you join them in perdition
I am the tyrant,
Exitabilis ac mortifer saecula saeculorum !
[The Oracle: (Tyrant speaking)]
Lux lucis est pallor
Formidonis est ortus
Obscurum vadum reign illa terra.
Quod EGO mos dominor
Translation: Light is fading, terror is rising, darkness will reign the Earth, and I shall dominate
8. Ashes of the Reborn (9:47)
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