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Thaumiel Full Album Lyrics

Ofermod - Thaumiel cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-08-24)
1. Sisters of Rapture and Pestilence (7:42)
Intoxicate, corrupt, putrefy
with your liscious saliva
my weak flesh
Let fever, pestilence and plague consume
My mortal bones

I suckle the infernal milk from your nipple, o' glorious Putänä
And won't bear Krsna fear but I will gorge on your poison
It is the alchemy of becoming which even gods fear
In demonic communion we share the fluid of eternity - hail to thee o' yätudhäni!

Eat of me, drink of me
You seven sisters of lust and suffering
Drink of my semen so that you may grow it in your wombs
And return it to me in divinity

I'll bear your disease o' Sitala and I'll see it erupt from my skin
As this is the cleansing of my karma
I won't suffer it but I'll burn it at your feet
Because I wander the path of a-dharma and I walk among corpses, skulls and ghosts

I kiss the breasts of your sisters and I caress their skin
They lead me through the mysteries of union, death and communion
I give them my blood and they drip theirs in my thirsty mouth
And my mortality dissolves as dust in the wind of eternity

Eat of me, drink of me
You seven sisters of sensuality and blood
Drink of my semen and mold it in acausal space
And return it to me in divinity

In the depth of your black eyes I change my spirit
As Siva I'll be, and in the pride of my phallus I'll create anew
Through you I transform
My brides, my lovers, my mothers

In dark dreaming and in waking stare
In temples and among the pasu
I consecrate your name

Eat of me, drink of me
You seven sisters of death and creation
Drink of my semen, recreate it in your alchemical cave
And return it to me in divinity
Saptamätykäs, bringers of pleasure and pain
I hail you, my seven mothers
I hail you, my sixteen Yoginis
I hail you, self-beheaded one
2. Black Gate (5:40)
Outer dragons burns...!
till the root of Manipurha
Lightning the neurons of the mind
and... a black hole to provide!

The black gate...
Rooted deep within the ancient mind
bridges of functional-alive tunnel
with the dark side
...Ha Ilan ha Hizon...

The tunnel opening and closing in the blink of an Eye

Oh, adept's eye...
only needs to gaze upon the sign:
For the evoked force to be projected
into the core of being

The black gate...
rooted deep within the ancient mind
bridges of functional-alive tunnel
with the dark side
...Ha Ilan ha Hizon...

Your astral ear outmostly "train"
for to listen when the voice
through the black gate speaks...
For so many secrets of might
lie through... the black gate

Your astral ear outmostly "train"
and listen what the voice has to say:
The great powers of the beast to project
and to follow the draconian path to it's end...
3. Calling of Setnacht: Twofold Triunity (6:33)
I call thee O lord of duality
Three times three and two faces of Daäth
I call thee O murderous unity
Enter me... Khu Ib Shugal!

Terrible are you O lord when descending upon me to feast
Ininitiator and trial alike, inverted perverted diseased
Terrible are you my lord when raging inside of me
yet remoulding the threatening shadow as though you I am reborn to see
and I proudly declare my lord that no creator shall ever be my superior
Proves worthy of thy nightside trial persist I shall
from here on as my own creator and judge alike...

I call thee, god of the dead
Come and reap the rebukers of dying
I call thee... Pert Em Kerh!
Nuk Set, Ur! Setnacht!

Eleven exhausting phases
The full saturnian circle in its woeful becoming...
Remember thy deprivation
and fill thy prophecy with joy
As perverted and strong as the fire burning
In your city of jewels when set aflame... Set aflame"

They say that my eyes have grown tired

Of witnessing watery blood by which I keep cleansing my hands free from sin
Oh joyous lie!

Set... Setnacht! Set... Setnacht!

Come burn this sickness away
Earie flutes and pounding of drums, untuned and disordered, the wellspring of Din
Come typhonic tide!

I am the serpent, uncolled and vital
"Feared for your flesh - HAIL! - whoreman?
These words are more wise to fear than any fleshly deed!"

Lead astray once to sink alone in the desert sand
Aeons of wandering towards a promised land
From his chosen Royal fall to exile
Given a purpose, untangle the web of denial

I call thee, god of the crimson desert
Twofold beast - Phallic womb
Keper-a Keper Keperu - Self begotten again...
Leo-Serpens... Setnacht!!!
4. Undead Moon (5:17)
Who has seen beyond thy countenance?
Caves are bled dry to feed thy moon-like thirst
Initiatrix of a world parted in two

Who dares to enter thy burning womb?
Childless mother of lustful insanity
Speaking in black flame tongues

Your chalice is the anvil of Lucifer's light
Elixir of the undead moon is consumed
Wandering backwards, shadow-walking into your dominion
5. Prayers unto Warped Eternities (5:15)
From the edge where the fool dances
Lies the womb of the dragon
The throne that manifests the void
The gate to a brand new dawn
The star between Satan and Molok
The eye between the horned serpent
In the horizon a black diamond beckons
As the Crown of gods

Ama O Ama
Hear your Children call
Ama O Ama
Chants like thunder roar


Quintessence in the midst of a world at war
Ever influence the thought with the thoughtless light
Swimming onwards in the tide of atlantis
To sustain the Power of the column now raised
And the seal with a womb-crowned with horns
Gathers strength to thrust through Paroketh
Sun of Samael and Eiseth Zenunim
Intertwined with and rising as Ra
6. Chôshekh Ên Sôf (6:05)
Reaching again the Chôshekh ên sôf
the primordial roots of pre-creation
Dark is my soul
Hidden my light
Boundless my might
Oceans of chaos flow from my eye

Frog-headed, serpent-headed are they
In the Nwn Before the shadows born were they
Beyond the gate of the twins
Kissed by the cold lonely star
Feeding on the blood the world-soul
the Uraeus of my third eye turns to Apep
The highest act of vampirism
my eye has turned into Apep
Negating the emanations of the "father of all"
inverting the process that once gave me Life
Destroying the world of the speaker
bathing in the well of life beyond life

Reaching the depths of Chôshekh ên sôf
my soul is branded by the powers of the eight
The Crown split in half
Two left hands grasping the scepter
wielding the fail of kingship

I plant my seed in Tehôm
my fist is Apep
I plant my seed in Tehôm
my fist is Setesh

The Waters are rising
like the serpent did Before
The Waters are sising
like Tannin did Before

Ruach Moloch ve Ruach ha-Shatan
A twin fire within me, twisting in coils I drink Apepian wine

I drink of the deep
My seed in my hand
I drink of the void
And the void drinks me
And I plant my seed in Tehôm

The darkness in my soul
will never be what you think it will be
The veils beyond this world
your mind will never be able to see

From my right hand
the nightforest
From my left hand
the desert... the dunes...
7. Chained to Redemption (6:09)
Glory... endless is my holy pride,
Yet trapped in madness and misery divine...
So strongly chained to evil!

I am blessed with the curse of sight...
And my eyes bleed!
For they are indeed impaled by a strong light
...of sinful joy!

This revelation, this curse...
It has killed me... a thousand times!
A divine circle of death and rebirth...
To malform the son of a whore!

I feel the touch and it’s mystery
Behold, it has made me holy in my quest
...and I am evil, thus wounded...
and driven to spit at your sins!

Memories, reminders... Mystérion!
Total submission of my divinity...
Denial of the flesh, denial of the cunt...
I am the cold seed of the dragon!

...And with overwhelming pride
I fall unto my knees
To banish all that i have gained from life...
For I am but a slave!

I have the age and pride of a god
Nevertheless, I am but a slave!
Endlessly tortured with salvation...
Forever chained!
8. Via Noctis: Veil of Gargophias (5:04)
Destruction, seed of creation
the ladder of the abyss to the abode of the seven stars
Tehôm, mother and soil of above and below
Her scale is the mirror of illumination

Fire and ice united, sublimated
Destroyed and transcended
On the crossroads of Hecate, in the void of the moon
Under the wings of Abaddon, in the light of the lotus...

The mighty devil is standing on the bridge
O' Choronzon, bring us the key, tell us the password
Whisper the riddle of the threshold

Dark is the path, Bright is the star
I lift the veil of Gargophias
I'm consumed by the fire
from the emerald womb of the priestess

I see, I hear Ereshkigal, Hel, Hades and Lucifer
O angel of the abyss, bring us the key, tell us the password
Whisper the riddle of the threshold

Amon is born out of the egg
Born as his own creation
The bird fights it's way out of the egg
Who will be born must first destroy a world

Let me in on the Via Noctis
The day when the crooked is straight
When times is no more
And the abyss of nothingness is shining
with adamantine light
from the triad of becoming:
Satariel, Ghagiel, Thaumiel

The mighty devil is standing on the bridge
O'Choronzon, bring us the key, tell us the password
Whisper the riddle of the threshold

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