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New Breed of an Uncurable Disease Lyrics

Obsolete Incarnation - New Breed of an Uncurable Disease cover art

New Breed of an Uncurable Disease

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBrutal Death Metal
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-01)
1. Bloodshed in Progress (3:22)

from all this bloodshed, I am starting to lose my mind.
Where time stands still, there are these creatures hunting you.
They are hungry for your blood, your intestines where it pulsates formally.
In the sphere where time is torn and where worlds are shifting.
It drags you fast, the arm claws, cutting through the atom.
An anomaly sucks you in, what happens to the decay of your life.

The Black Nothing flashes, just a short glare.
I feel hardly anything in my lungs, a gentle smoke comes over my lungs.

The air flows into the groaning bowels.
My stomach cramping and aching, I puke gray chunks.
The bloodshed has grabbed me.
Has torn me in the noise of that moment.

The agony is urging me to kill a very old provision in our soul.
A determination is easy to follow once you have found it.
I was chosen to judge from that flesh and the lust.
The smell of sin rises in my furry nose, I have to hunt.

The bloodshed has begun.
My mind is free from the dishonor of life.
I free my monster from the leash and it rages through the ranks of the faithful hollows
2. Disatrous Massacre (3:42)
The meat which our shell surrounds tears when you hurt it.
The fingernail cuts a fine line between the particles.
A gap reached its perfect beauty.
The bones that support our case break when you bend them.
My pleasure is served with your rough skin.

Indirectly, I put my hand in position.
I’m starting to like it, when your breath wanders through my ear.
I want more.
Cold and felt a twitch, my blade catches your skin.

My thoughts are cold and somewhat disturbing, but do not worry, my love!
Your dead body I'll patterns accurately and refine.
The night is cold and long, so I have enough time for you ... the others are waiting.
My little toy, you'll be a fucking bitch.

The blood in your veins, I will make it a work of art.
Do you hear my voice?
They can`t hear you?
Everyone who has heard it is dead, slashed, dismembered!
Listen to me only while I gather your intestines.
Listen to me while I pull off your skin.
I smell your dirty piss!

My little artifact
I'm probably abnormal
A web of arteries
I`m caught in it
So now you can all see my disastrous massacre.

For me it’s enough to feel you.
3. Confessions (4:06)
Confessions, I have nothing to confess, I will not regret.
Condemned, I’m mendacious if I had not enjoyed
This has to become my routine.

Every single fuck, yes I didn`t let you go.
You were mine, my dear. Complain, numb ears, I guess.

Holding your breath will make this progress even longer for you.
Haven is a place,
where these bubbles flood up.
My wrist went too dry,
So i push a little bit.

This hair making a dark bloom, sprinkled from a little shower.
The hot air is foglike.
I hear your muffled scream.
These Eyes are getting white my the black hole enlarges

After you close your eyes, I see the beauty inside.
The room feels empty but your body is here.
Feelings hinder the weak, in my endlessness matures my imagination.
The parallels of this disturbance branch out my cravings.

I felt nothing, the moment past, your soul crumbled into pieces.
Being your last image
from this moment
there will be no recovery
Hear my voice and taste from my finger, this will be your last taste.
I devour your fear, I swallow your heart, it gives me a new life.

My bloodlust is over, the confession is done, now I can be reborn and stretch my arms around your dried corpses.

You beautiful empty vessels, you have done well to pleasure my veins with new Life.

If heaven delivers us more lies, we will answer with more corpses!
4. Demon (3:51)
For those who are seeking the truth,
I can definitively say, I am not some kind of lie.
I exist and you all know what belongs to me.
Greatness awaits, abysses promised, get quarantine.

Here, lying down at that sacred endless hole, I feel no cold.
With these skeleton crowns, the coffins of bones are desperate attempts to keep my soul calm.
I am here, waiting for that foolish foe.
Knowing that I will pull off your skin and wear it as a reflection of humanity.
Pity enough, your screams will make me to laugh.

A realm of pain is what all your pathetic minds create, believe me I will drag you to a place where pain is the only thing that you can feel.
Disfigured bodies, disfigured men and my special ladies.
Here is the path of decapitated heads where I lead you to.
On its end my empire of flesh and blood awaits your Body.
Sacrifice it, and your soul will pleasure my duties.
To slay your own blood, that will drive you mad.

I will wait until my time has come, search for this tomb and set free your doom...
I am not forgotten, the fear in your hearts, remember me. I am the Shadow behind your neck that slices your throat, I am the hand that holds your bleeding head and I am the creature that rapes your bleeding cunt.
5. Ressurection (4:12)
A light that blinds me and burns my face.
I reach out with my hand to the end.
Longingly I touch the cold proof of my faith, there can be no contradiction anymore!
In seconds my bones are broken, and my body becomes the fulfillment of a wish!
The ribbon is cut and only darkness reigns over me.
There is no, my arrow will sever your believing minds!
Two halves weigh in the balance, drops from the overflowing bowl allow the new seeds to grow.
Like a prophecy you see only the plague come upon you.
What used to be forbidden becomes duty.
Plaintive condolences and pale lips, sleeping blades are awakened!

Lies, blood, lust and revenge!
A scarlet red lord reigns over you, with a perpetual grin, he judges all from his tower.
Grace will only prolong your suffering.
For this, I was born, and I am spreading myself out.
The body of mine lies behind me and rots!
I am the first, and many more will worship my offspring.

This is my resurrection!
6. Free Will Is Crying Out for Variety (2:52)
Fuck all those things you have taught me.
I will enjoy it with caution, when I rip you all open!
The red rain will nourish me
and the table is already set!
Which way do I have to pave, so that you understand that I am not sick!
Some turns you will not understand, but my desire for white eyes is unstoppable!
It means that it is too late, but only a little time remains for me for the memorial.

Quiet scream louder at a time and distort in the darkness of the slaughter house!
My finger will touch you, you still twitch for redemption!

I'll give you everything after I have learnt it!

He who I carry into my world will not be found again,
that is all just your fault your fault!
I'm just a monster that was created, and now it awakes from a dream of isolation.
Powerless winds the last term after the game that is called survival!
In my delusion, I poison the air with my laughter!
You'll hear it all, and our silent victim will lean against the wall and weep...

You'll understand it all, nobody wants to see it, everyone will hear about it!
Ye shall cast it out, no one will understand it, all will report of this!
You will adore it, no one will oppose, all will feed on it!
Such things cannot be stopped, because this message will be bloody and unique
...you will witness my conviction!
7. Familiarity Creates Blood (4:07)
In the last times I carried you full of blood and tears over the threshold!
I grew sick at the thought of hurting you.
I have no memory of you lying there..
Your mouth was an open confession of my suffering.
Even in this moment of my restraint I saw only a black image.
I love you but I need something else.
My breathing slows and I become quiet, but deep inside, an urge ... I need this outbreak of violence ...
My fingers become a fist, and I want to devour someone.
I have it all under control ...I don't need any help.

One door closes, and the lock will not open.
From now on there will be no stopping it anymore ...
My mind switched off, I become a shadow of myself.
Regardless, I will let out all my frustration, hatred, discontent on you.
Crying cannot help you, I grab you by the throat and wring your beautiful neck.
The air only comes through a thin slit in your lips.
Veins burst in your eyes, and I look so deep inside of you that I see nothing familiar.
Everything goes blank ...
I let you fall to the ground, unconscious, and I can still see your disbelief at the first touch.
It is I who should be lying there ... I no longer sense your heartbeat ...
There is no hour glass that I could turn back.
For me, there is no here and now without you.
Like a phoenix, with redeeming flames, I let us rise again in eternity ...
Let us forget everything, forgive me ... I'm a murderer.
8. Fading Light (3:30)
Red head looks at the ground.
A small nail is still in the neck.
Industrious axe swings through the room.
For many things, no time remains.
Troubled, the day passes into night without sense.
Red fingers pointing to the ground.
Blossoming roses grow from the skin.
My beloved friend, now you are immortal?

Under a sky with a dimmed star, our story remains hidden.
A promise I never gave you, only one consequence which I now regret.

Broken neck bends unpleasantly.
Sharp splinters cut my flesh.
Industrious axe swings through the room.
For everything, there would have been a time.
Troubled, the day passes into the night without guilt.
Red fingers point to the truth.
Blossoming roses grow from the skin.
My dear friend, will you stay here now?

Under a sky with a dimmed star, our story remains hidden.
A promise I never gave you, only one consequence which I now regret.

When this night is over, your lover's soul slips quietly into nothing.
What do I have left to think about, your soft touch
9. Beheading the Desecrator (3:09)
The Sin should never be outspoken
The only rule I made
Break the cycle of illusion, something you will regret
The Sin should never guide you, shower in the Rain.

I'm hurt, so deeply hurt. My
Holy Grail was soiled, defiled to the bone.
Bewilderment and numbness, at the moment.
The moment fills me with sadness, the anger comes later. Probably.
You shall be beheaded, I will scarify your fucking throat with a blunt knife.
Crying, suffering, you shall repent it.
A memorial for generations of Bastards, so I'll drape your body high up in the sky to be seen everyone, and no one will ever dare more to touch my grail.
I peel your skin from your head, your beauty is fleeting, just like your eyes.

Beheading the desecrator, sever your head, the upper heights heal us, fill the land with starving light.my faith will grow trough your blood, your sacrifice .

The mistake may have been made, but there are mistakes that can be corrected.
Maybe my pain will subside, but as long as you're going to suffer, my friend.
You will wish it would be over quickly, but as long as I stand in front of you, you will suffer.
No justice in the world is more just than the vigilante justice.
The blade is slowly becoming a part of your spine, unfortunately it is very unstable.
With your trophy in my hands I edify the memorial.
No one shall soil my grail anymore.
10. On a Single Tendon (3:25)
my little angel, scream as loud as it goes, now I have your vocal cords.
Wine my little angel cry, as much as you can, soon your eyeballs will fill my glass container.
Just keep your mouth shut.

Your tender face, you do not like it when my finger touches your face?
Is the cold steel so uncomfortable on your cheek?
The day stretches out for you until eternity.
But unfortunately you have to stay, you're not my only pleasure, bitch.

Are you trying to move your legs?
It is probably a good thing that just in case your starting to miss your legs I hang them just in front of you on my meat hook. .
Do you miss them, why?

I wash my hands and look in the mirror.
My hair I shaved, your blood is only scattered on my cheek.
I drive with my hand across my cheek, smear it.
Sweet, full of iron, slightly bitter, I am beginning to tremble.
I have to relieve myself of this opportunity does not come very often.
The climax comes to early.

For this defect there is an explanation, but I see things not just as your.
I will only marginally excited when I see you. .
When I touch your skin and slowly push it ... and become one with the metal.. then I become one with the moment ...

The memory of you, secretly stored.
The fridge for your bones is dark.
This place is sacred and only serves me.
My satisfaction ... my passion is what others might not understand.
Without this relief, I would burst and we
would go crazy.
11. Stalker (3:49)
I see you every day,
your beautiful face
Your perfect skin, I'm thinking about having you by my side.
That will never happen ... I need you.
No one should have you, if I do not deserve you, nobody else should have you!
I walk out of sheer greed every day to a place where you are drawn!
Incredibly perfect ...

Finally, I'm here.
Alone and without you, I follow you.
You always run in front of me and I love you.
You shall not leave me, I must keep you.
Otherwise, I have to force you to stay.

Nothing makes more sense to me, I live to own you.
At some point you will be with me, I dream of it.
My life makes no sense without you, you will see.

There's nothing I can do, I must have you.

Finally, I got you, now your neck lays in my hands.
Finally, I can touch you, your head falls back and lies at my feet.
I am beginning to understand that you'll stay with me forever.
I cut you up and will be in you, something I have wanted.
Your legs twitch with joy, you are mine.
Bloody and happy are you looking at me with your empty eyes, I love you!
With my fingers, I draw a smile on your face!
In plastic and cut up, I force you into my world
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