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Obliterate Full Album Lyrics

Nocturnized - Obliterate cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2016-09-16)
1. Endless Hypnotic Dreams (2:46)

(Music, Lyrics: Hades)

*All Vocals: Hades

Mayhem- The masses bleed

Carnage- 'Pon the ones who believed

Darkness- Blinding eyes who deceived

Death- Grabs my soul in a glimpse


The world bound to collapse

Inside my mind,

A vision of a burning sky

Entering deep

Into hypnotic dreams

A vision so cold

A picture of a thousand deaths

Among the putrid pile of corpses

A shadowy figure- Kneeling

His eyes flowing tears of sorrow

In agony his lies transpire

Cursed for his crucifix empire

Inside his heart he burns

Still deep

In my recurring dream

The vision still cold

Are my senses leaving me?

Far away from the sun

Darkness enslaving me

Endless recurring dreams

Haunting my soul til my death...
2. Nefarious Sacrament (2:59)

(Music: Hades, Lyrics: Abominathor)

*All Vocals: Abominathor

Walk the path

Of secrecy

Aura of malice

Unspoken fear

Dormant beast

Unspeakable terror

Malignant souls

Evil spirit

The Devil's hold

Fiery pits

In cold embrace

Forever damned

This dark place

In Satan's helm


Of carnal pleasures

Malignant souls

Evil spirit

The Devil's hold

Fiery pits

In cold embrace

Forever damned

This dark place

In Satan's helm

Submit thyself

To eternal paradise

Betraying death

Reborn and arise
3. Chaos Deliverance (2:53)

(Music, Lyrics: Hades)

*All Vocals: Hades

From the crust, of the world beyond,

Horrid wretched beasts of Hades

Arrived upon the holy land

Promised to unleash chaos

Prey upon, the holy men of gods

Executing pain upon you

Divine and pure, erased to nothingness

Fucking human race, shall perish

Enter into the blazing fire

Ignite, thy flaming desire

To kill....

Destroy their minds, destroy their faiths

Stab into their hearts- No Mercy

Set fire upon, their holy graves

Apocalyptic beasts of Hades
4. Religion of Extermination (2:28)

(Music, Lyrics: Hades)

*All vocals: Hades

From the land of the rising sun

Declaring as the son of god

Taking upon, sins of the world

Doomsday prophecy foretold

Vision of a nuclear armageddon

A dream of the final world war

Just like Christ he had apostles

Divine Spiritual Powers

Enlightening to save the human race

A shrine where the cult congregrate

With a mission to exterminate

The cult of doom rise to empower

To overthrow other weak religious empire

The Emperor commands his desires

To rule for the better of this world

Sarin Gas Attack

Murdering the Anti-Cult

Religion of Extermination

Lamb of god- He once claimed to be

He's just another human waste

He'd fail... He'll fall... He'll die.....
5. Resurrection (3:02)

(Music, Lyrics: Hades)

*All Vocals: Abominathor

Timeless through infinity

Had long they await

Adorned in black

In land of mortals

Unbless my heart

as the devils congregate

Stars gleam

In the blackest clandestine..

Glimmer of hope

hangs by a thread

Souls of the mortals

fading through the night

As I read

the scriptures of abominations

Perversing prayers

under the moonlight

First and foremost

the principle of mandate

Conceive in significance

Dark angels adore the book of sin

Divine faith to invoke

The Dajjal...

His birth will destroy the holy

His birth shall destroy religion

Enter the eternal realm

A land of timeless death..

Glimmer of hope

hangs by a thread

The Antichrist bludgeoned

the faith of mankind
6. Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath cover) (4:08)

(Music, Lyrics: Black Sabbath)

(Vocals: A)

Reflex in the sky

Warn you you're gonna die

Storm coming, you better hide

From the atomic tide

(Vocals: H)

Flashes in the sky

Turns houses into sties

Turns people into clay

Radiation minds decay

(Vocals: A)

Robot minds of robot slaves

Lead men to atomic graves

Plastic flowers melt in sun

Fading moon falls upon

(Vocals: H)

Dying world of radiation

Victims of mad frustration

Burning glow of obscene fire

Like electric funeral pyre

(Vocals: A)

Buildings crashing down

To Earth's cracking ground

Rivers turn to wood

Eyes melt into blood

(Vocals: H)

Earth lies in death bed

Clouds cry for the dead

Terrifying rain

Ease the burning pain

Electric Funeral

Electric Funeral

Electric Funeral

Electric Funeral

Electric Funeral- NOCTURNIZED!!!

(Vocals: A)

And so in the sky

Shines the electric eye

Supernatural king

Takes Earth under his wing

(Vocals: H)

Heaven's golden chorus sings

Hell's angels flap their wings

Evil souls fall to Hell

Ever trapped in burning cells!
7. The King of Fierce Countenance (4:29)

(Music: Hades, Lyrics: Abominathor)

*All Vocals: Abominathor

Opposed to the righteous ideals

Intent to the grim ordeal

The sword he shields

Ready to strike at will

Behold the Antichrist

Suffering and demise

Damned in black

Eternally unlight

Carnivorous attack

Demonic might

He walks among many

The mark of the Devil he carry

Infecting them with doubt

Stripping faith men cant live without

Enter the Antichrist

The father of lies


Of the sacred

The dawn

Of the ruin

Conjure the Antichrist

The savior arise

Master of chaos

A wicked cause

The wrath of Faust

A paradise lost

Embrace the Antichrist

The end is nigh
8. Scriptures of Destruction (2:39)

(Music: Hades, Lyrics: Abominathor)

(Vocals: A)

Blitzkrieg fury, roaring thunder

Devastating eruption, unholy fire

Iron and blood, invoking storm of hate

Calamitous attack, infiltrate!

(Vocals: H)

Barbaric assault, atomic invasion

Blasphemous cause, unholy devastation

Victimized enslaved, raw necro torment

Exterminate with sheer hellbent

Annihilation of the weak

On thy knees thou shalt worship me

Shattered souls, raining blood

The holy and the meek, fucked hard

Scriptures of destruction, cruelly summoned

Heed the call of this grim sermon

(Vocals: A)

Artillery assault, divine extermination

Undisputed command, extreme execration

(Vocals: H)

Steel and torture, 'pon your ultimate demise

Doom tyranny, adversity arise

Annihilation of the weak

On thy knees thou shalt worship me
9. Sandstorm Barbarian (2:39)

(Music, Lyrics: Hades)

*All Vocals: Hades

If god is so merciful

What good has he done to create you?

Enter into a world of deceit

Wisdom of carnageous belief

Battle for the words of god

Blasphemous desires, are your thoughts run by Satan?

Fighting for your faith or for mankind's destruction?

Destroy the masses, brings the world to demise

Sandstorm Barbarian, cast the world with Fear

Sandstorm Barbarian, are you a saint, or are you a sinner?

Sandstorm Barbarian are you with god, or with Satan?

Sandstorm Barbarian, is your existence an illusion?

Worship this war and violence

Creation of mankind's corruption

Escalate the passion for hate

Spreading like infectious disease

Dark skies are growing closer- Global Chaos

Death embraced the Sandstorm Barbarian

Despite his will to serve the lord

His journey ends in Hellfire
10. False Paradise (2:54)

(Music, Lyrics: Hades)

*All Vocals: Hades

Believe the promise of a paradise after life?

They're nothing but lies

Cleanse your sins o' men of gods!

Devote your life to the book of lies

Tempting tales of a false paradise

Leading you to a false style of life

Deny the faith, it's not your fate

No eternal paradise

Its for the weak, not for the brave

Its a false paradise
11. Raise the Dead (Bathory cover) (3:02)

(Music, Lyrics: Bathory)

(Vocals: H)

Dust to dust

I gasp for air

I scream for sight

and fight against

torment and dread

Calling the vengeance

I tear at the lid

and promise to raise

from the dead

Raise the dead

(Vocals: A)

Black witch of beauty

all hell's necromancers

give me the powers of hell

Mistress of curse

reapers and vultures

Demons stand up

and chime the bell

Raise the dead

H: "Calling the Infernal Legion of Hades, and we shall rise!"

(Vocals: H)

Suddenly powers comes

from within

Muscles and mind are

filled with wrath

I burst out in frenzy

powers of hell

and break up the

tomb and the dark

Raise the dead
12. Apocalyptic Overtures (4:05)

(Music: Hades, Lyrics: Abominathor)

*All Vocals: Hades

Darkening skies and hollow graves

Dismembered bodies souls enslaved

Dissected limbs scattered the land

Fate of mankind lies in the devil's hand

The stench of burning flesh

Disintegrated bones turn to ash

Drowning in the sea of blood

Orderly existence torn apart

Mocking God's creation

Bringing hell to earth

The lust for complete destruction

Anathema and devilry rebirth

The quest for total annihilation

Stripping away their allegiance

The demise of hope and prayer

Divinity burn in hell's fire

As the skies gather strength

Storm of eradication brewing

Demons on hellbent

Apocalyptic overtures of suffering

The calling for desecration

Shredding away their obedience

The end of the virtuous

Affliction in diabolical curse
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