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Fornjot Full Album Lyrics

Mammoth Storm - Fornjot cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresStoner Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-08-31)
1. Augurs Echo (11:19)
Flocks are moving
Away from trodden lands
Where the ice is growing
On the mountain side

Empty furrows
From which the waters fled
To leave the ground
On the fields below

Where the sky begins
A giant shadow rises
Towards the greatest light
Swallows it all!

At the highest altar
Let the writer speak
Dissipate the threat
The stars are eaten!

We are the children
Of a dying sun
By gods forsaken
Let the days return!

Let the drum be touched
Let the signs be read
Let sacrifices bleed
Let the writer speak!

Who will end the fall?
Who will heal the circle?
Who will save the source?
From where all
Things are shown

Who will end the night?
Who will heal the circle?
Who will open up the eye?
And bring back the light?
2. Vultures Prey
The herd is marching
Towards unknown lands
Through the desolate tundra
Through a wasted land

The herd is marching
The strong before the weak
Beneath the raging skies
A rebirth to reach

Seen through the eyes of the raven
Circling vultures prey

The herd keeps marching
Through raging winds
The weak keeps falling
Vultures prey

The herd keeps marching
Through Mammoth Storms
Raging blizzards
All shall fall

Seen through the eyes of the raven
Circling vultures prey
3. Sumerian Cry
4. Fornjot
A sea of ice
A wind of fire

A void between
Where life expire

No sand, no ocean
No waves to travel

No earth, no grass
No sky to reach

The ice rose high
In the freezing cold

The flames burned bright
As in visions told

A mist emerge
And life were born

A scream unheard
From where giants mourn

Come forth again
With dreadful rage
And knowledge lost
Of the giants age

Bring us the strength
From the void within
Of aeons old
Of the burning
Of the burning cold
5. Horns of Jura
Hopeless fear
In virgin eyes
Gazing at the sky

Pure shining skin
In moonlight sheen
Soft and unstained
By man

Shivers fondles
The naked skin
Cold are the hands of death
Cold tears down
Pale white chins
Like an ever flowing stream

Dancing fires
Blinds the eyes
As the gods
Will claim their life

Chanting voices
Ecstatic screams
Prayers to the gods above

Circle of trance
Horns of Jura
(Dancing cloaks)
Frenzy cries
From a life soon lost
As the blade rises high
Shell play tribute
To the gods

The fire's rising
Enlights the sky
Masked jackals
Frenzy cries

Dancing shadows
Sweeping by
Bring forth the
Blade of sacrifice

Eager eyes awaits
The blade will rise
Flesh for the gods

Eager eyes awaits
The blade will rise
Flesh for the gods
6. Hekla
Melancholy cries
Piercing wines
From the bottomless
Dark abyss

Echoing sound
Of fearful howling
Gnashing teeth
Weeping voices
From deep within

Fearsome screams
Of tormented souls
From the fires of hell below

Earthly mother
Open your mouth!

Unleash your fires where
There worms dieth not!

Angels fall from heaven
Into the fiery pits
Brimstone fires
Swallow the sinners

Furnace of hell
Burning souls
Open the seventh
Gate to hell

Mountain of Hekla
Reaching towards
Smiling heavens
Raged with storms

Frenzy Mother
Scorch the earth
Cleanse the delusions
Close the gate!
7. Ancient Apocalypse
Raging blizzards
Razors falling
From the sky
Dark polar
Winter storms

The sun will rise
No more

Crawling walls
Of pellucid death

Dark-lit sky
Massive winds

Mammoth Storm

Into the mouth
Of permafrost
Slow death
Trapped in a coffin
Of ice

Buried, trapped

Rising mountains
Of white death

Under siege
Permafrost seeks its prey
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