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Merciless Conquest Full Album Lyrics

Mörbid Carnage - Merciless Conquest cover art

Merciless Conquest

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
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Lyrics > M > Mörbid Carnage Lyrics (20) > Merciless Conquest Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-01-26)
1. Beyond the Grace of God (6:02)
Army of hell seekin' out the priests
Impale them on horns, on demonic fists
Destroy the golden catholic chalice
Ten Commandments cannot receive

Children crying in the dark night
Bloody tears flow from empty eyes
Innocent young souls, so many lies
Reverend slaves of fuckin' Christ

Castrate the resident, Vatican in flames
Lead us to the catacombs, to chapels of faith
Infernal storm brings deadly acid rains
We worship the great Lord, beast of gateways

Beyond the grace of god
Apocalyptic false trust
Between ashes and dust
You must deny the holy slut

Crucify them all
Between ashes and dust
Crucify them all
Beyond the grace of god

Never/ending fire, fear is what you feel
Ready for the genocide, down on your knees
Horny soldiers come, ceremonial chant begins
And unholy ghosts will come with me

Armored assassins will curse all believers
We'll destroy your gospel to reign in hell
Storms of terror forbid rebirth
Unholy army would like to see you dead

See you dead!!!
2. Werewolf Legions (3:03)
Rising sun on last day on Earth
Profane storms of gathering curse
Black shining lights of final decay
Opened crypts with human remains

Growing up from seeds of hate
Leathal scream roars far away
Wake up from the vacant grave
Under the moonshine born to preavail

Werewolf legions
Demonic brigade
Dark clouds over
Human remains
Infernal poison
Run in our veins
Sodomized lambs
Lucifer reigns

Grand march of intolerance
None survive the violence
Spillin' your christian blood
Evil army will never stop

So many dies and more will follow
We don't care your fuckin sorrow
Reborn from the deadly Unknown
werewolves waits your final hour
3. Triumph of Evil (4:29)
Blood of the victims infest the streets
Cold winds of the nuke everyone feels
Lethal weapons breaking through to ashes
Keep smell the stench of burning bodies

Urns and chalices full of blood
Arising flags of the underground
Waiting the day of Lucifer's rebirth
Today rise the evil to planet Earth

Triumph of Evil - diggin' the graves
Triumph of Evil - spitting to your face
Triumph of Evil - can't hear the preys
Triumph of Evil - desecrate your faith

Ashes of victims flying in the air
Dreadfull hours, disgusting stench
Endless suffering, full of anger
Awaiting the coven with servants

Flaming sword, scorching this world
Burning blade, the curse of all evil
Flaming sword, cut your flesh
Burning blade, bringing your death

Goat of the destroy, counting the corpses
Lord of destruction, call to hunting
Follow the stench of pain and death
Find your lifeless body deep in Hell
4. LambBloodBath (3:00)
Whirlwinds coming from afar
Holy churches to fall apart
When the cold winds blow
You can hear the sound of saw

Fear from this deadly noise
To devour all scared souls
Dread about the morbid voice
Ten commandments to be false

Welcome to my slaughterhouse
At bloodbath of the lambs
Welcome to my slaughterhouse
At the fall of all humans


Bone for a bone it's crucified on walls
Eye for an eye, crush the fuckin' lies
Bone for a bone it's crucifier storm
Eye for an eye, under opened sky

Concrete walls painted with blood
Damned souls are denied by God
Your suffering made by your faith
Sinful bones burned by the flames

Welcome to my slaughterhouse
At bloodbath of the lambs
Welcome to my slaughterhouse
At the fall of all humans
5. Turn the Crosses Down (3:02)
Inhale the stench of decay
The only truth is death
Between human remains
Supreme merciless conquest

Walking in the realm of death
Speaking with the whores of Hell
Singing the hymns of darkness
Unholy taste of burning flesh

Rape or be raped
Living to desecrate
Kill or be killed
Worship Him eternal

Deny the holy book of lies
Spit on the face of fuckin' Christ
Vultures eating his rotten eyes
All hail to the goddess of blast

Feel the nuclear plague
No one survives the final days
We are here to celebrate
To kill and to prevail

Rape or be raped
Living to desecrate
Kill or be killed
Worship Him eternal

Turn the crosses down
Suffering in world of hate
Turn the crosses down
Beginning of human fate


Let'em know we're here
Let'em begin to fear
Let'em know we reign
Let'em suffocate in pain
6. Far Away from Heaven (4:08)
Redeemer lost his endless power
We'll break out through the fire
Force of darkness shall be higher
Kill the Lord of rotten empire

You must never trust in peace
In coming age of final decease
False doctrines of the priest
We don't need this poisoned shit

Under the sign of the black goat
On the doomsday we have to go
Under the sign of the black goat
This is final neverending walk

far away from heaven
in a solitary desert
under black wings
another deadly sins

Castaway souls burn in flames
Entering through giant gates
When malicious angels falls
Falls without wings...

Far away from Heaven...
7. Vengeance of Ghouls (5:26)
Can you hear the thunder
Sky is full of clouds
Can you see the nightmare
With morbid hellish sounds

The ghouls are back
Back from the graves
Rotting arms on your neck
Lost souls of waste

Opening the gates of crypts
Ressurection what we need
Dark times of rising fists
Time of ghouls is here

Vengeance of ghouls
Robbering the human souls
Vengeance of ghouls
Blood stream from the mouth

Feel the endless sorrow
Undeads wait at other side
Know there's no tomorrow
Stench of death devours your life

Heaven filled with blood
Lifeless bodies on the ground
No one can survive...

Rape the souls
Rape the souls
Till everyone
to be a ghoul

Vengeance of Ghouls

Rape the souls
Rape the souls
Till everyone
to be a ghoul
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