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Arcane Divisions Full Album Lyrics

Legionary - Arcane Divisions cover art

Arcane Divisions

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-03-26)
1. Cursed Existence (3:54)
They Failed
They failed to keep the decrepit down below

Others berated their creation
Their lives, obsolete
Alliance unexpected; revolting, they're diseased
Unveiling soon to come
They'll make the others see
Those cursed reveal a life, opposing the banal

Welcome to their world

Cursed Existence - They are forced to live
Accepting their deformities, they intrigue to kill

Herds of unstable, lash out for blood
Adoration for the violence; they feel superior
Now those who have received pity, belittlement
Are shaping whats to be
Cursed will unite at dawn

Cursed Existence (x4)
2. Deceiver (4:22)
Obsessed with his own life
Arrogance and greed
Eternal extension
by signing forth this deed
Preconceived impulsive plan
Paranormal injection

Time is of the essence; now pressing
Symptoms now too countless to contain
Fed more lies. Oblivious, naive
Appalling consequences now await

Time lapse has been months
Youthful feelings fold
Seeking response
Procedure is disclosed
Experiment not quite achieved
Abrupt results to sustain

Suddenly, he fathoms in his mind
Body still at whole, but not alive
Numb is not the case; full frontal pain
Unconscious fully conscious; can't be saved


He Feels
No Response
Mind Toils

His body lie there dormant. Mind still not at ease
He’s waiting for cessation
No eternal sleep (3x)

Damned To Dream Awake (x2)
3. Unfriendly Fire (2:45)
A fellow soldier has betrayed them
His own decree
Entire unit had been swept, Demolished
The wretched sights of war
had called forth the summoning
Friendly betrayal using shock and awe

Brothers among the slain
Nothing to save but disintegrated remains
Desecrated, innocent prey
Confident; destroyed everything
Leaving behind but one to survive

Cold, but living, fighting still
Defending useless will
He fired on the one afar, at helm of all the doom

Findings, abhorrent, a scene so unrealistic
Survivor, Malefactor, Condemned, accused sadistic
Medals of Honor, rewarded to the fallen
Honored betrayal, murder beyond fratricide

Death at homage,
compassion for what killed their loved ones
Innocent men
Taken by unfriendly fire (x2)
4. Questions Left Unanswered (4:25)
This fragile man remains to all a mystery
He's dressed in black and spends his time with the deceased
Funerals, unoccupied he will attend
Mesmerized, with questions left inside his head

Inside his head, he speculates their lives
Attempts to bond
and form a correlation with the gone
Believes inside that he provides tranquility
for those who died
He feels he helps them rest in peace

Obituary; Looks for those with least to read
Retains the page; Craving answers anxiously

From wakes to dirt; Cremations furthermore
He keeps the urns; spreading ashes in the sea
Donations made, headstones are engraved
Their burials: done properly he undertakes

Who were they really?
Still unsure exactly what's become of them
What happened to them?
Why has no one come to pray and mourn for them?

Remembering the Unknown

Deep concern for the dead
Curious, enchanted

Stories untold
Further he roamed
Engraving his stone
Dying alone
Further... He roamed
Dying... Alone

This fragile man, still remains a mystery
Still dressed in black; but finally he sleeps
But not alone; An old man by his side
to say goodbye
A man with questions about his life
5. Absolute Supremacy (5:12)
New development: Objective, testing the weak
New race is made
a growing classified conspiracy
Subjects betrayed. Their minds constrained, now enslaved
Frightened by the thought of all the possibilities

Luring the mass using vicious ambition
They advertise by ways of public appeal
Everyday tasks becoming possible reason
For changing these people into something to fear

They Live. Absolute Supremacy (2x)

a breeding catastrophe
Errors were made, the victims no longer slaves
Telepathic and stronger mental senses
Converting useless lives into their own eternity

Draining all lives while controlling all minds
Superior kind
all existence surreal (2x)

With blank expression
They're driven to obtain
Human extermination
Our world is their domain
A spreading defect is infecting every day
A nation divided
those behind sucked dry and left for dead

They Live Among
Absolute Supremacy (2x)
6. Awakening Reprisal (5:18)
Explorers so insolent; searching for the spoken graves
Stumbling accordingly to their plan. Grim decision has been made
Myth states the village still stands unseen, hidden deep into the trees
Settlers stories dated back, explaining past atrocities

Human totems mound to ward off
Heed their warning; Regard the wraith

Territory believed to be possessed; ill fated grounds
Dare disturb the fallen ones; souls of the undying tribes

Native remains submerged in tombs
Ectoplasmic spirits preserved

Despondent they were killed
Oppressed warriors
Man made, genocide
Their families torn apart
Isolation some were starved
Their women, children-burned alive

Men were left to fight their way out

Despondent they were killed
Oppressed warriors
Man made, genocide
Their families torn apart
Isolation some were starved
Their women, children-burned alive

Fog surrounds the land
reveals the shapes
Fallen shapes
Slaughtered shapes

Shadows speak
No more peace

No escaping the trails that weep (x2)
7. Embracing Trauma (5:34)
Prior times of common tendencies
Present day of wishful agony
Episodes, nightmares and day dreaming
Upheaval Reacts, Impacted memories

Lives adjusted to the plight
Sights implanted deep inside

Embracing Trauma

This town at constant flash back
This town bestowing damage

Nostalgic events that depress

In spite (x2)

Together, a life they choose
Misanthropic views

Some dealt a death they managed to evade
and some ordained to honor bloodshed
Some giving life presumed that this was the end
All lost control
No perception at hand

Not longing for treatment for their pain
Abnormal now normal
Refuse change
Sent far away and were grouped one the same
The trauma plagues
and they choose to embrace
8. Frozen Assassin (6:05)
Third-Rate, destitute, abusive childhood
Stereotypical upbringing
“the boy misunderstood”
Following the paths left paved, to a future predicted
Lashing out at such young age, for brutal amusement

Rivals learned. they felt the hate. The Cold hearted-
Spitefulness. Revenge ensues; unfortunate
First victim cut short his youth. The first of many
Foolish acts were often roots to early burials

Average nights among the crowds, victims unaware
Crossing lines they did not see
too late, complete despair
Expressing no remorse for crimes once feeling dominant
Gaining reputation fast: an enforcer, violent

Ideas arise. Corrupted thoughts
Preferred to give than to receive
punishment, hostility
Example set for adversary
Destroy those who exasperate

Anger driven mishaps lead to murder
Constant mis-deeds
Sought out, bound to join their brotherhood

Blood, a contract has been signed
Killing, a job now organized
Displaying determination as he completes many tasks
Executions on command, done no questions asked

Guns, simple, not as clean
Hands, mangle as they plea
Toxic, consumption, killed unknown
Freeze, the carcass predisposed
Bodies, found dumped months later
Time of death can't be deciphered
Clueless detectives forlorn
The Iceman remained unstoppable

Thirty years of killing sprees was not about to end
Feeling threatened constantly, the killing then extends

A Minor Glitch
Turned rather large
The Ice was found inside a corpse
Stuck in it's heart. Certain suspect
Friends and contacts extinguished
They've outlived their usefulness

Grave mistake
Life to spend incarcerated
Left to rot. No regrets
His final breath
He died a frozen assassin
9. Genetic Legacy (4:14)
Resonated bloodline
Resonated gene
Transferring the evil
Transferred hatred
Disgusted by appearance
Resembling vile creator
One that came before him
One that lives through his

Obstruction of perception
Face reminding
Peeling off the features
Face must be removed

Legacy proceeds

Legacy of flesh
Flesh has now been altered
Feelings overwhelming
Senses heightened
Disgusted by the others
Mirrored those seen dead
Ones that died before him
Ones to die for his

Future woven clearly
Thoughts foretelling
Following the voices
Voices follow

Stopping the code of cell translation; absurd
Denied the facts of what was soon to occur
Inherited mental instability
So Re Commence Genetic Legacy

Becoming what once became of them all
As he hoped it would soon be completely dissolved
The blood that they flow was damned from the start
they were bred to bring death til the end
(of time)

10. Arcane Divisions (7:26)
Anticipation rising, anticipated future
Not knowing fear or, not knowing what to fear
No expectations for more, just living day to day
No second guesses arise, Assuming purpose appertains

These ways of life are interrupted; As death will interfere
Feeble lives are broken down
into fragments of what used to be
Force of change is quite unreal. Now open to what has begun
Growing weaker deep inside... And living in fear with the weak

Faith to follow tragedy
Blind led faith leads to tragedy

Moving forth, behold another tale of pathetic humans
Chaos and disarray bear witness to the pain
A falling enterprise of worthless humans

Arcane secrets unfolding these tragic stories
An unknown ending to this division
Disease and murder and great deception
Untold, abandoned
Appalling morals, a boiling point, and they're falling deeper
Into a darker and well known time

Reality they face. They're led right to the fact
A dismal place is where it ends
Where execution reigns... (2x)

People succumbing to the dominance
Crippled by thoughts of pain, what's left to come
Walking among the flock with option to stop
Choosing the path
in which, none have yet to withstand

A congregation for a people
to hope for more
No desperate crying for a savior
A daily struggle with their demons
and fragile hearts
The frail existence of a people
will soon be torn apart

Blasted the gates wide open, a storm
Evil awaits quite deceiving, Alive
Untested, the paths of submission now felt
Destined, their fate can't be changed
No Changing Fate

A great black destination, awaits them all
Just ahead and beyond
Each end awakes and consumes them, it does avow
The Arcane-Divisions confine us all

The end of all
Facing death
or facing a life for a dream with no chance to live...
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