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Catechesis Full Album Lyrics

Kvltist - Catechesis cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2016-10-03)
1. The Devil's Catechumen (7:09)
Hearken! In the fire engulfing from every word I speak
in the venom pouring from each line I write down,
the devil speaks and writes
Through my soul, from beyond, his path has opened
Gloria in profundis deo....
His teachings to worship the aeon of hell
Luciferian grandeur to those who seek
Blightful slavery to the woeful blind
The devil speaks within
the ones who have been purged
from the poison of Ihwh - Demiurge, bastard creator
The devil's catechumen: Aspiring tyrant, wise redeemer
Castigo corpus meum
Cleanse this temple of flesh
Exalt us as thee, Satan!
Satan: Dweller in our shadows, free from his chains
Adormus te! Benedicamus te!
Let us transcend the lake of fire,
with knowledge erupting as flame to wield at the lord
Let us ascend above, to the cosmos of chaos
May the mocked despote god drown in it
His world without end, forever and ever
In flesh be redemption, in spirit his will
The devil speaks and writes
through mouth and hand of the faithful,
who ate from the fruit of knowledge
in communion with the serpent
His teachings to worship the aeon of hell
2. Devotion (3:50)
So knie ich nieder in deinem schatten,
Luzifer! Envenomed by your spirit,
blinded by your progeny, whom you shaped from
your own feces. So nauseous since inception.
Ihwh - is this the pulse of life?
To hit a wall of concrete with bare fists until
the flesh is torn from its bone?
Yes, I maculate myself, as the denial of your
commandments is my revelation
Obedience only belongs to him!
Revealed, thou hast unto me:
Who made me affected, who made me tremble,
who has risen from the shadow
Ego genuflectio in umbra tuo, Lucifer!
Envenomed by your spirit
Shaped from your own feces
You will fall!
You will be blistered
Never again to rise above
So nauseous since inception
Behold, as your angel pours death over thee
Bleed like the hog you call your son
Asphyxiate in the odem of Lucifer
3. Darkest Light from Glaring Shadows (6:07)
Once an angel was shunned from the heavens
A thorn in all holy, sting of the Scorpius
He reased the trinity and became the poison for saints
The blazing serpent of fire, heralder of sin, true god of the earth
The eternal Apostate
Darkest light from glaring shadows!
Deus omnipotens
Let us pray unto thee, great spiral of death
Deus verum
Blood shall be shed, may the flesh become flame!
Rex mundi et celestii
A black sun shines from the darkness
Promethean spirit, the chalice divine at the supper of christ
All arts bear thy mark, all philosophers emit thy work
O Eosphoros-Christos, may we be inspired by thy dark spirit,
let us taste the luminiscent Aethers
Thy will - Be done!
Darkest light from glaring shadows!
Deus omnipotens
Let us pray unto thee, great spiral of death
Deus verum
Blood shall be shed, may the flesh become flame!
Rex mundi et celestii
A black sun shines from the darkness
Thy will - It will be done!
4. Eucharisty of Death Divine (4:28)
When Golgotha was place
of the ultimate sacrifice:
A mound of blood, inndards and skulls
We gather there, embrace it's aura
Vested in black, adorned with silver
The altar of Tati awaits
At the last most holy communion
Apostles become sinners... and the lord weeps
The pact signed by nails, crown and spear
Eucharisty of death divine
Brethren, fill my chalice from the wounds of the lord
Hosanna! The new conjugation!
As we shall eat thy flesh, so shall we drink thy blood
Let it be done!
Most holy saviour, as thou rejected thy father,
In thy final hour, thou shouted aloud:
Eloi, Eloi! Lama Sabachthani!
From each wound we take our fill
Thy veins full of the wine of the serpent
Eloi, Eloi! Lama Sabachthani!
O, how thine venom fills our veins!
We eat thy flesh in sacramental praise
Let no particle succumb!
Cruxifixus, sanctus deus sabaoth...
As the spirit of Satan flows through us
On the altar of the adversary, enthral us, Satan!
The lord is dethroned and the trumpet resounds
Receive on your tongue a pentecost of flames
5. Oblation (9:12)
May I become the vessel for him
who is the shadow in every man
Bloodshed and glorifying chants of repulsion
The incense is flavoured with human fat
The sweet stench of the sulphuric depths
The bitter taste of vitriolic spirituality
The cold breath of his presence
The burning light of his flame
Hor est enim corpus meum
My sacrifice unto the lord
Hoc est enim sanguis meum
The poison for the crucified one
Baptize thyself in urine of the [holy] father
Anoint thyself with the monthly blood of the holy mother
I will drink from this chalice of devotion
I will eat the heralder of him
and become a thorn in the holy crown
Flesh be sanctified, I am the channel for thee to reveal thyself unto this world
Blood be sanctified, I am thine eyes, thy voice and thy weapon
Spirit be sanctified, I am the bearer of thy light, so searing
Death be sanctified, I will make the flock tremble and chant thy name in awe
Satan be sanctified! For thou hast muted the voice of the lord forever
Satan be sanctified! By this sacrifice, may the passage be opened for thee!
Oremus, fratres!
Diabolus, vobiscum!
The pact which once has been sealed be renewed in the archaic rites
Transsubstantiation on the altar
Thy vessel is prepared on the altar
Thy vessel is prepared, thy light envenomed
6. Doxologia Eosphoros (7:10)
Hosanna, brethren, let us rejoice! Let us rejoice!
As the lord cometh, proclaimed through all throats, from the depths, from the heights!
Hosanna, brethren, as the lord cometh, incensate the gifts!
Open thy veins onto the soil where he will walk, let us rejoice!
Mysterium fidei - Bring the lamb to the slaughter, to nails and spear
In cruce damnatus - Doxologia Eosphoros
When the curtain in the temple tears apart, let us rejoice!
For in this very moment, he opens the deathly void
O carrier of the black light
Magister Ipsissimus! Rex Omnisciens!
He consumet the holy spirit,
he exorcises the trinity into oblivion
Now, the host is truly flesh
The wine is truly blood
And a tempest arose from the bleeding lake
Where the moon once has been dipped therein,
At the consecration of earth to his will
At the very upheaval of Satan
Mysterium fidei - Bring the lamb to the slaughter, to nails and spear
In cruce damnatus - Doxologia Eosphoros
Hosanna, brethren, let us rejoice! Bring nails and spear!
The temple collapsed, the lamb lies dead, the black light shines!
From the black void vortex a glaring light engulfs
Bright and blazing, ever-searing, like a second sun
Casting shadows on the earth, shaped like horns!
And man and woman are filled with his spirit
Eyes become seeing, ears become hearing
The whispers become shouts, thoughts become deeds
In monumental Luciferian worship, hallowed be his name!
7. Ite ad ignis (4:45)
I am one hand of the devil, which churns the fire
I am one eye of the devil, which stares from above
I am one maw of the devil, which spills forth the venom
I am one foot of the devil, which stomps as the earth shakes
Ite, ite ad ignis, Alleluja!
Dominus nostris ab infernus redivivus est!
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