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Traveller Lyrics

Jorn - Traveller cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHard Rock, Heavy Metal
Album rating :  86.7 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 6 P.Anselmo (2013-07-18)
1. Overload (5:21)
This heart will attack and wrap you in its night
I'm sending my black fire to the world
The cold game of thrones
Anyone can crack
But I won't let it freeze my pouring river

Winded blinded
Earth is the lamb to the slaughter
Bleeding screaming
Falling out of my horizon

The venom in the brain growing evil sorrow
The backstreets of the mind could raise a killer
Some say there is a maker
A bringer of the sun
But all I know is blizzard hale and thunder

Rebel devil
I've always been the hunted outlaw
Dreaming feeling
Fire to my gasoline gonna burn me clean
Out of this flight

What if we could be forever
And bleeding hearts were never
In a glimpse of paradise
We would find ourselves living in hell

Life will serve you darkness
Then burn you with it's light
This blind machine still hungry for some vision..yeah
There's wind beneath my spirit to lift my demon soul
The wings I grew will fly me out of winter

I was born to overload
Never holding back my soul and desire...no no
2. Cancer Demon (4:28)
You fought the evil but it grew inside you
The pain was twisting you could feel the death
Still you found the strength to comfort all your loved ones
And till your final breath your heart was giving... and then oblivion

You suffered from the poison pushing through your veins
They say the treatment might delay the end
Eating from the inside so tactical and calculating
Cancer demon born to burn in hell

The consequence of circumstance
Your life goes by just like a glance
As you dream this world goodbye
No time to think of answers
Only one more question dances
In your toxicated mind

Stop that legion the cancer demon

Like acid to the blood
The poison eats to kill
You see it in the mirror
Decay against your will
Stare into the eyes of truth
The dark shall close the day
The past has been a pleasure cruise
That sank along the way

Stop that legion the cancer demon

If we don't take the time to learn
And listen to the signs
We burn our candles in both ends
The cyclus of desease repeats again
Who's next our family or friends
We'll never know

Stop that legion
The cancer demon
Cut the pain and let it die
It's better dead than the cry...why
3. Traveller (5:38)
Hey mister travelling man don't turn
It's in your blood you can't deny it... no
From all your sacrifice you learn
Unlock your silent scream and shout it... loud

Sometimes the words rhyme and dreams come true
But time is the devil creeping up on you

Bleed your heart traveller
Give your soul and travel
Travelling brother travelling sister
Sing the song of the travelling man

Well come on now gypsy queen let's dance
release your wildest wind of fire... yeah
Life might not bring another chance... no no
so join the rootless lonely drifter

One day is beautiful the next one cries
We stay on these crumbling roads untill we die
And still we try

Bring your soul traveller
Keep your heart and travel
Travelling brother travelling sister
sing the song of the traveller
It's in you blood traveller
move on and travel
Travelling brother travelling sister
Sing the song of the travelling man

Tracks in the frozen snow will melt away
New summe rwinds will blow
Just like the midnight sun we burn our flame
Old sins cast long shadows they will remain
And bring us pain... yeah

Hold on Traveller
Keep your soul and travel
Travelling brother travelling sister
Sing a song for me
Move along traveller
Be strong and travel
Father and brother
Sister and mother
Play a song for the travelling man
Go on and travel
Travelling man
Ooh Travelling man
Move on and travel... travel
4. Window Maker (4:26)
Into the open I am moving
Taking my chances with the wolves
Painting my vision as I'm searching
Old tired feet inside these battered boots

Seeking shelter in my roots
Knowing who I used to be

Holding everything I lived
Heavy load inside tne heart
Lifting my spirit from below
Gathering winds I used to blow
Standing through the fire and snow

I'm not afraid of the taker my brain is a window maker

Reading my future without knowing
My mind is longing to be there... somewhere
Tne answer is hidden never showing... no no
Can we ever rise from our despair
Life was never fair

Building towers to the sun
Lost children of babylon

Keeping everything I saw
so many times I stood in awe
Turning the other cheek but still
I was branded by the claw
Losing the light that I used to show

In the end when all is done
Another window maker starts to run

Holding everything I lived
The chains that weigh tne heart
Fighting devils from below
Escaping the undertow
I gather my winds and I blow
My fame will grow
Grinding everything I saw
So much innocence convicted by law
5. Make Your Engine Scream (4:12)
Under war spell living evil
Bleeding spirit in shadows hiding from hell
The world's a monster and time is stealing
Just like stone to the glass
the future's breaking the past

Down the winding road I burn desire and soul
I make my engine dream
Time to turn the wheel and leave the sorrow I feel
No other way I got to make my engine scream

Hey lonely driver the road is wicked
Did you open to fast and see that red light too late
Above the water you are still breathing
Crawling out of the pain you learn to master the game

Down the blinding road
burning your fire and soul
Making your engine dream
You have to turn the wheel
regain the power to heal
There's no way out come on
and make your engine scream

On this heavy road we got to carry the load
Strangers at the scene
Stormy winds of change
and we were never the same
Never gonna stop
we have to make our engine scream
Turning this old machine
Life of rock and roll aging our body and soul
We gotta stay young
so we can bring this engine home
6. Legend Man (4:01)
It's time to rock the hour
My time to be a king
This place of sign and wonder
It doesn't mean a thing
I'll grow my own religion
In fire I will stand
And be a legend man
Oh yes I can

This heart is like a wasteland
It's open to the wind
And I don't have a game plan
But still I play to win
I'll write my vision future
I'll carve my name in stone
A legend makes his throne

Looking out of my black
Straight into the sun
Burning demons in my brain again
In the flame of the spotlight
I call for the moon night
Living for the magic to the end

Rise up you broken warrior
Use power from the real
Break down your wall of silence
I know the truth you feel
Unscrew your pain and scream it
Dig out the dream you saw
The liar stands in awe

Staring out from the black
your eyes on the sun
Blinded angel you must try again
In the heat of the daylight
You long for the midnight
Calling for the magic till the end

Stumbling around in my black
got nowhere to run
Burning in the shadow to the end
Gonna bring some thunder
Rock you down and under
Like a speed train to your brain again
Fight your lonely war
One life then never more
Another legend will be born again
In the ray of the spotlight
He calls in the moon night
Living with the magic to the end
7. Carry The Black (6:09)
There's no light in my darkness only black
Nothing blue with this sadness only black
found no soul in the heartless only black
I’ve tried to keep the light and fire but then black

Walk alone with your loneliness in the dark
Nothing new with this senselessness
But we must try to live again

The secret of time it will return
Someday a new world will learn the reason why
Turning your life as it burns
losing dreams in the fire
But dreams are made to change
And make us rearrange

Don't ever look back... no no
Just carry the black

In the day as I learned my way it went black
But I've been growing soul from sorrow
now the feeling's back
God must be dead the sun is dying it's coming black
Pray that the heart will break gently when

We fade from this life my friend in the dark
No more lies bring us down again
In the darkness
Let us dream till we reach the end
Far away far away
Lonely pain will be born again
So learn to race it like a man... yeah

Showers of rain will wash away
Leaving the pain to die to fade again
Promises led me astray
Burning my wings of desire
The crying wind will blow
To dry the tears I know

Can never go back... no
Got to carry the black... yeah
Down this one way track

Ooh can never go back... no no
Got to carry the black... yeah
In this endless tragedy
Till the end we have to be
and carry the black... ooh
8. Rev On (4:43)
We play for the broken ones
I sing for the lonely
When life brings you sorrow and cold
You're not gonna be the only... no

The song is our hideaway
where dreams can stay

Push your body of flesh and bone
Working the spirit home
traveling on your own
Make your way in this danger zone
Live for today
cause tomorrow may never come
Rev on ooh rev on
Down the long black road

So don't you wait till it's all too late
You have to speed up your engine
If you delay and take the easy way
There'll be no peace at the ending... no

The price that we have to pay for yesterday

Black heart carry your heavy load
We're striving under the sun
sharing the darkest run
Running with shadows until we're done
Together we fight till the end of the light
Rev on come on rev it along
we're heading on home
We're going home

Ooh The power of rock and roll will take control... yeah
The music will shine like gold
It's in my soul

I'm not that far away from you
Together we stand every woman and man
Worlds apart but we'll make it through
Like partners in crime rocking out of our time
Rev on come on rev on
It's a big black road
Got to rev on
Come on rev it along we're heading on home
9. Monsoon (4:20)
Black gold is pumping in the desert
People playing hazard with mother earth
Big discovery they're drilling in the north sea
Draining what will soon be fortune to sell

There are signs in the weather
Nature is screaming at me and you... yeah
It's gonna be now or never
There must be something that we can do
To change like the monsoon

White powder snorting up the noses
Clogging up the hoses till the system fails
Blood money crawling up the food chain
Putting on a good game craving fame

We are falling forever
They say that the angels will save just a few
We are born to endeavour
But the future of war is the vision we grew
Dying in the monsoon rain

New disorder under the Orion
Alligations flying we are on death row
Someones hacking messing with the program
Jamming all the airwaves to stop control

Like a flying reciever
I'm storing the knowledge of life as I go
I'm a walking believer
I stand and deliver with my heart and soul
As I blow like a monsoon
10. The Man Who Was King (5:52)
Magic one lost but never gone
You bring fire to my darkness
Lonely war we try to win and open doors
but life can be so heartless
Striving for the dream as we fly
Falling in between till the day we die

Somewhere in the darkness there's an angel
Hiding deeper in the shadows

I used to stare into his eyes of fame
Feeding off his flame
He gave it all untill the last refrain
The crowd would go insane

He was the jesus of heavy metal
He was a voice for the broken ones
And in the dark hides the fallen angel
But we all know him so well
We will remember to tell
About the man who was king

Flaming sunheart beating
Burning warrior still believing

We breath under the skyline till we're gone
And dream away of yesterday

There's a legend of rock and metal
A pioneer with a power sound
He paved the way like a hungry changer
And we all know him so well
We must remember to tell
About the man who could sing

I used to stare into his eyes of fame
Feeding off his flame... yeah
He gave it all until the last refrain
The crowd would go insane

He was the man on the silver mountain
He was a voice for the broken ones
And in the dark hides the fallen angel
I can feel him so well
We burn for the vision... yeah
We follow the song of tne dream
Pave the way for tne unborn children
Tell the world of those days
Spread the word of his grace
Tne man who was king
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