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Satan Rebellion Metal Full Album Lyrics

Invincible Force - Satan Rebellion Metal cover art

Satan Rebellion Metal

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal
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Lyrics > I > Invincible Force Lyrics (8) > Satan Rebellion Metal Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-16)
1. Rise the Wrath of Satan (3:00)
Hail SATAN! Lord of the depths of hell
Rise your wrath with fire and blood
Hang the Christian scum and burn it to the ground
Glorifying the shadows into the cryptic night

Sorceress of black magic conjuration
Chanting forgotten hymns of revenge
Damned the legions of the bastard
Defeated by their own arrogance

Hail Bringer of light and irreverence
You inspire our defying verse!!!
Ordered by the legions of Astaroth
Bring us the victory in Armageddon
2. Scraps of the Dead (2:14)
Feel the disease
Worst than your nightmare
A terrible certainty
Oblivious to believe
But you stupid fool!
Still Clinging to the Life?
For what End?
Just to be…Scraps of deads!

Scraps of Dead!
Scraps of Dead!
Scraps of Dead!
Scraps of Dead!

Your vanity infested by maggots…you make me sick!

You think you are pretty cute, dressing and laughing just to “be cool”, what a stupid fool!!!
We are going to wipe that smile off your face! And we will give you the worst beating of your life…Just for Fun!
You will dig your own grave and will show you the way, to be dinner for the worms and finally you understand you are nothing!!!

Why don’t you take your fashioned life and stick up your ass, you are lost
Satan inspire my irreverence and put me in a higher place, I’m FREE!!!
Still don’t understand? You will be shredded by time and dust!!!
3. Necromance (2:57)
Appear before us dead spirits
Show us the secrets of your dimension
Show yourself be helpful to me!
Cause i am the same as you
The true worshiper of the supreme
Ineffable the Lord Saithan!
The ancient Rites of the Black Books
Lingua Mortis now death`s on me

You give me freedom, I offer you innocent blood

Profane of your bones
Profane of your soul
Drink the blood,
The magical brew
Necro Trance,
Spiritual ecstasy
Now I can hear you,
Twilight spirit

(We spit on the coward`s cross, Where we hang the virgin whore)

The Portal is open, there is no return
Visions from the underworld are now in your mind
A pentagram of blood, cursed is my soul
You will never rest in peace…this is my delight
Denial of Jesús Christ, denial of the life, burns the book of lies!
The place is desecrated!!!! …THE PLACE IS DESECRATED!

Read the Enochian Key, the ritual must close up
Now we have to leave the place with our black robes
Four candles extinguished by the whispers of the wind
Look out for my dagger, you can be the next
Watch out for the moonlight! hide the silver stone….
Carved with the serpent symbol!!!.....CARVED WITH THE SERPENT SYMBOL!!!

Bring us the goat!!!!
We carry the cross of the forgotten
And light the torch to the martyrs

In nostri terra satan imperum
In vita lucifer ominus fortibus
Obsenum corporis dei nostri satana prontem
Reinus Glorius en in terra eregius
Luciferi imperator omnipotnets
4. Summoning the Black Destruction (3:39)
Torture your corpse, torture your soul
Feel the black flames of Hell
Burning your flesh, eternal pain
Feel the wrath of Satan!
Cut your throat, ending your life
Ride the wings of Astaroth
Christ is in prison, Virgin is fucked
Summoning the black destruction!

Angel of the abyss
I give you my soul
I will summon the flames of the black destruction!!!

Spit on the cross, Bow down before the master,
Kill the priest, destroy your life & carry my curse
Pray in the altar, Hades has return
Summoning the flames & Chaos of the black destruction!!!

Under his wing, we will kill
In the name of the Serpent you DIE!
Conjuring his magic, my blood is poisoned
Outbreak of evil!
Four candles stand & show me the way
My curse, your will!
Christ is in prison, Virgin is fucked
Summoning the black destruction!
5. Desolation (3:03)
All!!...all mankind is death!!!fuckin` death!!!
All!!...all your hope is gone!!! fuckin` gone!!!
Where!! Where your messiah now?!! Crying bastard!!
Sky!!! There is no more fuckin` sky!!...War Lust!!!!
Feel!!! Feel the brimstone in your feet….fuckin` Satan!!!
War!!! There is a fuckin nuclear war…Crush the earth!!!

You!! You are alone now!!! Desolation!!!
Now! You must eat the remains of corpses, Necrotrance
Holding!!!, holding the fuckin holy cross!!! Death to your spirit
Your! Your truth breaking your fucking life!! Christian’s shit!
Feel!! Feel the Satan’s spell on you!! Victory of hell
Desolate! Doomed to eternal suffering!, end of the existence

The pride of humanity crushed by a Nuclear War….
All the nature burnt to ashes by the Nuclear Winter…
There is no more life, only despair and desolation is in the air…
The human foolishness crushed like a fuckin` rat….
“Save us God”
“Save us Jesús Christ”
There is no fuckin` Hope
6. Onwards to War (2:41)
Day of War!!
Welcome to the abyss, hail almighty death
The proclamation of death is imminent
The hordes are ready to break the purity
Invincible by the war in heaven they entered

The biggest detachment of evil demons
Their guts are filled with black fire
Onwards to war
Let’s begin the massacre!

Screams from heaven, the first lambs fall
God claimed mercy before me
The stench of burning flesh of angel is in the air
Thousands of bastards, raped lying on the ground of Eden

Your guardians are escaping in Blood Storm,
The sacred knowledge is into the darkness
7. Bringers of Armageddon (3:24)
Bringers of Armageddon
Heaven` Decline!
Bringers of Armageddon
By the will of the gods!

Conquering, Fire, Blood
Call of the apocalyptic Thunders!
Bloodbath from the sky has been released
Crushed by the black spear of Satan
Golgotha’s whore is dead by hanging
Black horses with fire in his eyes
Exalted by the promise of blood
Outbreak of the satanic oath

Bringers of Armageddon
Heaven` Decline!
Bringers of Armageddon
By the will of the gods!

Spitting chaos, running blood
Storms of massacre the inquisitors are here
There is no escape, nothing is out there
Bringers of Armageddon have come to smash
The Jubileum, crushed like shit
By spectral doom
An eternal war is released by his will
The gods of war, bringers of death
With blood and fire spread his eternal curse!
8. Unholy Trinity (3:11)
The Hell is ascending, the heaven has failed
Now the priest start to cry, his savior will not return
The chapel is on fire, inverted the holy cross
The angels are in prison by satan’s almighty force

Unholy trinity!!!
Satan, Rebellion, Metal!!
Unholy Trinity!!!
Infernal Majesty is in Command!

The artillery of Hell attacking full of hate
The congregation proclaiming the birth of Satan son
Metal is our weapon to torment the christians souls
Bloody virgin hymen, almighty satan smiles!

Unholy trinity!!!
Satan, Rebellion, Metal!!
Unholy Trinity!!!
Infernal Majesty is in Command!

Midnight is our hour, witchery must start
Astaroth claims for sacrifice, the altar is prepared
The virgins close his legs, defloration cannot wait
The Gates of Hell are opened, penetration is complete.

Invoking the Four Princes of Hell, I have my revenge
Attacking my enemy with black magic spell
The force of darkness is given you, now speak the words
In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas, Luciferi Excelsi
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