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Empty Bottles & Wasted Nights Full Album Lyrics

In Other Climes - Empty Bottles & Wasted Nights cover art

Empty Bottles & Wasted Nights

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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-02-24)
1. Intro (2:45)
2. Dead Hawk (3:18)
This is my life, This is my destiny.
This is my life, This is my tragedy.
My hand's on my chest & your blood's on my hands.
My heart in my hand, waiting for the end.
But only the dead have seen the end of this war.
Forever War.

This is a land of stress.
Nothing can fucking save me from myself. Not even me.
This is the valley of the heroes and nothing can save me from this hell.
My heart in my hand, waiting for the end.
In the name of peace that's the price to pay for this war.
Forever War.

With my boot on your fucking face you're not going anywhere.
With my rage running in my veins, you can't going anywhere.
Now i close my eyes. My heart speak louder than a drum.
Never look back, never think twice. Everything comes to an end.
So this is how it ends. I forgot all that we were.
My eyes are slowly turning grey.
Slowly turning grey.
3. Live. Love. Learn. Lead. Leave. (4:09)
Another day trying to make another change.
Another head in this teenage wasteland.
Another night alone, another pill to sleep.
The things I have can't replace what is missing. I know.

Live. Love. Learn. Lead. Leave.
And all these late nights and early fucking mornings,
Are making you so sick. Are making me so ill.

Stay true. Stay you.
Live for your friends your family and nobody else.
Stay true. Stay you.
Live for yourself and fuck the rest.
Fuck the future. Get the fuck up.

I'm fucking sick, sick of falling down.
But i don't wait anyone to save me.
We are the empty bottles. We are the empty hearts.
We are the empty fucking souls.

Fuck the future. Time heals nothing.
Everyday is a new day, don't waste your time thinking about tomorrow.
Everyday is a new day. So get the fuck up.
4. This Is Your Time (4:34)
It's hard to deal with your demons when the devil runs the show.
In a world full of lies, how does it feel to be yourself?
In a world full of shit, how does it feel to be what you are?

Scream to the world that you're alive, save yourself.

Sometimes I feel so away from this world. What you want is not what you deserve.
In a world full of lies, how does it feel to be yourself?
In a world full of shit, how does it feel to be what you are?

Scream to the world that you're alive, save yourself.

Nothing to lose. Nothing to offer. Nothing to prove.
Nothing to regret. Nothing to give. Nothing.

5. Another Chance (4:37)
I'm about to lose my fucking mind.

I wish I could bring these moments back all again.
But all I see is myself running and screaming "never again".
I ain't gonna live. Ain't gonna breathe. Ain't gonna sleep,
if you don't give me another chance.

Take off my chains and set me free.
Just hold my hand and make me see.
Give me another chance for a new beginning,
to change my failures into winning.
No longer living. The hope of loving?
No, i don't know where i'm going.

I wish I could just say: "I JUST DONT GIVE A FUCK"
They say that time heals everything, but they don't know you.
They say that life is beautiful, but there's no life without you.

I wish I could just say that I just don't give a fuck.
I don't want to quit. But shit, this is it.
6. Awake (4:25)
Oh god, being dead would be so much easy.
Oh god, remind me why I'm awake.
Never really awake or never really asleep.
I feel like I'm growing old but I'm not growing up.

I wake up everyday feeling like I got in a fight with myself.

Oh god wake me up from this nightmare before I start loving it.
Being awake is hard work, But even in my sleep
But even in my dreams I'm up. Wake up.

I hope I never see your face again.
Open your fucking as long your alive
I won't be a goddamn walking dead until I wake up.
Smile tomorrow will be worse.
7. As We Still Fight (5:08)
War after war, greed and more greed, a lesson still to be learned.
The deeper you dig, darker you see, misunderstanding the changes.
Hypocrite by nature, regardless you´re doomed for life.
The axe to fall. King no more. You defy as we still fight.

Sinners the whole life and saints on the sundays.
Always worshipping a born dead god.
Always making the same mistakes, through arrogance.
Always eating the same old bullshit, your paranoid circle.

And we´ll be alive to piss on your grave.
And we´ll be alive to erase your history.
And we´ll be alive as we still fight to bring respect to life.
8. In a Blink of an Eye (4:20)
Trapped in a world full of anger and greed.
With society’s weight on your back.
If you wanna survive by the rules that they made,
teeth should be sharp as shark.

All what you did was a waste of time.
I’ll never be the one who left you behind.
I always fought that we were so fine,
like every day i get my peace of mind.
Ain't got a job, Ain't got a dime.
I feel ashamed of myself, all the time.
All that you see is a shame a scam.
I’ll flee this place, in a blink of an eye.

A place to stay or a meal today.
You could scream but nobody cares.
Nothing to do, you can pray. You're just a devil's meal today.
There's no way to escape. Let's burn this place down.
My heart is full of hate, let's burn this fucking place.

I almost always pick the worst time to drop out the best lines.
This life isn't fine. There's no place I call home, no place I call mine.
I'm doing the best that I can but I'm ashamed of the person I am.
It's been fun but I must say goodbye. I’ll flee this place, in a blink of an eye.

9. Passion & Heart (3:36)
Ordinary people do fucked up things
when fucked up things become ordinary.
The ones who care don't know anymore,
and the ones who know don't care.
I don't give a fuck about what those people say.
Do you hear me? I'm alive.

Everyday was the worst day of my life.
My friends became strangers with familiar faces.
They said dude you're losing your mind.
She said goodbye I'm wasting my time.

I tried so hard to find what was right.
I've been thinking of you every nights.
I wonder why the right words never come.
I'm so scared of what I might become.

Forever is the way I feel for you.
Every question I ask is about you.
It's all gone to hell, but I just can't explain,
why that feeling's still rotting in my brain.

Can't believe what you've done to me,
you stole my life, shattered my dreams.
All that we give is a part of us,
the way we live is passion and heart.

My promises are not so empty.
My intentions are not fucking dirty.

I'm so scared of what I might become.
10. Black Metal Hugs (4:40)
Let's get fucked up!

If you don't care where you are, then you ain't fucking lost.
The answer's in the bottle. I know, the truth is hard to swallow.
Hit the bottle to drown my sorrows. Don't give a fuck about tomorrow.
I have my highs, I have my lows. But who the hell are you to tell me which way to go?

If you don't like me I probably really like you.
I'm not your friend. I'm not your family. I don't know you.

They want me to change they said that I look so depressed
'cause I like that bottle better than the rest.
I ain't got shit to prove you. No one gives a fuck about you.
My shoes are used, dirty, and older than you.

"Anyway, back to what I do worst."

Me and the boys are gonna stay out late.
Puke on my shoes. Pain in my head.
We're gonna drink and sing that song again.
Throw us in jail, we don't give a damn.
Drinking whiskey older than hell.
We're gonna drink and sing that song again and again.
Because there's no drinking in hell.

The only difference between me and you is that whiskey can't fix your problems. TRY SUPER GLUE.
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