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Infest to Ingest Full Album Lyrics

Human Infection - Infest to Ingest cover art

Infest to Ingest

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-22)
1. Sheer Terror
Populations wade,
In rivers of collective unconsciousness,
In dreams woven by furtive oppressors,
The future rots in the womb of societal sewage.
Writhing within the underbelly,
Of an oppressed nation.
Casting fire, unto the hands that feed.

In war and peace...
Serenity sculpted from your ignorance,
Within the virtues of patriotism,
Casting warm flesh before a starving machine.
This is the nation you died for.

Inebriation upon your flesh,
Inebriation upon the taste of your fear...
...Coalescing addiction.

To live and breathe the life of a free man,
Is to choke and bleed the death of a statistic,
One more body to be cast unto the crematory,
One more human who lived and died a sheep.

We shall break free from these chains,
To unleash the torrent of consciousness contained within,
To drown them in it's wake,
In the power of our hate.
2. Creations Obscured
Come one, come all...
To the glorious reckoning of thought,
The expungement of individuality,
Come together,
To witness lifelessness,
Warp the mind into submission.

Ulterior motives dance,
Beneath the eyes of the seductress.
Purging all thought, delicate harmonies
which breed in the confines of your ignorance.
To close your eyes and witness the dawn of the regurgitated sludge that mirrors their pointless lives.

See not beyond the flesh,
See not beyond the skies.

An enigma crafted from the sepulchrality which resides within,
Lies fed to the highest bidder,
A slain soul replaced with a symbiotic replica.
Feeding on the ignorant thoughts,
Crafted from the garbage,
From which they breed labels.

The vomitous cacophony,
Bathed in robotic anti-individualism,
Cast your worries into the sun,
Fuck your brain - become one.

The divine slavery of the unaware mind,
Look around...entombed by the likeness of sheep.
You buy into the label assigned,
By your puppeteer,
Crafting undeserved pride,
From your ignorance,
Oh, the divine slavery,
Of the unaware mind...
3. Ungodly Reanimation
Oh, glorious deception,
Cast those who follow,
Unto enthrallment.
Embrace us with your acid gaze,
Suppress us with your inhuman form.

Burn us in the fires of faith,
Feel the wrath of truth,
Erupt from your soul,
From beyond the stars,
Reanimated - forsaken,
By the "god" of despondency!

Clouds of concision seep through,
The firmament's fabric,
Erasing endless memories,
Casting them unto the oblivion - within!

Architechts of the ubiquitous delusion,
Infecting minds...crafting images,
Of the second coming of "Christ".

Descendent of the heavens,
Syzygial path to enslavement,
Hidden from the human heart,
Faltering source of foolish jubilance.

Those undeserving of life,
Destined to be led astray,
As if sheep...
Starved on the words of he.
Who is shrouded in non-existence.

To fathom the image of death,
So sweetly greeting the heart,
Under death's watchful eye,
To descend upon a kingdom,
Of crimson...

Overlords from beyond the expanse,
Of stars and dust,
From beyond the scope of empyrean,
Encases the remnants of a race,
Never again to be bathed in light.
4. Extremities
Amputation begins,
With a fresh slice of hide.
To savor forever,
Maybe just for an hour.

It is easier to bleed,
What is already alive,
Than what is not,
Breathing at all.

The subject will be dissected,
In a matter of minutes,
Extremities of the body,
Devoured in a matter of seconds.

Coughed back up in vomit form,
Fed to the sick,
Bones will serve,
As rodent chew toys,
All other organs,
To appease as a meal,
For hordes of leprous beings.

Cravings thrive again on,
The minds of the temporary mortal,
Never will this crave end,
Forever searching, for flesh to cradle.

Moaning, crawling.
Dragging yourself to a desperate escape.
Bleeding, breathing.
Taunted by ravenous creatures of death.
Gasping, gurgling.
One more quick breath then the knife is retracted.
Murderous, lifeless.
Arms and legs collected,
Skin and eyes erected.

Coughed back up in vomit form,
Fed to the sick,
Bones will serve,
As rodent chew toys,
All other organs,
To appease as a meal,
For hordes of leprous beings.
5. Infest to Ingest
First they claimed the lands,
Of desired pray and foe,
Then they dug their claws,
Into frail and fatal arms.

A time of change arises,
When death is everywhere,
Ripping them to pieces,
Leaving no one left to care.

No more - life to circulate.
To blood - is what we masturbate.

Infest to ingest,
A sport that will plague.
Infest to ingest,
Homicidal rampage.

There are only goddamn animals,
Left in this half-fucked world,
Conquered by gluttons,
And thieving fools,
Empowered by weak,
And enslaved drones.

Infest to ingest,
A sport that will plague,
Infest to ingest,
Homicidal rampage.

Caving in,
Dead bodies,
Flowing in too fast.

Blood spilling,
Drenching thousands,
A deserving mass.

Plenty of sloth-like beings,
To be ravaged,
Disemboweled and killed,
For nothing but play.

Infest to ingest,
a sport that will plague.
Infest to ingest,
homicidal rampage.
6. Perversely Possessed
7. Vile Disposal
8. Unspeakable Acts of Violence
9. Within Sickened Prospects
10. Virulent Virtue
11. Seed of Madness
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