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Jacob's Ladder | Full Album Lyrics

Hell Militia - Jacob's Ladder cover art

Jacob's Ladder

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsSeason of Mist
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-22)
1. Jacob's Ladder
From the ancient temple of Bethel the Gods that lie beneath awake.
The pantheon of the dead is vibrating again from the depths.
I am the dark will of God!
The Sephiroth of the Fall!
The serpent that speaks to the dead the secrets of the path to God.
I am the corruption of the world, I ascend from the gutters of the past.
From the descent we arise to the valley of death.
The glory of the temple built upon ruins is fed by the wrath of the gods of the dead.
Rats are crossing the threshold, the ladder opens to the visionaries.
The divine world is devoured by rats.
I fall into the highest abyss.
From the house of harlots to the temple of the dead, from the sewers of the sick to the towers of men, I descend Jacob's ladder...
2. Jonah
God's command will never be obeyed, turn yourself straight into the storm.
On the seas of Leviathan's disciples, the hate of God swirls and pulses in the dark.
I face the storm with my eyes wide open!
Obedience has been refused and the sailors pray silence for nothing.
The way to god is paved with dust, the wrath of the sea will devour the sun.
Down! Down! Down! Jonah the awakened!
Down! Down! Down! The second path awaits!
Jonah the enlightened swallowed inside the sea.
Jonah the deceiver stands against the storm.
Prophets of fury, I am the serpent's venom that obeys time alone.
Follow the prophet that disobeyed God himself!
I face the wrath with my unshakable faith.
God's command has not be obeyed.
Sail forward straight into the storm.
On the seas of Leviathan's disciples, the hate of God swirls and pulses in the dark.
Obedience has been refused and sailors prayed silence for nothing.
Stars fall into the blood red sea.
The wrath of men is devouring the sun.
3. Sternenfall
Und diese Welr war immer kalt, doch jetzt wo sie in Flammen steht, scheint sie kälter als jemals zovor.
Menschen und Schweine haben aufgehört, zu sprechen.
Und all die Tempel dieser Welt verkamen zu Ruinen aus Staub.
Und nur die Maschen warden immer sein in einem Ort, den die Götter schon längst verliesser.
Das Rad hat aufgehört, sich zu drehen und unsere Haut wurde von der Dunkelheit verbrannt.
Zeitalter vergehen ohne Lich.
Niemand hört die droehnende Stille.
4. Death Worship
Flashed by fake prophecies if a better world, moths turn around a fading light.
Wings that demand the final burn, forever it praised to dive into the light.
Death Worship.
The game is tricked from the beginning, can't escape the trap you're falling in, all this abuse and this bitter taste...
Reborn to spit at your face.
Death Worship.
Leaving no remorse for a world that you hate, leaving no regrets for the grieves that you make.
No sun will ever warm us, revealed by Dead Worship, no light will ever guide us, revealed by Death Worship, no God will ever submit us, revealed by Death Worship.
5. The Black Projector
Our wounds and words turned to pus and dust, time heals nothing.
I wish I returned to the abortion of being when those dark hours were our glory, we were bleeding as one.
Before the fall, at the apogee, the turn that waste my soul.
We all can see but fear to face reality, this mask of sobriety can't hide the bitter rust.
Those hours are killing me.
Behind my back the grim acid eye follows my steps.
The nameless conspirators unveil the black projector.
The devil deals with all of us, grinning at our fail.
There's never a way back, but thousands bitter days.
Those hours are killing me.
We can't escape this fucking spiral.
We're cheating ourselves to forget.
We can't try anymore, we're just as dead.
We never get a chance, or maybe we forgot.
6. The Second Coming of the Pig
The path of the twisted is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.
When the Pig spoke again to the people, he said: I am the dirt of the world.
While I walk across the world, I spread plagues and the pest, from my wounds and breasts feeding the newborn piglets.
Put your trust in me while you're still able to see, so that you may become sons of the Pig.
When he had finished speaking, the Pig did himself in front of them, so that all may become stained and pure.
Children of the Pig, crooked and depraved generation in which they shine like stars in the universe.
The mystery of the six stars that you saw in my forehead and of the six golden horns is unknown to men.
Remember the fucking height from which you have risen! Repeat and redo the evil deeds you did again.
You are the wounds of the world! Miracles of the crippled! See, rising from my mouth, the two snakes that bestow all knowledge.
7. Deus Irae
Sons of the fallout! Angels of radiations! A new dead world, it's time to serve the new light.
Devil from the sky, mutated prophets.
Sons of the atom, D-Generation symptoms.
Creation's blown in a blitz.
Angels of anger! Angels of anger! A throne among ruins.
A new religion written by the junkies' stillborns whose skin is burning from the unseen fire.
Deus Irae.
Addicted rats rising from the nuclear dawn.
A new god from Pluto's realm.
A new faith old fears!
Disfigured prophets teaching laws insane.
Contaminated idols ruling a world of ashes.
A new religion written by the junkies' stillborns whose skin is burning from the unseen fire.
8. Jericho
Years are dying in my hands, leaving bitterness and scars as dead little animals suffocated by mean children.
Time never brings wisdom, nothing but hostile resentments, ugly puppets with concrete legs, junkies cutthroated words.
Lost for years now in a maze where no light reaches in.
Everywhere the stench of vomit and clotted blood, nothing but ghastly faces around asking absurd questions.
Trapped and hidden behind dirty walls crumbling over me.
Feelings deserted long ago, the routine has done its work.
How long was I trapped in this cell?
Was it I that wrote on the walls?
The bliss of their drugs, the electric burn, the touch of their chemicals.
Where was the last window I saw?
When did the voices start to speak?
Pull me out of this place!
Beam me up to reach the skies and burn!
Nail my eyes to reveal the world and reach the ill light of foulness.
I just want everything to downfall, to rise again in nothingness.
How I wished to silence those voices, destroy this place before it become my grave and at last face the misery in absolute darkness.
Break these goddam walls!
Pierce my ears to reach the silence!
I want wings to rip them apart and when the world collapses at last, I will rise again from the dead on among the ruins of Jericho.
I will bring the wounds to your world, the plagues that burned my mind for so long and make you face my misery in absolute darkness.
Jericho has fallen down...
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