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Darkness Beyond Lyrics

Hacavitz - Darkness Beyond cover art

Darkness Beyond

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  65 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-06)
1. Terra Nihil (7:41)
Darkness absolute
For the inherit hate to mankind
I pray for death and beyond
The secrecies of thee
Earth beneath
Of the uncessant needful desire

To terminate life and all that is
Living burns deep within
Raise in deep dark astray
Terminate to the core
Endless perish through
Forsake inner strength

Blackness forward and beyond
In nihil contempt
This earths nihil

One doom!
Forfeit in destiny of men
Forever intoxicate
Dismal arrival to endless dark
The earths nihil reborn
Conceived in nothing
Darkness deep within
Endless darkness absolute
Trying to call them within

Enlighten darken conception
Fevered in tongues never heard
Conceived in nothing
Darkness absolute and beyond

Morbidly the feathers
Of this vicious fever
Hide into voids of voids
Down there where nothing dwells
Begotten earthen rot
To the prayer of death

We had born of loss
None of us had being teached
Of decreed for none
Into death forever
The earths nihil reborn
Conceived in vermin

The earths nihil
Conceived in vermin
Enlighten in putrid rot
Flesh and blood turns into dust

Disease to what we call life
Denial of hope
The virtue of manking
Rest in morbid dark
2. Deadream (9:03)
Angst forth to the mourning symbols
Prey of the underworld and demise
within the realms of subconcious
Death and despair, shall rise!

Along the dimensions of unconcious
Between the life of the deads

Forfeit and fortuite
The Umbrae
Dreams of the death and beyond

Barren voices from deep below
Underworld pressence within

Death to all
And for all
Living moribund to the core
Darkness sublime and absolute

Fullfill this tremble for disease
Lord of dreams cast in far north

Perish at the dawn
Of the mourning signs
Envisioned perception loss
Neverending trip
To the deep within
Comes to truth and beyond

Captive truth
Against all truth
Feasting reality
Unset me free
Once there darkness
Time before all time
To each one
For all and beyond

Even death must die
Into the dreamed sleep of the death
Subterranean might

A place that is conceived
In the deep
A conception in loss for fools
Darkness eternal
All what is beyond forth beyond

All that is earthly
All that human forgot
Even dead may dream
Through ages in living
3. Livskit (3:16)
4. Darkness Beyond (6:58)
Behold Death
Putrid flesh made for rot
Enter to the dephts
Never seen, Darkness Beyond

For darkness and beyond
This strife to end all life
Resides within this very flesh
Through this blood of doom

Excrement of thee earth
And cancer for life
The precise solution to this world
Disease beyond

Blaze into purest Unclean
The fires of most unpure disease
as we wrote through the ages
And named the obscured
With deceit

Captive morbidity
The reason of darkness inherit
forged in order to destroy
The chaos raise and evolve

Necrology for a human conception
Putridity into this spoilt flesh
Incepting the fall of this earth
Terror onwards the flames
Of the dark

Nor god or divine
Into this realm of the Obscure

For darkness and beyond
This life belongs like shit
For mortals and fools to earth
The enlight and pride
For Heretics
5. Herejia (9:31)
Nex Incipit Vitae
Nex Eclesia Mundi
To outnumber the living
And forth dogmas conceived

We are the last solution
Cast for death and beyond
Por siempre seremos
La solucion final

Earth's decay
Humans conceived as humans

Fools for a fatal error ocurred
We are doomed to perish
Obscure infinity at last

None shall survive
Doomed as vilest cancer
Future is at hand for a few

Misantropia Logia Mundi
No truth is prepared for what is life

Gathered the vices in this world
Virtue as the vilest of the cancers

Vermin life into despair
Future into
Life fornever

We are heresy
For the earth
The solution for it becoming
Wrath for tyrants
And demise to all

Darkness absolute and beyond
For obscurity perpetual
For the enduring death
Feeling in this flesh
Rottening every day
6. De Humo Negro y Ceniza (7:18)
Apesta a muerte
El humo mas denso y negro
Cuento los dias en esta vida
Por irme hacia lo no visto

Morir en la noche
A traves de mis vicios
Ceniza mas negra y humeante
Me enseña verdad y voluntad

Quemado y nebuloso misterio

Nunca antes contado y escrito
Ante la peste de muerte se cuenta
La verdad jamas antes dicha
Antes dicha

Transmutando a la obscuridad
Descendiendo a lo mas profundo
Mas alla de lo negro
De humo negro y ceniza
La vida perece
Todo en ella, sin regreso

Sin futuro, ni salida
Muerte en cenizas negras
En el vicio mas profundo

Mas que tristeza mora el odio
Auto denigracion
Arrastrandose en lodo y ceniza

Auto denigracion
Arrastrandose en lodo y ceniza
La vida perece
Todo en ella y sin regreso
Sin futuro ni salida

Morir en la noche
A traves de mis vicios
Ceniza mas negra y humeante
Me enseña verdad y voluntad
7. Time is Now (12:33)
In virtue of sorrow
For mankind, darkness and beyond
Had told the unspoken names
Of the spoilt feast for them
Fornever obscure

So is it for darkness now
The time for us to be
So is it for death now
The exact time for us in disease

For deaf and blinds we speak
The tempter furor of the unknown
Shall they tremble just for fear
Those tears in anguish for perish

Breeding forth in disease
Dismise and despair we sing
Withering all the limits for the word hope
Time for darkness is now
Forever at last

There's no future, there's no return
And forth in deceit of the human kind
Death is now and fornever
The final solution to our time

Time for darkness is now!

Grim lairs into despair
Next step forth in misery
Into mens fate and final doom
I pray for total death

Death to all and forever
Nor light nor hope set in the way
of human can comprehend
The real truth and misery
of death

Death is now for all
And for future to come
No path to life had done
No light had bright more
Into dark

There's no future, there's no return
And forth in deceit of the human kind
Death is now and fornever
The final solution to our time

For now and on, hope is no more
For now and on, life's so futile
Bright for death
And for now on
The grieving end for all

I for myself
And just mine, deny within all of me
As a living being, forth in disease
I pray for total death
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