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Deamonolith Full Album Lyrics

Gortal - Deamonolith cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-07)
1. D.F.C. (5:26)
Come to me, to my primitive crib
Tell me about your fears and sorrows
Do it!!! Do it every week, as it is written

Is there a choice or a descision to make
To follow me in your self-abusive faith
Will you find a better way?

Die!!! Fuckin'!!! Cunt!!!
No salvation
Die!!! Fuckin'!!! Cunt!!!
No redemption
Die!!! Fuckin'!!! Cunt!!!
In the name of lies!!!

You cannot live expecting for death
This is your decision you have to make

Feel the emptiness inside
Spend your life for prayers - lies!!!
And die!!!

Choice was straight, the choice was wrong
Now you are vermin - fodder for you god

Die!!! Fuckin'!!! Cunt!!!
2. Crimens Sollicitationis (4:15)
Darkened lust odor
Maggots controlled his bastard's deeds
Alone in the chamber of splendor
Never to excuse for his morbid needs

Obsessed by the smell of young bodies
Enslave everyone
Total mental abnormalities
Tormented by frustration

Receive my communion
Swallow the divine semen
Bow to my dominion
Now fold your hands and pray

Obsessed by the smell of young bodies
Enslave everyone
Total mental abnormalities
Tormented by frustration

Need for possession
Cold vulgar touch, infected with lies
Saintly aggression
It's about time to pray Jesus Christ

Silence fod God!!! Silence for fools!!!
3. Doombringer (4:05)
Not scared of self-explosive device
Rise to fame with another sacrifice
Pursued but not punished
With sadistic intents bewitched

Need to be aggressive
Furious and obsessive
Bestial obliteration
Dead bodies exhibition

Blastphemous sindecade
My lust shall be your grave
Blastphemous hetacomb
Thousands mental wounds

Decalogue meaning inverted
Victims for carrion converted

No mercy for any creature
4. Deliver Into Suffering (4:13)
Pain is my pleasure, fulfilled and divine
Rising treasure, self-tortures are mine

Masochistic source of amusement
Inflicting suffering on me
Experiencing a hidden commandment
Drowning in the sea of distress

Deliver me into suffering
I've been thought to feel the pain
Deliver me into suffering
Humiliated in God's name

I want more whipping
Lynch me for my guilt
I need my holy flesh ripped
My blood has to be spilt
5. Deamonolith (4:11)
One hundred ways to destroy
One hundred paths lead to the choice
One hundred ways to enjoy
Dead christianity

Follow primitive impulses
Follow vicious lust
Refuse the forced law
Watch enemies crawling in convulsions
Spit on altar and never bow

Born to kneel and suffer
No excuses for a strong will
Liar's quiet laughter
Stop feeling guilty, start to kill

Stop the pointless obsession
Break the chains of possession
Select a straightforward solution
Destroy a merciful illusion
6. Dreaming of Being Dead (4:20)
(You were) incapacitated in infancy
Abused with useless prayers
A psalm for the deceased
The beginning of a great dream

Empty promises of eternal kingdom
Permanent fear and terrible hope
Waiting for a display of a nonexistent wisdom
The dream of death, the dream of the rope

Now, abandoned
No audience, no applause
Now, condemned
Blinded by faith in revealed laws

Yearning to be ead
Yearning to be saved

Lay down maligned in your grave
Deceived. Rot in pain
7. Supernal Refuse (5:19)
See no difference between anyone
Against his will forced to join the battle
Born to sin against the holy one
Filthy breed of human cattle

There is no god to get addicted
There is no law to be afflicted

Still we need to abuse
Supernal refuse
You choose!!!
Still we need to degrade
Internal slave trade
Your fate!!!

So we curse you, weakened mass
Contempt for preachers of the idols
We vomit on your sacred carcass
Death to fools!!! No compassion!!! No consent!!!

Supposed to serve and crawl
We reject your demands
Expected to beg or fall
We stand armed on the left hand
8. Cult of the Cloth (2:59)
Holy cloth, sacred cloth
Bow down before useless sanctity
Holy shroud, useless shroud
Not a fucking gate to eternity

Stupid cult, sacred cult
Bow down before a torn sheet
Holy frand, a blatant lie
Deamon of deceit

There was no son
There was no father
There was no death to us
Fucked up truth to the others

Holy relic, sacred relic
Lambs still fall on their knees
Empty eyes full of madness
Fools won't shake off the sleaze

Daemon of deceit. I turn you into a blindman
Daemon of deceit. I transform you into a madman

Adore the cloth. Obey the commandments
Die in poverty and sadness
9. I Come in Peace (4:14)
I come... I come in piece
The donor of desolation
I seek and I always find the flock
I am the bringer of damnation

I find peace when I design the traps
I find peace when I bring the fear
I find peace when I donate the pain
I find peace when I torture
I find peace when I kill!

You live to be punished
You live to bleed as a butchered lamb
You live to be a victim
Born as a filthy breed
This is my salvation
Wathcing you rot
I feel no abomination
Watching you rot

Smell of dying body
Smell of pain and fear
I always crawl in near

I am... I come in piece
Death to... Death to all
Who shall not worship me
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