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Devanation Monumentemples Full Album Lyrics

Genocide Shrines - Devanation Monumentemples cover art

Devanation Monumentemples

GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
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Lyrics > G > Genocide Shrines Lyrics (4) > Devanation Monumentemples Lyrics (4)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-08)
1. Pillars I (Entrance) (1:26)
2. Devanation Monumentemples (4:01)
Bring forth ye iconoclastic armageddon
And acquaint ye blade with my flesh
I, the ageless son of celestial lineage
The opposer of the kin of thousands of men
Shall sought to awaken the ones that dwell
Within to weaken the threads of eternal damnation

I shall open the gates for your deprivation
Submission and spectral divinations alike,
I shall entice, provide, indulge and depart
With the gifts of perpetual war, I shall
Anoint him the bearer of fruits, the herald
Of death. I shall fill you with resplendent
Hatred, so you would know that I am Lord
3. Apparitions of Spiritual Obliteration (3:16)
Speak not, nor declare profound independence. reveal!
Was it you who hid the sword that ended conflict? By
What rational method can any two litigants be placed
In a position of unconditional equality? Produce not, words
Which bear weak seed and miscarrying prophesy

This clay well mixed with marl
And sand, follows the motion of
My hand, for some must follow
And some command though all
are made out of clay.

F?? the leader, anointed by you a mere
Follower, this quest will be endless, rejoice with
Murder and epileptic bliss, for death, though
Arrested shall not endeth time, o' phosphorus redeemer
4. Pillar II (Submission) (0:46)
5. Shivatandaviolence (Cleansiege) (3:19)
Paramilitary abductions of the swammilitant vomiterrorist
Emitting ceremonial reoccuring visions, to witness the murder
In the orient, clean or be cleansed! Honor, glory, and fucking war!

Blasphemous chants, desecration! As we have seen it so it shall come to pass
Spiritual catl--tic septic offering, worship the grand architects of suffering,
Uttering imperial ancient death chants, cosmic hearses deployed oblivion
Raising the flag of the superior, we want world war, total devastation!
6. Nectars of Tantric Murder (5:05)
Grandeurs of obliteration through illuminations /
Bestowed upon thousands of ghastly scenes of death
We found the remains of your sons to come / all
Marked for a warm summer ritual decapitation /
Exploiting unpure energies and heralding the mudras
Of the vaamacara / we commanded wrathful samadhl /
Obedience to the yantras of the sacrificial ritual / we
Invoke the panchamahabhuta / exhibiting the birth of tragedy
And the inaugaral genocide carnival
7. Pillar III (Discipline) (1:53)
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