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Order of Torment Full Album Lyrics

Genocide Pact - Order of Torment cover art

Order of Torment

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Death Doom Metal
Album rating :  –
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1. Conquered and Disposed (4:37)
years washed away
lost in the abyss
pacified and gagged
used and disposed
left to suffer
exploited bodies
forced through constant pain
pain inflicted
hypnotically installed
lacerated flesh and cognition
2. Decimation Grid (5:16)
cracks in the infrastructure
rust on supporting beams
promised a return to the obsolete
a land that never was
marked as imbeciles
victims of a lie - a truth that never was
pitted against those - who similarly starve
used by greater fools - who laugh at your pain
promised a dream - but receiving terror
economically stripped and despised
chemically drowning pain
to get through
or instant release
producing filth and rust
false information
no solidarity
totally despised
shake the hand chokes
dying in the slipstream
feed the mouth that bites
3. Spawn of Suffering (4:04)
born in a radiation zone
genetic birth mutations
early forming diseases
raised in occupied land
insurgency backlash
socialized by violence
territorial allegiance
global detestation
numbed by constant death
trauma stricken stare
demonized by elites
programmed through conflict
nurtured by opposition
nature despised by default
forced to resist
worked to feed
trained to kill
stoic and complacent
grieving and vengeful
bereft of sanctity
fearless and prepared
4. Pain Reprisal (5:12)
blindsided, traumatized, interest lost
isolated, self-destructive, callous born
soul extinguished, mind stripped, allegiance lost
constant panic, agitation, total loss
know that the end is far, the pain is forever
former life long expired and soon forgotten
need for closure, need for justice and revenge
loss of sleep, toxic grudge, hateful thoughts
allow me one sacrifice
i’ll repent and have my sins forgiven
and when your walls crumble
and your ego becomes pierced
you aren’t prepared to suffer
to feel the pain that you inflict
5. Ascendancy Absolved (5:11)
desire to absolve
tendency to ignore
distilled view of reality
in bliss, reassured
systems considered dead
see a shift in shape
mouths need to be fed
peripheral vision blocked
drudgery and captivity
supported by existence
no clear conscience
desire to absolve
crafted and devised
to hide the blood and sweat
6. Structural Dissolution (4:29)
facade of strength withers
global force diminished
infrastructure crumbles
wound becomes infected
information obscured
confirmation bias fed
susceptible to infiltration
beginning of downfall
total overhaul
blade slowly twisting
limbs falling all around
dignity strippedfalling down
empty dream unfulfilled
collapse of all sanctity
7. Authoritarian Impulse (5:08)
paranoid filter
obscures the horizon
of oppression and deceit
manipulation internalized
and passed on
see the filth around you
ruled by demagogues
never see it inside you
in subconscious thoughts
fate predicted
fight to escape
meager bits of power
validate you
spawned from constraint
cycle never breaks
internalized control
authoritarian impulse
8. Blood Rejection (5:48)
bodies guided by warlords
total unrest
harvesting commodities
with bleeding, sweating hands
psyche numbed by bloodshed
toiling for oppressors
pawn in a proxy war
syndicated combat
diaspora of hired guns
vengeful from collateral conflict
starved enough to take the bait
blank enough to take the order
hidden hands absolved of guilt
don’t see it all
labyrinth of gears turning
only see two hands moving
bullets fill the air
remote destruction
factions against elite domination
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