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Procession of Forked Tongues Full Album Lyrics

Göatfukk - Procession of Forked Tongues cover art

Procession of Forked Tongues

GenresBlack Metal, Punk
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Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2018-04-21)
1. Black Candles Burn (3:40)
Raise the chalice
Invoke the infernal lord
Bring all the virgins
Bow down to the sword
Thy servants will descent
Kill all the light and day
Our master is guiding us
He will dark our way

Summon all the demons
The witch will cast the spell
Bring them to the sabbat
The priest has chimed the bell
Funeral winds of south
Ashes turn to dust
Before you praise the virgin
Let her receive my lust
We're in conspiracy with thee one
The prince of darkness reigns
Your god of kindness fades

I command you to kneel
I pledge allegiance to the horned one
Black candles burn
Black candles burning

Resurrection of the fallen one
You shall not rule
You shall not reign
All for one
The evil one will command
The evil hordes shall stand

World domination
Under the sign of the pentagram
Burnt words of wisdom
The nazarene crawls on his knees
The christians cry in pain
I can hardly hear their pleas
2. XIV Crosses (2:47)
Ecce homo!
Quia per sanctam crucem tuam
Redemisti mundum

Condemned by his idious lies
Carrying the cross on his back
On his way to golgotha
He falls down
Likes his promised kingdom

Falling down again
Thy kingdom burn
Daughters of jerusalem
Anguish and sorrow in black

As he drags himself on the sand
No more walking on water
Like a dog on a leach
Like a dog tamed and beaten

Falling down again
Thy kingdom burn
With a carved crown he suffers
In sympathy for us all

No more shall he promise salvation
No more shall he wear his sacred veil

Dethroned you were
Forever you will be
Dead on the cross
3. Your God That Never Was (3:16)
Carried by the wings of deception
Your god may be there for you and your children
Not for the one who walk the path
Of sapience and knowledge

You are the sheep following
Your god that never was
You are the sheep that follows your god

As illusive as your beliefs
As truthful as our hate
Bring the angels to the slaughter
The nuns for the raping

You are the sheep following
Your god that never was
You are the sheep that follows
Your god that never was

Drugged by the imagination of an almighty god
Who forgives and carries us all on his arms
Confused and deceived you will know one day
Who's the one that never ruled
Who never really reigned

Faith has carried you
Through endless times of hope and brightness
Until darkness brings us to life again
4. Drunk, Slut, 666 (2:30)
Cunt, cunt, I worship your way
You bring me the memories of old days
Fuck, suck, Possessed by my lust
My cock, like fire grows higher

Drunk, Slut, 666!

Blood, blood, I drink from your pussy
So warm like the fire of Hell
Satan, unholy, I welcome you father
In the whorehouse of your perverted son

Drunk, Slut, 666!

Crucifix, I take a piss
Lucifer, I praise till the end of times
Come on you slut, open wide
Impaled by the horns of our master

Blood, blood, I drink from your pussy
So warm like the fire of Hell
Drunk, Slut, 666
In the whorehouse of your perverted son

Drunk, Slut, 666!
5. Nocturnal Guidance (2:46)
So rise, children of the dirt
Ahead you crawl, against the light
Ghouls and hellhounds
You can feel the stench
And the nails scratching the surface

Skies darken with black angel's wings
Still, you can't hear them moving
Scattered limbs
Soulless forms of undead creatures
Where mayhem can be unburied

Nocturnal guidance

Let the ones who suffer rejoice
Nocturnal guidance

Under the sign of the evil one
Following the pale moon
Discovering the abyssic innerself

Nocturnal guidance
Let the ones who suffer rejoice
6. We Are the Spear (4:22)
Dark ravening dust blows
A storm of a thousand suns
Melting the cross
In the altar of lies

Blown by forgotten gods
Once here
To guide our ways
To bring us knowledge

We shall not forget
Hundreds of years of deceiving
We shall not erase
From our minds the torture
Today is the day
The awakening of the ones
Who lived in fear and oppression

We are the ones
Who carve in stone our hate
And unleash it through our breath
And clenched fists

We are guided
By misfortunes of the ancient gods
We are revealed
Between the lines of good and evil
We are the endless realms
We are the denial of christianity
We are the spear
We are the nails
We are the legion
7. Enter the Gates (Wolfpack cover) (2:37)
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