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Dekatherion: Ten Years of Hate & Pride | Full Album Lyrics

Funebria - Dekatherion: Ten Years of Hate & Pride cover art

Dekatherion: Ten Years of Hate & Pride

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
LabelsSatanath Records
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > F > Funebria Lyrics (19) > Dekatherion: Ten Years of Hate & Pride Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-04-29)
1. Intro (1:12)
2. Consolamentum (04:46
Christian bondage
King of incantation
Stench and destruction
Raise old morbid visions
Mechanical Desire
The fallen idols…
Soma for the pigs!


Incipient fire
Flame is my the temple
Sub human screams
Flower of the thousand horns
Born fleshless
Glory of new Messiahs
Slaves to a rotten sodomy

Kali!!! My old consort
It licks our vanity
Original sinned
Ardent saliva
Sin is all restriction

Ecstasy of the underworld
3. Serpent Sign (4:27)
I call the ancestral serpents
To raise the signal in my flesh
Lambs, I’ll drink your blood,
Under an apocalyptic red sky
Now the dragon and the mother gathered
Sanctifying murder in my bloody horns!!

I died and I was born in you
I burned gods for you
IA Lilith eat the cosmos
IA womb chaos and fire

Open your wounds to dying sun
When the fire burns my eyes
Invoke the infernal winds of Sabbath
Nuns whores… the chapel of blasphemy
A temple, rise to our will
I’m here, another servant of the night
Shows my poison in the Nazarene feast
The knife runs down their throats.

I died and I was born in you
I burned gods for you
IA Lilith eat the cosmos
IA womb chaos and fire

The infernal empire has born, awake you in Acheron
4. Whores of Babylon (4:14)
(In Nomine Rex Leviatán)
Your sexual hunger dominates the apocalypse
Universal apostasy reigns in you
Walking with your flaming sword
Delight beyond human taste
It is the awakening of eternal rebellion

Germinated the dragon’s Era
Ordo Templi Orientis
Incubating dead spirits
Lamia injecting lepers with suicide nectar
In nomine Rex Leviathan

Abysmal plague wisdom of eighth sin
Penetrating the innocence of children at bonfire
Fall the golden walls of empirium!!!!
Dismembering divine pleasures

Goddess of thousands names and seven heads
You’re Storms-wounds on modern gravestones
Lick second skin of forgotten rites
Opus Infernalis
Blasphemus Gloriam
Necro-Nomic eruption
5. Nihilist Revelation (4:11)
Heralds of suffering
Believe in your judgment?
Weak mercenaries...
Your tears feed the council of the fallen
Spell of the dying faith

I am the son of chaos
The suns die on my breath
Lost reverence
Coffin for hope
A spectrum of humanity
Baptism in the filth
(Thrones of miseries)

¿Denial is your crown?
Martyrs lick my phallus,
Tormenting of impure pride
Resurrection? Eyes lost...
So that your passion?
Nihilist Revelation!!

Pleads to the lust of my virtue
Tragedies measure your past with evil supremacy...

...destroy your old walls of peregrination
Now ask yourself for the slow agony?
Pest to pest cosmic death in the final ecstasy
6. Divide & Conquer (4:18)
(In Darkness We Arise)

We are the opposition
We castrate the sky
We are the Soulless damnation
Virus devouring gods

Gloria ov Armageddon
Heretical possession
Apocryphal unction
Symbol of rapture
Reap of true evil
Cum of morbid blood

Impurity reborn in your thorns…

In Darkness We Arise

My Chalice night
Illuminate lust
Blessed by the nails
World-wide climax
Mesmerized necrophilia
Blasphemous divinity
Dark resurrection
Suicide retribution
Splendor of a Sexual stigma
We are god!
(Prayer by you fallen creator)
7. Aeon of Tyranny (5:58)
(Solve Et Coagula)
I walk in the portrait of blood
I saw demonic incantations
(On the altar of madness)
…eats my flesh and drinks my soul

Like a silent shadows
I hear your ethereal screams
Kill angels in confession
Like a silent shadows
It kisses the tyranny
Tormented moon shines for us

Dogma of a totalitarian emptiness
¿Empty stars are your children unborn?
Now when the ashes impaled the cosmic dust
Your legions will rise

“Wounds corroded by the chains
Black blood screams in our skin
Carnival of tombs and crucifixion shades”

Your spectral caress in the satanic mass
Omnipresent fire that distil the candles
Summers sleeping in red
Necromantic spell

Aeon Of tyranny
8. Azag (The Crown of Void) (4:11)
Your anti-cosmic circumcision
Imperial sigil burn behind the carnal throne
Worshiped litanies of imperfect coronation
Begins creeping condemned
Mental abduction towards superior plane of oneiric lust

Procession of weak stars…
universal vortex rise on the dusk!

AZAG AZAG destroys the scroll
On behalf of the black eclipse to come..
Repulsive sky praises without astral redemption

Erotic manifestation of this arcane possession
Sleep and dance-chaotic collision
Supernatural axis blood, turn the blind eye
Flagellum Deorum Lava dictators of void
Planets die at your feet...

AZAG AZAG destroys the scroll
On behalf of the black eclipse to come..
Repulsive sky praises without astral redemption
9. Cult of Cosmic Destruction (6:36)
Quae ut magna serpenti,
Our spiritual exaltation
Quae ut magnus pater
Sword dual power incarnate

Servants Reverence

From beyond “As above so below”
The taste of decadence
Ambrosia of the ancient one

Emerging Saturnian war
Poisoned red emotions
Poisoned human gods
De profundis clamavi
Dark Cosmic Panspermia

Here No spiritual peace

Fury of the snakes
Decaying model
Apostles of Carnal door
Cosmic copula
Mystery phallus
Orgasmic Cult Initiation

Enthroned Dekatherion

¡Con la flama que me dio mi padre, yo te llamo, yo soy quien tiene la sangre de Kingu, yo soy el rey de esta llama!
¡Dentro mío, trasformo mi sangre en veneno, en el néctar de los sabios!
¡Llena mi cuerpo con veneno y conviérteme en un feroz dragón, envuelto en los terribles rayos de tu mirada!
¡Con tu fuego yo quemo mis debilidades y emerjo en una forma divina!
Traeré a tus hijos a este mundo.
Mi espíritu se alzará y venceré todos los retos.
¡Yo te llamo, Dragón Mush-Hushshu, Lahmu Serpiente Cornuda!
¡Yo te convoco!
¡Lléname de poder con tus armas, manifiesta mi deseo…

¡Que así sea!
¡Ho Drakon Ho Megas!
10. Tormento (2:55)
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