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Blood In, Blood Out Full Album Lyrics

Exodus - Blood In, Blood Out cover art

Blood In, Blood Out

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
Album rating :  83.5 / 100
Votes :  12
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Submitted by level 17 Mefisto (2015-10-31)
1. Black 13 (6:21)
Darkness, your surest bet
Wage of sin and blood roulette
Laying the odds against your gods
High stakes and no regret
No parlay in this game of hell
Lose your soul, they sound the knell
Nothing ventured nothing gained
The cards foretell

The stakes unclean
Through black 13
Whenever you decide
You're gonna let it ride

Salvation, a game of chance
Roll of the dice, the devil's dance
Speculate and tempt your fate
Life paid in advance
Double down and pull one more
Even money you even the score
Can't renege you pay the vig
You're spoken for


[Solo: Gary]
[Solo: Lee]

Eternity on the money line
Cloven one pulls three of a kind
You bet the spread and end up dead
Too late to change your mind
You went all in, didn't hedge your bets
Dark bookmaker collects all debts
Death begets the devil's hand
The wheel resets

2. Blood In Blood Out (3:42)
We're throwing down the gauntlet
Chomping at the bit about to lay down the law
Show you all the way
Bare witness to the genesis of the violence
The way it was back in the day
We've been here from the start with a one track mind
We kept the hate alive
Always had the power now is zero hour
Tonight we're gonna fight like it's 1985

Blood in, blood out
All I'm telling you is do anything you wanna do
Blood in, blood out
This is a fucking dynasty of thrash notoriety
Dive in or bow out
If you have the pedigree welcome to the family
All in or all out

Half way no way give it all you got
We wrote the book so you better know the plot
New breed old creed, let's see what you brought
This shit has turned into a rout
Blood in, blood out

Stand tall show you've got no backbone
Welcome all who never took more than they gave
Punish all deceptions, no exceptions
Fortune always favors the brave
Bring your anger, bring the mayhem
Anything you do is allowed
You're the kings of pit insanity
Tonight we're gonna rage and make Paul Baloff proud


[Solo: Lee]
[Solo: Gary]

We're bringing down the thunder, bottling the lightning
Battering the weak, burning down the place
Our one stance, zero tolerance
Time to cut to the chase
We expect nothing less than a full scale riot
Give everything that you've got
Put an end to the peace and quiet
Let's start the pit that time forgot

3. Collateral Damage (5:27)
Blitzkrieg, insurgence
Under the thumbs of the powers that be
Conflict, tension, unlawful detention
They don't give a fuck about you or me
We are all just collateral damage
The shit they step in on their way
Just puppets used to their advantage
To chew up and throw away

Convergent, we move to deploy
I won't be your whipping boy
Insurgent, I can't take anymore
This is my declaration of war

Fight, oppress
Coalesce, we no longer acquiesce, we
Decry, defy
No longer learning how to live, we're learning how to die, we
Ascend, defend
I recommend we battle to the bitter end, we are
Betrayed, unafraid
Belligerent, resilient
Collateral damage repaid

Illuminati of the one percent
We chase their carrot on a string
Wall street deceit all stuck on repeat
Peons serving to the kings
To them it's all just a natural selection
A birth right of gluttony
Like a kind of Immaculate Conception
Of inbred conformity


[Solo: Gary]
[Solo: Lee]

Street punk makes a fatal mistake
Dared to look him in the eye
Ten rounds, just standing his ground
Only choice, he had to die
Just another violent confrontation
Murder in the first degree
Another ready, aim fire
Do more time for petty larceny

4. Salt in the Wound (4:24)
When I take your flesh and lacerate you, exposing all your hate
There's nothing left but lies to throw away
Eviscerate you, reduce you to your fate
Deleted and erased all your decay

When I think of all the hell you tried to put me through
It can't compare to what's already done
It's time to say farewell and leave you black and blue
When I rip you open all I'll do is salt the wound

The bane of my existence cancerous
A tumor on my soul
Unnecessary wart upon my skin
Full of puss, you're a judas and a troll
Lance the boil rooted deep within


[Solo: Kirk]
[Solo: Gary]

Rest assured when I pollute you
Your disease I will correct
My contagion, only now I know the source
I uproot you, lance the boil, disinfect
Pestilence of ruin's run it's course

5. Body Harvest (6:28)
Awakened in ice near dead in a tub
Organs are cut out and gone, you pay the price
Phone and note... call 911!!
Startled and scared
What to do next?
Who must be called?
Or will it be death!

Removed, they take your spleen
Your heart is sold left there to bleed

This is no law
Body Harvest
Left there to rot
Body Harvest
More organs sought
Body Harvest
For sale for all

The meat wagon greets you
And speeds to a thrust
Hurry to sew on the patch
Strapped to the table and cut to the bone
The blood type is just not a match
Startled and scared
What do you do next?
Who must you call?
The way to your death!


[Solo: Lee]
[Solo: Gary]
[Solo: Gary & Lee]

Awake in a room dripping with blood
The hunted has turned to the hunt
Attention is turning from me onto you
You have the parts that I want
Startled and scared
What do you do next?
Who must you call?
The way to your death!

Removed, they take your spleen
Your heart is sold left there to bleed

6. BTK (6:56)
Pillar of the community
Leader in the house of the lord
Wichita giver of the Eucharist
While trolling for another reward
Factor "X" is underway
The time for killing is ripe
In the shadow of Kohoutek
A family lies bathed in blood
They were the prototype

Sadist and evangelist
Perfect plan of deviant bliss
Rapist and antagonist
Sunken deep in his bloody abyss
Haunting all and taunting men
Never knowing when he'll strike again
Psychotic hunter in orgasmic desire
Tighten the cord, watch the life expire
Wilt to be mine?
Thou shalt not scream nor yet free the line
Think of me and how it's going to be when
I prey

[Solo: Gary]

Husband, father, killer, beast
Monster, Cruciatus Rex
Lusus naturae
Death synonymous with sex
Acronym for terror
The devil would be waking free
Done in by a computer disc
Demon banished by technology


[Solo: Lee]

Serial killer
7. Wrapped in the Arms of Rage (4:30)
My angel in anger, keep me drunk with wrath
Hatred, my light upon my chosen path
No cencern about the aftermath
No trepidation
The binds are broken, hold me back no more
Twisted fantasies I shall soon explore
Black angel walk with me forevermore
Begin my transformation

Divinity of death divine
Mercy withers on the vine
Pulse rushes, I'm set free from my cage
I no longer walk alone
Make her animosity my own
Crushing embrace
I'm wrapped in the arms of rage

[Solo: Gary]
[Solo: Lee]

Agitation is my patron lord
Miscreant serpahim of all abhorred
Her admiration is my just reward
My coronation
Delirium through her sweet caress
Heed her words, I never second-guess
Symphony of malice played at my request
Her proclamation

8. My Last Nerve (6:10)
I'm so irritated
Being kicked to the curb
Every time you open your mouth
Your try to get in the last word
Those who live in glass houses
Should not be throwing stones
It all comes crashing down
You never left well enough alone

Seasons come
And treasons go
The more you hear
The less you know
So undeserved
No purpose served
All yo do is fray
My last nerve

So many excuses
Always laying the blame
You're always pointing the finger
Adding fuel to the flame
Another slander, another slur
Another hollow apology
So many verbal abuses
Believe your own mythology


[Solo: Gary]
[Solo: Lee]

I'll never be your scapegoat
Quote unquote
Your underling
Red light, left turn, you never learned
A crash fit for a king

9. Numb (6:14)
Nothing seems to faze me anymore
Indurate, senseless, dead soul to the core
This lift has left me cold, unfeeling
I find pity so unappealing

I'm callous, remorseless
Sympathy just seems so useless
Black hearted and worthless
Desensitized and ruthless
Compassion vacated
I'm so disassociated
I'm sick of what I've become
But this world has rendered me
So fucking numb

Dead body on the street
Won't giive it a second glance
Famine, poverty, just victims of circumstance
So bored by all killing and the thieving
I just don't have the time for the grieving


I don't care that I don't care
That I don't feel a thing
I don't give a shit that I don't give a fuck
Not a single tear it brings
When oh so many horrors
Are lined up on parade
Chaos and disorder
Are the tools of our trade
I'm fucking numb

Was a time when it all was shocking
Now I yawn when death comes knocking
I feel no sorrow that I feel this way
Now watch it all rot and waste away

10. Honor Killings (5:42)
Culture of honor, culture of shame
Imprisoned by te burqa
Her innocence to blame
Sharia law and the almighty Allah
Rule with the whip in hand
Devine decree alliance against women
Throughout the holy land

Buried alive, burned, mutilated
Dragged through the streets
Decapitated, decapitated, decapitated
Beg for mercy with no avail
Muslim techings must prevail

Judge and jury with zero degree of moral culpability
Death by lapidation
The law of Islam nation

Father slays daughter
A husband his wife
A mother is killed by her son
Cut from the womb
Bastard infant is strangled
A page from the holy Quran
Honor killers, moral vigilantes
Wipe away the stain of shame
To protect the family honor
And restore the family name


Heed obey! Get on your knees and pray
Heed obey! Five times a day
Heed obey! Get on your knees and pray
Heed obey! Five times a day
We put thee on the path, so follow it
And follow not the whims of those who know not
Heed obey! Get on your knees and pray
Heed obey! A tortured body on display

[Solo: Lee]
[Solo: Gary]
[Solo: Lee]
[Solo: Gary]

Segregation discrimination female genital mutilation
Subordination banned from education
Actions and sayings of the first three generations
Forced into marriage against her own will
Dowry and bride price to seal the deal
Left to rot in solitude
Suicide is the only substitute

Buried alive burned mutilated
Dragged through the streets
Beaten tortured ostracized accused of being westernized

[x2 Chrous:]
11. Food for the Worms (6:23)
There is no afterlife
We all just decompose
No Heaven's pearly gates
Just tags upon our toes
A slow putrescence
From the time the life is shorn
Feast for the maggots
Wet and adipocerous
Our flesh turns in to wax
Enter hypostasis
Pale skin discolored black
When life has adjourned
Insect infestation
Our favors are returned

When from this world we are unbound
We're food for the worms
When they plant me in the ground I'm
Food for the worms

The reaper beats at the gate of every man
Lies fill the Bible, Tanakh and Quran
It matters not which dogma you believe
Our bodies are left to rot like fallen leaves
The circle of life it marches on
We fertilize the ground we walk upon
Feast for the vultures' all that's left
While hope spring eternal for the bereft

The throes of rigor mortis
Forensic certainty
Heaven, Olam Ha-Ba
Fairy tales of lunacy
We're vessels for the larvae
Not vessels for the soul
Tramsform to liquefaction
Make all nature whole
Food for the worms
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