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From Beyond Full Album Lyrics

Enforcer - From Beyond cover art

From Beyond

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Speed Metal
Album rating :  83.3 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2016-05-05)
1. Destroyer (3:41)
Wrapped around your neck
Chains of death now are tense
Swords of darkness
To arms commence
Under the sign
An unholy strife
Devil's hot breath
Breeding new life

Evil arise


Killers are ready
Attacking severe
Gather around
The war's drawing near
Bells of destruction
Can you hear the chime?
Destroyer of worlds
Annihilation of time

Riding the earth


Destroyer - evil arise
Destroyer - existence demise
Destroyer - life's last stand
Destroyer - Satan's command
2. Undying Evil (3:52)
Arising from the shadows haze
Unholy gazer of relentless nights
Iron chains from time and space
Ties you down with all it’s might

Creature of night
Morbid lust for blood enchants you
Creature of night
Devil’s chains enfold and break you
Creature of night
Deep in ice all known betrays you
Creature of night
Claws of death undying evil

Thriving in the cold of cosmic black
Transylvanian nocturnal prime
Taste of blood brings your lust back
Afterlife beyond this time
3. From Beyond (3:22)
He is walking among us
A wanderer in time and darkness
Crossed oceans of hours
Sleep and death are sister and brother

From beyond

He is caught in a death dance
Maelstrom of millennia
A child of the night
What he touches withers and dies
4. One with Fire (2:52)
The dead no longer
Envy the living
You're born for burning
And burn is what you do
There will be no life
There will be no light
There will be blood
And death will come for you

The world is burning
Crying of the angels choir
He's one with fire
The world is burning
Behold the one with fire

One with fire

No sun is shining
No moon is rising
In deepest darkness
The ending has begun
The final hour
Is getting closer
On wings of horror
He sweeps across the land

The ground is churning from down below
Eternal fire upon the earth
I hear him calling
Now he is near
Spread your wings, Death
Now please won't you take me away
5. Below the Slumber (6:21)
A trembling ride down under
On a cloudy lane
All logical directions
Will swerve away
A foggy haze
In a mental maze
Escape the cold intrusion
Of the upper world

I stand alone beneath the hollow
The senses will follow
Euphoric states are taking turns
The surface will burn
A sence of disturbance
Between the walls of consciousness
I am trapped alone beneath the thunder
The gates will close
Below the slumber

I stand below the earthly
In the blackened ground
The astral world's mechanics
Now make no sound
The beating clocks from reality
Recalls the subsistence
All the way down here

There's too much to unveil
In constructions of the sleep
A sentiment of fright
The dream has gone too deep

Whatever it may take
It might not be too late
To capture the control
And return to be awake

A trembling ride down under
On a cloudy lane
I stand below the slumber
For all time to come
6. Hungry They Will Come (4:32)
7. The Banshee (4:17)
The night has come
Descending now
Day fades away
Ungodly shadows embrace the light

Your presence now
Destroys me
But I can't let you go
A cry from the abyss another has to die

Banshee's call!
She is the devil's child
Your hypnotizing fall
Evil rise above us all

A deadly strike
Darkened charm
A warning of doom
Now I know the time has come to meet my fate

Your magic
Enchants me
Reaper of the dark
Quench my desires come and swing your scythe

Your burning fire
Is growing on
Upon me tonight
I'm on my knees now come and cast your spell

A demon
A hellspawn
Satan's cold eyes
Messenger of evil, executioner of the night
8. Farewell (4:12)
Now you can feel it fall apart
Death is just another start
If you're wandering astray
Death is just a dream away

Read the omens in the sky
There is more than meets the eye
See reflections out of sight
Just beware what's in the night

You fade away...


You must embrace what you have lost
There's a line that you must cross
To reveal what's still unfolded
Memories won't let you go

When you feel the last caress
Sleep of death will be a bless
In the darkness, in the deep
Now it's time for you to sleep

So set me free
Death is just another start
You fade away
So set me free
9. Hell Will Follow (3:19)
Come queen of harvest
Come reap the storm
Burn earthly matter
No light in this dawn

Circle the weak
Spread the disease
Hail to the few who are one with the beast

And hell will follow

Nemesis of light
Swallow the earth
Drown them in blood
Show them the thirst of the gods
10. Mask of Red Death (6:12)
The bells chant out at midnight to invite the guest of doom
Inaugurates the dark between the walls of the seventh room

The outside was kept unbidden to escape their sickened breath
Now in the ballroom of prosperous stands the plague behind the mask of death

The unknown guest moves westward
Through each and every room
Its disguise pictures a victim
Of its own rampaging gloom

The hall is saturated
With ominous ambience
The masquerade turns silent
In the presence of the face of Death

The gates now are sealed
To escape their sickened breath
Finally you will stand
To face the mask of red death
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