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Savage Retribution Full Album Lyrics

Endless Affliction - Savage Retribution cover art

Savage Retribution

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-11-03)
1. Domain of Death I (3:22)
2. Into Oblivion (4:35)
A barbaric war that would determine the future of the world,
occured between titans and gods.
A conflict that lasted ten years
and caused the downfall of the titans.

The most powerful and doughty warriors
were chosen for each side.
Zeus and Cronos fought with fury one final time,
to decide who would be the ruler of the world.

A lot of blood was spilled during this brutal battle
and many were sacrificed for the concept of victory.
Despite the titan's immolations the gods prevailed
and the titans fell into oblivion.

The titans were imprisoned in Tartarus
for an eternity of torture and misery.
The Olympians became the ascendents of this world
and devided the earth into three kingdoms.

The success of this war gave Zeus control over the sky.
Poseidon was in charge of the aquatic elements
and Hades became the overlord of the underworld.
Those were the spoils of this cruel and everlasting battle.
3. Chaotic Cosmogeny (3:34)
From the qoalecence of the primeval gods
the universe, as we know it, was created.
The beggining of a new era
replaced the void that dominated 'til then.

Chaos played a vital role in the creation
along with Gaia, the earth's protector.
The master of the underworld, Tartaros,
and Eros the life bringer.

The gap between heaven an earth
was named Chaos, in tribute to the goddess of fate.
She was the mother of night and darkness
and of all it's morbid creations.

A variety of hideous demons lived inside her
and affected her thoughts and emotions.
They caused her dark side to prevail
and bring evil upon earth.

The theory of cosmogeny was based on chaotic elements.
The greatness of this massive creation
will be destroyed by it's own creator.
The end of time will be the rebirth of Chaos.
4. Personificationof Evil (3:45)
When Pandora's box was opended,
despite the plague that was released.
Something a lot more evil was revealed,
that would be responsible for the violent deaths of mankind.

The personification of evil
came in the form of many dieties.
They had no absolute power over the god of death,
but many times they caused pain and death to the mortals.

When a war broke out between the humans,
the Keres grabed the opportunity to deteriorate the misery.
They were only happy when malefaction prevailed,
that's why many times they caused epidemics to humanity.

The morbid spirits in order to survive,
needed plenty of human blood and flesh.
That could only be accomplished,
when they ripped the souls out of the human bodies.

To ensure the death of a person,
they used the most brutal executions possible.
Because of their extremely violent ways,
the gods limited their power to avoid the extintion of mankind.
5. Ascendant of the Night (3:28)
Darkness is the ascendant of the night,
but amongst the obscurity and morbidness
there is always a sign of moonlight.
That's preventing the goddess of darkness to appear.

The morbid goddess' plans can only be accomplished
when there is complete and absolute darkness.
Only then she will be capable to channel her energy
to achieve her shady causes.

Once you hear her howling hounds,
you better find a place to hide.
She's only worshipped by wizards and witches,
who are devoted to her until the end of time.

Hecate, the goddess of darkness.
Hecate, the queen of witchcraft.
Hecate, the night belongs to her.
Hecate, will disturb the tranquility.

The shadows will seize the paths
and the pure souls will not survive.
You only have two options,
obey her or die...
6. Propator (3:28)
From the dephts and beyond of Zargoast,
the sodomised Creator lays forgotten in dark.
Myths of the Entity and of a swollen sun,
raise from the lips of a heretic existence.

Inner torment upon the burning desert of mankind.
Fractures of light penetrating right through your chest.
Forgoten from the skies,
banned out of extintion.

Malignant transformation, a scenery of faith.
While counting the blazes from the sky.
Mother Earth, disgrase the life from your womb.
Praise the hollow sacrifice.

Hands with blades full of perversity.
Caught between eternal sleep and prayer.
Crooked will be the face of sky.
Behold the great Doom!

In the age of aggression
He will be back
and the blood over the mountains
will unmask the faith of the unknown.
7. Morbid Hypnosis (3:24)
In the most isolated place deep in the underworld,
where no soul has ever gone.
There is a dark and creepy cave
that is ruled by a powerful divinity.

Thanks to his enormous wings,
he can move freely over the skies.
When the night falls
he must complete his duties.

The god of sleep and the god of death
are inseparable in their dark purposes.
Hypnos was hypnotizing his victims
and Thanatos removing their souls.

Creating scary and horrible nightmares,
that disturbed and frightened their souls.
His biggest pleasure was to create illusional dreams,
that confused people into thinking it was reality.

When the sky gets dark,
wish that Hypnos will not find you.
He can malipulate your dreams
and If he chooses you there's no escape.
8. Savage Retribution (4:37)
A dreadful place for those who are vicious,
is the nightmare of every sinner.
Obscurity and terror haunt your soul,
If you enter the fields of punishment.

The malefaction that you commited,
will be the cause of your destruction.
The injustice deeds you do,
will provoke the dark lord to release his wrath upon you.

Your eternal martyrdom will be an endless affliction.
Your retribution will be a lot more savage than you expected
and no one can prepare you for what you will face.
Your soul will rott in this horrible place.

It's considered to be the prison of the wicked.
Murderers, rapists, betrayers and thieves.
All of them will be punished
and will experience excruciating pain.

Hades uses a variety of horrible torturus methods
that will make you wish you were never born.
He will be ruthless and merciless
until your body and soul collapse.
9. Gorgon's Eye's (4:27)
The most beautiful priestess of Athena,
made the biggest mistake a mortal could ever make.
She disrespected the gods
and desecrated the temple of wisdom.

The maiden fell in love with the god of the seas
and she was punished in the most terrible manner.
She abandoned everything for him
and infuriated the goddess of wisdom more than ever.

Her every hair was changed into a venomous snake.
Her eyes became blood-shot furious orbs
and she became so ugly and hideous,
that no man ever looked at her again.

The pain of she experienced from lonelyness,
was turning into hatred for the world.
Death comes rapidly when you look into her eyes,
because your body will turn into stone.

As the years pasted she became blood thirsty
and her cause was to inflict pain to every existence.
The no escape for her from this curse,
deliverance can only come in the shape of death.
10. Domain of Death II (2:46)
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