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Worship No One Full Album Lyrics

DyingBreed - Worship No One cover art

Worship No One

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-06-06)
1. Worship No One (4:06)
Enter the gates of madness
Drowning the spirit in hate
Death for you is coming soon
God of devastation is here!

Fall... into the abyss... see the wretched lies
The world burns to death
Empty… eyes of faith... leading every war
In endless path of hate

Enter the gates of sadness
Drowning the spirit in flesh
Fight for existence and pain
God of devastation is here!

Fall... into the abyss... see the wretched lies
The world burns to death
Empty... eyes of Faith... leading every war
In endless path of hate
Dawn... of destruction... rape of the Earth
Nothing but darkness here
Bringer... of hatred... procession of pain
Worst of dreams you feared

Human decay
Crushing your idols
Cursing your gods
When all is dead

Worship no one!

Destroying your fucking life
Praying for your god of lies
There´s no blessings, only a dream
You are blinded by the light
2. Kill the Betrayers (2:16)
Charismatic preachers
With broad false smiles
Conquering fool worshippers
To serve them on their empire

Kill the betrayers
The world isn’t yours

Like bats ready to bite
They wait to suck our blood
They wait us to close our eyes
Hypnotizing us with their dirge

Kill the betrayers
Wash them away

Stupids believe in their lies
They defend them with their lives
Poor lambs mesmerized
All together they deserve to die

Kill the betrayers
Crush, cut with razors

Bastards praised as gods
Creating their own war
Against them bombs will fall
In shit they’ll crawl

Kill the betrayers
Blood, death and chaos
3. Realm of the Dead (2:59)
Hiding in the shadows
Waiting in the dark
Something’s haunting you
Hungry for your blood
In your bleeding heart
All the faith is lost
Obey me or die
I´m your fucking god

Realm of the Dead!
Realm of the Dead!

Journey into darkness
I deny the cross
On my broken wings
For your final doom

These walls of despair
There’s no hope for us all
Blood from your bleeding heart
You will die in pain!
4. Into the Grey (3:55)
Alone in my psychotic thoughts
Truth is the only endless lie
Waves come crushing, shadows bleeding
As they embrace my dying soul

As I wait to see the end
Growing fear comes over me
As my life seems to cease
Stench of evil fills the air

Desperate to stay alive
Harmony will disappear
Emptiness fills my mind
And no one will hear my cries

As I wait to see the end
Growing fear comes over me
As my life seems to cease
Stench of evil fills the air

Life seems to cease
Dreams I’ll never see
Place of emptiness
My heart is getting numb

Dying life of despair
Light is shinning through
Hollow gaze in black
Buried into grey
5. Unburied (0:47)
I breathe blood and guts
As I cut your neck
I’m ripping your skin
And feast upon your flesh

Your dead body
I left unburied
6. Corporal Rites (3:06)
Sadistic rituals, holy ceremonies
Pathological horror, fascination with torture
Mystic temples, secret rites
Private sessions, troubled minds

Sacred substances, sick tendencies
Obsessive-compulsive, strange beliefs
Incessant concern, unnecessary
Continuous vice, without remedy

Instruments of torture, aggression
Sadistic pleasure, human stump
A pair of mad eyes shining bright
Bizarre corporal rites, screaming cries

False conception
7. Battalion of Hell (3:12)

Dressed in black, weapons in hand
Prepared to kill, to eliminate the ill
Riding in the night, ready to fight
No mercy at all, the scum will fall

Forged in the pits of Hell, there they dwell
Protected by black shields, crossing the fields
Hunting the wild pigs, making them scream
Breaking their legs, exploding their heads

Bullets flying through the air
Blood on the streets everywhere
People running scared
War is declared
Smoke covering the sky
People with tears in eyes
Chaos reigns
Beneath the remains

Who has guilty?
The filthy pigs
Brake their teeth
Cut their feet
Break their bones
Cut their balls
Smash their skull
Cut their arms
8. Fallen Crown (4:07)
Rising in glory of fear
In the name of hate
Beneath the clouds of war
Flames caress the sky
A world too weeping to care

Madness dwell in pain
Mirage of agony
Stain on humanity

Extinction is drawing near
Triumph of genocide
Hear the screams of terror
Your soul got a crack
In this dead hour
Nothing more to lose
There is no hope
When all is blank

Sadistic tendency
Suffer for your shame
Drown into flesh
Ocean of despair

Crushed by grief
Tortured by your mind
In an endless hell
Trapped by a lie

Corpse of your God
And his fallen crown
Despised for the fools
Blinded to the truth
Death is by my side
Blackest of days
Crush the will
Find your way to kill
9. House of Demons (3:14)
In this house of dead
Praying for my lies
Wasting my lifeless days
Life don’t exist in any place
This is a special world
Hatred for all humanity
In my weakened soul
I see this like a dream

God from the past is dead
Deny their fucking book
Falling in a sea of hatred
Praying for their lies

In this house of dead
Angels fear to tread
Seeking for your blood
Deny your fucking life

In flames of a burning life
What reason is there to be?
In flames of a burning world
The end of everything
10. Cast in Stone (3:13)
Studying your young skin
On my book of fallacies
On our divine law
We justify our ritual

Nobody can deny!

Nobody can deny us
‘Cause we’re supported in God
Misery and superstition
Are our fucking pillars

Thousand of years in darkness, we’ll bring to the world
While children we rape, we kill the heretics

Memory to the shadows, a monster cast in stone
Reflecting the worst of men, the horror of reality
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