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My Mind is too Weak to Forget Full Album Lyrics

Dreariness - My Mind is too Weak to Forget cover art

My Mind is too Weak to Forget

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlackgaze , Depressive Black Metal
Album rating :  77 / 100
Votes :  5
Lyrics > D > Dreariness Lyrics (5) > My Mind is too Weak to Forget Lyrics (5)
Submitted by level 12 멜레릭 (2014-06-30)
1. Reminiscence (3:06)
2. Coming Home (9:48)
These roses which I hold in my hands
are dry and without spines.
What once was an aching red
sprinkles on my bitter wounds
and everything loses its color.
A slight wind steals the last tired petal,
and with it, my destiny.
I let myself lulled by this cold winter,
hypothermia, I'm safe now.
My infant dreams are lost in the snow,
which now makes it more pure,
purifing things now..
and my mind breaks down,
and everything becomes redder.
My footsteps, a trail of blood
while the loop is in its place.
And maybe I'm coming home.
With a white coat which is now my dress.
With a white coat that will be my last dress.
With a white coat that is my only fate.
Hypothermia, I'm safe now.
and I feel nothing, no more pain.
Hypothermia, and the delicate winter song
echoes in my head.
And death is only closer now..
It embraces me, sweet snowflake warmer than my skin.
And I'm about to drift into a white world.
And my thoughts are white,
and now I see everything white.
3. My Last Goodbye (7:37)
Human hypocrisy turns off the stars.
Too many lies turn off the moon.
The pain turns on the life, so I feel alive.
The poison is running through my veins
I close my eyes I'm going insane.
Take my cold hand, but I can't stay.
Home is far away.. and this is not my place.
The fog embrace me and luls me
in its marble cradle...
Madre crudele, profana preghiera,
eco dell'anima, sospiro silente..
Tu che ascolti il mio male profondo
abbracciami ancora.
These flowers, wet in a cold rain
lay down in the earth, wet with my blood..
In the wind you can still hear my last goodbye..
4. Madness (10:01)
The rain is falling again.
In my deep eyes destroyed by suffering
I feel the illness near me
and I cry again.
I go mad now. I go mad again. Again.

I live for suffering.
I live..
I live for suffering.
My existence is nothing.

Le tue vene sottili
carezzate dal vento.
Dalla morte.
Una musica soave
trascina il destino
in questo oscuro cammino.

Help me. Help me. Help me.
And I watch the moon
and listen the sound of death
Thousand violins cords
in a magnificent sound of death.
In my veins.. I cry..
And the leaves fall.. like death.
Like death.
And the leaves fall.. like death.
Like death.
In my veins.. I cry..

In this cold world.
5. Dysmorphophobia (6:23)
6. Lost (6:32)
Desolation.. Dead nature..
Lifeless colours.. Dark sky..
Numbness.. Cold..
What I'm doing here?
I don't know.. Where I am?
It's a dream.. A nightmare..
I want to wake up.. all of this is not real..
It's just my madness..
I lost my memories.. I lost my life...
I lost my sight..
I can't smell..
And I? Who I am? Who I am?
I lost myself..
Is there anyone? Answer me..
My breath is weak.. Thik air..
Abandoned.. Frustrated..
I can't live in this world.
I don't want this life! Save me now!
I dont' want this life! Plese! Save me..
7. One Last Wish (8:19)
8. My Mind Is Too Weak To Forget (10:43)
And so everything ended.
Maybe my grip was not so safe.
And your hand slowly slipped from mine.
My tears have spilled into the river
Where the memory of us seems to be still alive.
No more beats in this world.
No more beats since you're gone.
I took my pain and I locked it in this gun.
A bullet that will take me back to you
And everything will fall into place
And everything will fall into place
And while you're so pale and cold in this cradle of death
Your lips don't kiss me like you used to
And your sweet smile of a child flew away.
Like a leaf during winter.
All the promises you made loose like a knot.
And my mind is too weak to forget.
My psychosis.
My psychosis while I watch the river, a dip that lasts forever.
One shot left. Only one shot.
And the Angels don't breathe.
And the Angels don't fly, you didn't last out.
"All the answers are in the gun"
"All the answers in the gun"
This bullet is called life. And I can fly now.
I'll take you away from the Angels. Heaven cannot separate us.
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