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Revolutionary Cells Full Album Lyrics

Distillator - Revolutionary Cells cover art

Revolutionary Cells

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-04-19)
1. Guerrilla Insurgency (3:16)
A martyr dead on the street
Armed against the fascist state
44 deaths
Violence as a tool


Anti - imperialism
Left - wing politics
Irregular warfare
Guerilla insurgency
Commandos offering mp5
Violence as a tool

Violence as a tool
Burning, crushing, breaking
Violence as a tool
Armed against the fascist state
2. Saturation Bombing (3:57)
Clouds of death and destruction arrive
Blocking the sun, deciding your fate
Sudden Annihilation
Shattered in pieces on the ground

Saturation bombing, a blanket falling from the sky
Saturation bombing, impact suffocation fire
You are gonna die!

The carpets from hell. Death and decay,
Laid to rest in a 1000 pieces
Blackned, send into your grave
Panic in the streets blazing fires everywhere
Blinded by smoke and nowhere to run
Fear of death while
Sucking the air from the concrete

Life, death. The City Eraser
Fire, pain. The fire raiser

Entering the warzone, leaving the peace
Struck by the devil, total defeat
Praying for your life, futile
This is where it ends
Finding your peace beneath the waste
Crying for help, but no one hears
Death by governance
Survival is the only victory
3. Shiver in Fear (2:57)
Explosion broke my chains. Human error disaster
Now I can look right through you
Terror, fright and death
Fire unleashed upon everyone that comes near me

Radiation, ionization
Electromagnetic devastation

Unstoppable chain reaction. Ferocious, vicious, violent
Mindless slaughter devastation
Run for your life, evil is on its way
Country genocide

You can't see, can't hear, can't smell,
Can't defend yourself against me
You can live your little lives here in missery
You can't hit me, shoot me, kill me, burry me or destroy me
I will seal your doom. I will go right through you

Domination of the ancient
Caused by sin
Shiver in fear
Your death is near

If you capture me inside, massive damage me inside,
Leverage fucking them inside
Mushroom cloud, pushing its way inside
Massive country genocide
4. Distinct or Extinct (5:41)
You. You're the heretic
Unorthodox child, Satan's slave

Condemned by lies
Another outcast

Sick. Sick to death
Of Following footsteps
Behold the free man

It's distinct or extinct
Distinct or extinct
Distinct or extinct, stop pretending
Distinct or extinct

Brainwashed minds
Bound to tradition
The holy book itself
Made by mankind

Mortal sin
Express your lust to the lord

Lost my loyalty
Lost my attachment
Try not to hold me back
Your grip is loosening
5. Revolutionary Cells (3:44)
The hauling of jackals and hounds
On his throat my father has a smile
And I, firstborn
Turned to my brothers and sisters

Pieds noirs, third generation
The possession of land is mind - fuck
Born on this soil after recoil
The war has begun

Revolutionary cells
Terrorism, torture squads, execution
Revolutionary cells
Copy paste, copy paste 'till nothing is left

Slaughterhouse of freedom
War of indipendence
National liberation front
Prepare for bombing

Acts of increased violence
Thousands of deaths
My live given defend our cause
6. Bloody Assault (3:27)
Here comes the assault
Straight from the frontline
Ak - 47's
Firing their bullets at will
Tearing down the wall
Answering to their leaders call
Trigger happy soldiers
Rushing in as wild beastes

Heavy assault
Bloody assault
Heavy assault
Heavy fucking bloody assault

Leaving behind a trail of pure disaster
Decapitated bodies, deserted households
Searching every corner, killing as they please
Mutilated corpses are the image of the streets

As they leave the battlefield,
Taking women as their slaves,
They're marching on to desecrate
Disremembering all their crimes
7. Suicidal (3:54)
My eyes
Burn the sight of light
Only darkness can ease the pain

I forgot about all the wars
Lost my lust for life
It has made me sick inside

Pain, death, all that's left for me
Slit my wrist, I'm done with this

Nightmares of insanity
Dead faces in my dreams

every noise is a scream in my ear
All is black and black is all

About the endless wars
Killing against my will
Lost my way of life
8. Death Strip (3:36)
Spliced city, 1961
Terror reigned

Old barbed wire
Heavily armed guards
Tank traps
Wall of shame

Blown to pieces
When you cross the line
Suicide mission.

You won't survive
The tricks up their sleeve
Death strip
Between walls

Bridding walls
Only road to freedom
Bridging walls

War. The effects of war
Suffering and hate
Sitting ducks

Eastern Germany
Legal border
Wall of shame
9. Sacred Indoctrination (4:22)
I can see the fear in his eyes
He is terrified to the bone
A farmer, not a killer
But he'll kill in God's name
To pay for his sins and crimes
To reach heaven when he dies

Fighting in a pool of hate
Afflicting pain, spreading death
In the name of God he kills
A bloody massacre, is what he'll get

Applying justified violence
Believing in the word the Pope
A farmer, not a killer
But he'll kill in God's name
To care for his wife and kids
To reach heaven when he dies

Sacred indoctrination

Skewered, he drops dead in the sand
Arriving at the gates of hell instead
A farmer, not a killer
But he'll kill in God's name
Eternal, he will rot in hell
Locked in a cell, that will do him well
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