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Enter the Forbidden Full Album Lyrics

Dismantle - Enter the Forbidden cover art

Enter the Forbidden

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-10)
1. Revenge of the Wicked (5:37)
Returning from the ashes,
Remaining left in madness.
To walk upon the masses,
The Wicked among the dead.
Clashing of the many powers,
The world upon the hours.
The weak begin to cower,
Revenge is upon this day.

Two are removed from the womb,
One of bad and one of good.
The demon seed and the holy son,
Powers to clash if joined as one.

Wargods storm rushing the fields,
The angels storm stains the steel.
Eternal pain is what they feel.
The battle is lost when the holy bow.
Till the seeds of gods are found,
In pools of blood they will drown.
As the demons blood warns the ground,
To lay in a city of a thousand graves.

Fire will fight fire,
The end is coming near.

Immune to their warriors,

To find what lurks beneath.
Soon to choose the side,
What choice will it be.
Doom the sign of death,
A mark reveals the seen.
Moon is glowing red,
And getting closer to see.

Desolation is what will come,
This world is at its end.
Mutilation is what will be,
Endless souls will soon see.
Abomination to create the death,
Graves of many await.
Annihilation if they meet,
The seeds must not be joined.

Command with the iron fist,
The tale returns with a twist.
Warrior that has all on risk,
To them the world is not enough.
Sin after sin more will die,
Angels and demons reborn to life.
The hour ticks as the bell chimes,
See as heaven and hell collide.

Revenge is what they pray,
Revenge is what they say'
Revenge will spare none.

Curse of the wicked has begun.
2. Enter the Forbidden (4:32)
Released into the hellions of the world
Aurora gazes upon you
Reveals the souls of the fallen
No chance for them to come through

Righteous passage takes you in
Once entered will learn the truth

A river revealed as black
Summons the souls
While distracted from the souls
A shadow comes from the floor
His blade slashes your throat
Kicks you into an eternal black

They glare at your fall
Streams of souls turn red by your blood
Aurora burns the skin off your flesh
Scared to eternity like the rest
Taken by force
Remain enslaved
In a bloody gore
To rest and lay
3. Realm of the Warmaster (5:06)
A window to another realm has opened
Merging the worlds have become
Unknowing objects begin to appear
Suicide the only solution
Messages from beyond appear
An elite of creatures are to come
Soon to enslave all who oppose
Warning that the earth is done

Beyond the realm of life
Beyond the realm of death
Obey for none shall defy
The realm of the warmaster

Sounds of the air-raid clear the ground
Worlds have merged as one
Bodies laying through the field
Living stained with blood
Elite prepare to retreat
As the end of the world has come
Remaining are left to see
Ashes of the remaining sun

Beyond the realm of life
Beyond the realm of death
Obey for none shall defy
4. Illusions (3:33)
I walk into the world of the living
To the past i leave my old home
But the past will soon find me
Even here there is no hope

What i see is all a lie
The illusion is in my mind
I see the cause of death
Or is it all in my head

As I'm safe in a sanctuary
Awaiting the calling of night
For I saw that I am wanted
Now I'm next to die

What i see is all a lie
The illusion is in my mind
I see the cause of death
Or is it all in my head

What i see is all a lie
The illusion is in my mind
What i see is all a lie
Its just an illusion

An image comes as
I'm walking through the shadows
Through the valley of the death
In search for some answers

Left to waste left to nothing
In my state of mind
Await to find it was all a trip
It was all a lie
5. Secrets from the Dark Room (4:49)
Released from insanity
As passed to be pure
The crime is forgotten?
In the past one assumed
Returning to the place,
As once it was home
Replaced by his mistress
Rebuilding the throne
Evoking the image of
When death had occurred
Degradation as i writhe
The pain will consume
Lamenting the secret
Rending the mind
The secret to be told on this night
Secrets from the dark
Invoking the past
Secrets from the dark room

Returning to the room
With siblings beside
Were the mistress had
Taken the birth givers life
Turning to the law
To explain the crime
She comes with a needle
And bids thee goodbye
Strapped in the room
Reaching for the blade
She prepares to poison
Serenading the insane
The blade Begins
To drift her from life
Final image shows the murder was I
6. Dwelling (In Darkness) (4:52)
Enter to a life of sin
With no future no change within
Blacked out memories
Drowned in sorrow
With no hopes of seeing
Another tomorrow
Dreams like the days fade away
Nightmares haunt when you awake
Lire's a question with no answers
Death will reveal all that your after

Fall to the image of
What you’ve become
Face the fear of what you've done
The dark is a path I know as home
This walk is long and I walk alone

In darkness I dwell
I wont let me leave
In darkness I dwell
There’s NO hope for me

Living in an unlocked cell
Imprisoned in what you call hell
They see my nightmare
As their dream
They see i'm insane
Oh yes they see

Can they tell of what's to follow
They laugh as i am in sorrow
That future for me never comes
For me this life is now done

Friend the stranger of who you are
See the vision of a soulless heart
To the limelight i shall go
In this stage 1 am alone

The fear of death is not here
Continuing life is pointless now
The end for me now draws near
Embracing death as it comes
7. The Lost Dimension (5:29)
Blood is summoned, to take his place
Incarnated soldier, returns to fight
No strength remains, in his flesh
Reborn his mind in, a new form of life
To regain all, to regain strength
Complete the task, that is at hand
Extract the village, from their homes
Remove them all, from their lands

Merge with tribes. learn their ways
In their eyes, the chosen one
Lead the elite, to their domains
In our eyes just one more gun
Soon to be, the key to all
Elite moves in, on your command
Evoke them now, before its too late
Their fate rest, on your hands

Echoes in time echoes in the end
Soon you'll find the lost dimension

Ceremony starts, to bid you welcome
Your now chosen, to lead their tribe
Master of tribes, must weigh the outcome
Both paths lead, to a devastating life
Tanks rush in, soldiers march out
They turn to you, and shame derives
Weapons fired out, and you awake
Returning back, to old form of life

Echoes in time echoes in the end
Soon you'll find the lost dimension

Return to the past, to restore the future
Reverse the plague, altering the past
Travel to find, the key to the body
Your mind enclosed, in a new life

Forget what you saw, forget what you did
Return to the life, you once had
Erase your mind, of all your crimes
Enter the memory, of a world now lost

Echoes in time echoes in the end
Soon you'll find the lost dimension
Echoes in time echoes in the end
Soon you'll find the lost dimension
8. Gateways (4:09)
Messages hidden between the relics
Foretelling a portal to another realm
Beyond the valley enclosed by the forest
Reached the shrine echoes a bell

Open the gateway take me away tonight
Open the gateway to a new place of life
Take me to a place only seen in my dreams
Take me to a place never before seen

The gateway

The different colours begin to fade
Drifting back to the same old place
Exaggeration vitiates a style or home
Alone in this world i shall roam

Take the body
Take the soul
Take me away
From this world
9. The Beyond (6:12)
Awaken to the sounds of laughter
The bed lift as the sheets take flight!
Hear the winds whisper in your ears
To see what the blind see
Through your eyes!
Roam the hotel of seven curses
Find the key to the seven doors
A guest list full of living corpses
Souls in purgatory behind what door?

Door 1 releases the souls in pain
Door 2 takes you beneath the remains
3rd door leads to the blackened gates
4rth door finds a murdered sage
5 traps take you to the fallen realm
6 ways to die in the cursed hotel
7 rooms lead straight to hell
To roam were all evil dwells

Welcome to the beyond

Find the wall were the sorcerer rest
Salvation dormant upon the dead
He who placed the curse is here
In that wall with the crooked mirror
He can reverse the seven curses
The key to lock the seven doors
To vanish all the misshape corpses
This hell will end and be no more!

Take the body off the cross
Quickly now its getting dark
Remove the nails placed in his heart
Find the door before the dawn

Beginning to drift from life
Its merging one with you
Coalesce as one with dead
For dawn is coming soon

Her skin dissolves
As the sun is coming up
The heart has melted
As it all turns into dust!
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