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Human Primordial Instinct Full Album Lyrics

Disguise - Human Primordial Instinct cover art

Human Primordial Instinct

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-02)
1. Infectious Disease (7:25)
Born without never living,dead without knowing to be born.Like a flood waters they move in bankscreated for making them blind.Accustomed by own slightnessthey lower their eyes,don't look at what they could aim.They vegetate making themselvesout to be important,thinking to manage themselves autonomously.Terminal ills infected by stupidity,that is what they are. They are everywhere,a plague spread anywhere.And yet little is enough for curing,but what seems to be a step,is an huge distance for them.This isn't living,but they don't know it.They are useless, that's what they are.Parasites. They are satisfied with a little bitwhen they could obtain everything.But they don't know it,kept in the dark by their values,bound with words without sense.They don't know that It isn't truthand they pass through their waywithout leaving trace,without doing something that let them really live.
2. Excited By Slavery (6:09)
Absurd beliefs of a false God,who has given you only the end of all,the rest has been created by your wasted faith.Prayers have hopes inside never heard,and in this way Devils take usand lead our actions full of sorrow.Sadic angels carry on impossible relationshipspassing for faithful servantsbut excited by their form of slavery.I manoeuvre their minds but they want it.And I take pleasure in ruling them,this is what they are looking for,conscious but unbelievers of their will ofsubmission and I adore to possess them.Now all things are clear inside me.Devils take us for leading our violent perversions.
3. Void Existence (6:03)
Headed like smallest and insignificant creatures, made slaves because they had been afraid, none of them rebel because it's more convenient for them.Scared to confront themselves, they don't know to be already dead 2000 years ago.Poor fool who will serve for life convinced thatthis is what they have ever wanted.Illegitimate sons of a wrong order of world and nomore animals that fight and succumb but useless presences that fill with hypocrisy this world born and now ill.They wanted it but they can't came back, at thispoint their existence makes them mere onlookers and they don't deserve nothing else.They wanted it. I feel pity and scorn for who hasforgotten life. As they born they let themselvesdie. It's right. You have formed part of theplaything, too, small puppets that move by orderof someone, and this is all you have to own.
4. Scared of Leaving Deceit (6:01)
The black flame burns again,and lights the reality knelt to false gods.In a dream without end I see the night deletingthe day and flooding of black the subdued brains.I see many insignificant being let run awaythe life without take it, because give it tosomeone that will be able to give them nothingin exchange, but illusions and falsities.I see people convinced to know thatexpress opinions really don't knowing to beno one. Because if you aren't your lord,you are no one. Power has to open your way;the will of power has to open your eyes.You aren't made to be trampled on,but to trample on, to destroy, to kill.Stop to fear and command respect,impose your law and you will be their God.Also who is lord of himself can try to reign.Power needs to increase your wish of blood.I keep a skull in my hands and I am floodedby an infinite force. I look in its eyes andI'm superior. I've in my hands a humane life,but there isn't track of fear. This scares me,because fear is the only limit that divideswhat is allowed by what is forbidden.Only for fear man act in right way and He islimited in his deeds. But you can fight the fearand, if you leave it behind you, there are nolimits to the evil. Do what I say: close youreyes and free your mind. Leave the worldoutside and listen to your soul. Listen to whatshe says; let the black flame lead you.
5. Reborn In A New Skin (5:29)
Expectation is killing me, I'm waiting for toomuch. The step has been done, I had his force.I asked it and it has been conceded me.The path has been started, towardsthe objective. Now you have to look forward,conscious. A lot of what I have seemsto be impossible to obtain, but now I'm betweenwhat I have ever wanted. But It's only the begin,the path has been started. It's only the begin,I've a lot inside of me, and I will bring my wordsto the people. You must surpass the obstacles,affirm yourself, in a cyclic living-dieing.Now I know that what I say is right,I know that what I do is what has to be done.There is no place for doubts. This is the timeto act. Reborn in a new skin I look at the past,I will never make same mistakes,I will never lose my occasions. Time is ripefor new conquests, the doors are opened for theearthly glory, I hear demons singing in myhonour, in the night raising my name.Il liberatore li mise in catene, di falsi valori efolli parole, aspetto nel buio in silenzioche qualcuno li redima dal loro redentore
6. Human Primordial Instinct (6:09)
The thirst of power hided by false wordskills the man. They call it the Good.This murder continues and the man is deadfor leaving the place to insecurity.They continue to call it the Good,they can't understand that this is an error.At last they are only living deprived bodiesof the power of choose about own life.The fear destroyed them, an utopian endof world has excavated in their minds,leaving only the possibility to suck their life,by who has tormented, killed; but it will bestill the Good. Carcasses of dead and putrefiedangels burn between us. No compromise,death and destruction. Mad souls find an exitin the labyrinth of their mind.Images of violence are imprinted in their mindsand the man is reborn.
7. Il Resto è Conseguenza (7:55)
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